Thursday, June 24, 2021

PCR Fraud: An Old Enemy


7/8/2023 added PCR is not a test. It is a tool of control in multiple ways.

Original article: [When the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to help to identify a perpetrator in a crime, it is a very helpful friend and it has been with us for what seems a long time now. Unfortunately, those who control you have been using it to do just that, to control you.

I am absolutely floored to learn that the PCR is what is used to diagnose pertussis. No wonder they can make a pertussis outbreak happen in a community when they want in order to push the TDaP vaccine, for instance. I knew when they had the new and improved TDaP that they wanted a crisis so that they had a reason for it but I thought it was coming from the vaccine itself and creating a lot of ill people. It turns out that it's the PCR that detects it so they can spin it as much as they want and make something be there even if it's not.

Surely you have realized by now that they use the PCR to say that someone is HIV-positive. (Yes, they're looking for a different genetic code sequence compared to covid and compared to pertusses.) Again they can spin genetic material as they wish, and come up with a diagnosis. If they have a whole bunch of people who are called HIV-positive, then they get to push their drug, which is the real killer, on a community. 

So they have seen how they've gotten away with a pertussis outbreak and an HIV outbreak, which were never there. My child did experience pertussis as has my mother. But during the time that my daughter had it, there were supposedly a lot of people who had it and we didn't see anyone with it. No-one in clinics or at her school. Only a few asymptomatic positives. Sound familiar? They were just PCR positive pertussis not truly experiencing it. Now, we have the covid PCR-positives.

PCR is used to diagnose Lyme Disease, which is a lab-made weapon released into the public supposedly accidentally.  (See Lab 257.)  It is also used to diagnose chlamydia.  The maker of the PCR process, which makes more of a DNA sample, warned not to use it as a test.  So how come you are ok with this being used as tests to announce the presence of something that is not there? 

If PCR is used to identify things related to crime, then it would be a friend. But, they are using the PCR as an enemy to humanity against its inventor's warnings.

Stop taking the PCR to tell you if you have a virus or a bacterial experience! Then, those epidemics will go away!]

The intended use of PCR.

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Are they referring to "the c*vid" now as the flu?

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PCR on pigs brains:

From a letter published on this site.  "The swabs used in the ‘covid test’ are sterilized using ethylene oxide, cancer causing, sterilizing agent. That is not in alignment with my healthcare regime  (   Even the maker of the PCR said it may not be used as a test.  Commercial scientists are not searching for a “covid,” they are identifying pieces of DNA and RNA that have occurred within the life of that body and cannot say definitively what it means.  Depending on how many cycles it is spun, results will vary.  I do not wish to spit into a vial weekly, for I would NEVER allow a swab to be placed in my nose.  Speaking of the swab, they place the same one up both nostrals, potentially exposing the other side to what the first side may be experiencing, bacterial for example.  This is useless and pointless."

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The C Shot is the Blue Pill


[You know how in the movie "The Matrix," the character, Neo, swallowed the red pill and it helped his consciousness to find his body?

Well, what if the c shot is the blue pill and it's helping people's bodies find their consciousness?

What if this whole thing is a sorting of frequencies?

The red pilled group have bodies zinging with high frequency and consciousness is attracted.  This group can travel with their consciousness far and wide and can figure out how to travel with their Physical bodies.  When a being attempts an attack, such as implanting, they know and stop it somewhere along the line, and rarely allow it to defeat them. The blue pilled group are lower frequency and their bodies are attracted to their consciousness.  Their consciousness is stuck from the lower Mental level down to the Physical level. They would not believe the things they could do; therefore, they can't.  Their own beliefs are what binds them to lower frequency.  

Does this mean that these two groups are separating into two different frequency experiences? Yes, they sure are!  The red pill group may experience fight or flight kind of fear, whereas the blue pilled group practically only know fear, raw fear, since that is how they are controlled.

Regardless of my theory of the masked group (who believe in germs) having an implant between the third and fourth layers of their Mental bodies (that is holding them prisoners to propaganda and programming), I feel the c shot is not only delivering the imposter ray...AI, to fool them into ignoring their Monadic is the blue pill. Here, the blue pill isn't just that everything will remain the way it always was (a fake reality) like we perhaps believed the blue pill to be. Yes, the c shot does "plugsyou in," but your body will find it's frequency level.]

12/1/2023 added this though they need to define "unvaccinated." All $hots deliver weapons.

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7/13/21 added this link has many links on reasons why not to allow this shot to be injected into you.

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Thoughts on "Germs Debunked Corona"


[I have comments.  

1) I totally love this first video below. It would be nice; though, if it mentioned that it's not just a dead cell that releases what we have called viruses. It is an imbalanced cell fighting for balance that creates a byproduct in the process.  The debris from this process and the debris from a cell that has died are leaving a record in our system. We call both the virus.

2) Bechamp said, that the microzymas is what is naturally there but it will turn into a "good" guy bacteria or a "bad guy" bacterial based on the terrain. So if we are not sleeping well and not exercising enough and are too stressd, for instance, the imbalance to our cells can also signal for microzymases to turn into what we would call a "bad" bacterium, most likely because it too is seeking balance and helping us.

3) I understand his analogy, but the reason the sky is blue is because that's the color that's being thrown off.

4) I love that he mentioned Antoine and Gaston. I mention both of them in my book briefly.

5) I love that he mentions hydroxychloroquine. I've been telling people, "You don't need this the covid doesn't exist! Why are they pushing it?"

6) I love that he's making it clear about toxins. Everything that has ever plagued humanity came from what became Western Medicine.  

7)Antoine Bechamp said that everything goes back to a microzymas so perhaps now they call that a spore. Bechamp also does not believe in germs, microbes. Everything is just a microzymas relating to our terrain.

What they call engineered viruses; what they make in a lab is what hurts you.

This is a must see.] S/

[Check it out. It's the covid graphic 10 years ago.

HIV hysteria is another psy-op.]

[I was suspicious of Dr Simon Fold and the other Frontline Doctors and anyone who was pushing hydroxychloroquine for several reasons. 1) that they weren't saying that no virus was ever identified. 2) they weren't saying that Germ Theory isn't anything rea...that nothing is contagious and that each is responsible for themselves.  And 3) it's still a pharmaceutical . I was wondering why a pharmaceutical was being pushed for a non-existent virus and I thought maybe it was to put something in people that were not going to get the c shot.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sound Bites of Control


Isn't it amazing how people hear sound bites and don't even recognize that they are being controlled? People get conditions because of the bio Warfare that is being injected into them. It has been this way since the beginning of vackcinating people, yet people on FB make these remarks.  Being programmed by commercialized scientists is possibly not the way you'd want to live your life. I'm just sayin'.

"There are people with cilments that prevent them from being vaccinated. They can be harmed by those of you who choose to forego vaccination. Ta-Da!!!"

7/29/21 added

Letter to Big Pharma Puppet Dr. Boom

[As soon as I heard about a whole bunch of nurses standing up against the Texas hospital where they were employed because they were being forced to receive an experimental pharmaceutical or lose their job, I wanted to write to the director of that hospital and give him a piece of my mind.

Well, it has come to my attention that they lost their court case. Isn't it funny the way when something has to do with Big Pharma and Big Pharma knows that they can win because they've bought the judges and everyone involved, including the lawyer on the nurses side, that they want to push the case through very quickly? They need this example of free-thinking nurses to fail quickly so that they can get the rest of y'all in line.

I wrote this letter by hand and admittedly I am a healthcare practitioner myself so my handwriting is atrocious. I sent it through the Judicial District without a stamp so there's no proof that my letter will have arrived,  but I wanted to write it as a living man because I know my vote is heard. This person, or his secretaries, need to know there is a living man out here who does not approve of him.

When writing as a living man, the address is not written this way, but here's where I sent it.

Smith Tower

6550 Fannin Street, Suite # 1101

Houston, TX 77030.

Dear Dr. Marc Boom,

I am writing to ask you to please stand down and leave that hospital in the care of someone more qualified who is not a commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma. You are disgraceful in putting the lives of your nurses in jeopardy over shallow words such as giving them this experimental pharmaceutical in order to save your whole hospital and all the people within those walls from germs.

If you want to put time and effort into something, how about proving to humanity that there is a little natural virus floating around in the air that would justify a pharmaceutical? (Oh, wait. You and your pimp Big Pharma already know the answer to that, don't you!) 

You may think that you're sitting pretty and comfortable because you got to be on the bully's side and you got to seemingly win, but at what cost? I can tell you you sold out humanity and you are selling your soul to AI and company and you are not going to win, either. Let me remind you of the history of the Native American in the United States. Let's just look at the Apache and the Lakota as two examples where those betrayers, who were called Indian Police, captured their own in support of non-Native agendas. But once the Apaches were put on a train or the Lakota were put on a reservation, the Indian Police were put with them! 

Your bank account may be bulging right now, but it's not going to matter in the end. If we're going to lose, too.

I wrote this letter to you as a living man and sent it through the Judicial District, which is where Truth resides. I vote that you get held accountable for your crimes against humanity. I vote that you vacate that position and if you find employment somewhere, I hope it has nothing to do with humans so that you cannot hurt another human again.

May you get in touch with the feeling of community and be on the side of Source.

Bright Day Thoughts,

Paget Hillebrand]

Weaponized Wimps


People have allowed themselves to be made helpless. How are they going to prepare meals without DoorDash? How are they going to handle the heat without an air conditioner? When eating four meals a day, how are they going to ration food? Their helplessness has made them a weapon against themselves.

People have also allowed themselves to be made a weapon against humanity through what they don't know rather than thinking to go out and learn what they don't know. So they're not a scientist, they assume that the white-coated commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma has a right to tell them how to behave and that they should comply, and that they should make other people comply.

My mother speaks to people whenever she can, trying to reach them. With a lady that she met last night, after she found out she's about to go on a trip, my mother suggested that she go into every single establishment without a mask on and wait to be asked to put it on. That perhaps she would be surprised at how many places really don't have any power over whether people wear masks or not, or how many places have dropped their policing of mask-matters. People have become so robotic in putting masks on now (just like as if it's their underwear) and they don't question anything. Now, policy can back off because wimpy-minded people have become a weapon against themselves.

My mother trained with Proffesor Balinsky in South Africa. He was more of a freelance scientist; an embryologist. Within a tiny embryo, he took the cell of an ear of a salamander and placed it between its legs and it grew into a third leg! It seems that there are some people who are into searching information, as in researching, such as this man's student, my mother, who hear a narrative and know that they're hearing a lie. Then, there's other people who are students of learning who can't do that and they become these weapons against humans because everyone knows how smart they are and so they listen to them and comply with all the Satanists' rules.

Weapons against humanity are coming in all shapes and sizes. But you can't allow yourself to be a wimp anymore. This is the moment. We're running out of those moments. Take off the mask. Enter an establishment. See what happens. In all of this 16 months, I only had one problem and it was at a Target that I had entered four times since March 2020 with no problems and with no mask. But that February 26th, 2021 day, after being in the store for about 2 hours, they would not check me out unless I put a cloth over my face. All the wimps in the store could not see the absurdity of the safety of someone shopping for 2 hours with nothing on their face has now suddenly become a threat to humanity when they're going through the checkout unless they put on a mask. All the wimps in that store needed to take off their masks, leave their baskets where they were, and walk out . Everyone in that store should have stood with me. But they are so controlled by the commercialized scientist whores of Big Pharma that they are indoctrinated by daily, that it never even occurred to any of them.

Now, that many restrictions are being lifted, it should be even easier for most people to take the opportunity to take the cloth off. But these weaponized wimps are effectively being used to bring on the social credit system, ID 2020, of which all of those who are awake will have absolutely no part. So these weaponized wimps are creating their own prison, not mine.

(As a PostScript, I know I'm being mean and I'm name-calling and that's not nice, etc. I want you to understand that I do understand that these people are implanted. I feel there is an implant around the fourth layer of their Mental body and those of us who can see the absurdity of this event obviously did not get implanted. But see, even in that, there's something. We were not wimps. We did not allow it. Now, I know they didn't consciously allow it either, but they gave permission on some level because it happened to their frequency and it didn't happen to our frequency.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2021



[Back in 2019, did you think that there would ever come the day where someone could convince you to look at a naked faced human being and call them anti-masker?

Back in your youth, did you think that you would ever be persuaded to call someone an anti-v*xxer if they chose not to have pharmaceuticals?

Were you, in fact, ever a human being that went around with a bare face or without pharmaceuticals being injected into you at record rates?

What about fearing something in the air? Do you put blue light blocking glasses on when you walk into stores that use LED lighting? Do you wear a certain kind of hat and clothing that will hopefully protect you from 5G and frequencies? If not, is it only when the government tells you there's something to fear in the air that you decide to fear something in the air? Are you anti air or anti make-believe germs?

Do you define doing research as turning on the TV, your phone, or computer to look at some white-coated commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma and hang on their every word?
Is your method of doing research better compared to other people who listen to and read work from freelance scientists?

Who are you to decide that someone who doesn't put a cloth on his face is an anti-masker? Perhaps that person doesn't follow a religion that has to demonstrate inferiority to a god, to entities, or to other human beings. Perhaps the one you are calling an anti masker is actually anti-demonstrating-I'm-inferior.

When you start calling people names, you're demonstrating that you have been programmed. Have you always been a bully or is it just because the TV is making it trendy?

The anti-"anti" group are humans who recognize that humanity has an opponent (and it isn't other normal everyday average humans like you and me), and they recognize that that opponent wants to pit you against other humans.

Could you perhaps process your own fear and let other people dress as they wish? If they wish to wear shoes, let them. If they wish to go barefoot, let them. If they wish to wear underwear, let them. If they don't wish to wear underwear, let them. If they wish to cover their faces, let them. If they don't wish to cover their faces, let them. If they wish to wear a hat, let them if they don't wish to wear a hat, let them.

If you feel superior and right and revel in labeling people anti anything, then you are part of the problem.

I suggest you look back at 2019 and ask yourself "If I didn't feel like I had to wear a mask back then, why am I so convinced that I have to now?"...And then turn off the TV, pull up your sleeves, and do some real searching until you become anti-"anti" and commune with humanity yourself.

Bombshell Realization


[The PCR is used on dead people, which is what you are to your controllers!

To Satanists, the second your birth is registered with them, you become "dead." So is it any wonder that this PCR is being used on the population even on a weekly basis? The PCR does not find a "virus" like HIV or c*vid, which are engineered anyway and can be detected in other ways. But the fact that they see you as dead is why they can use the PCR on you.

Consider TV "police" shows such as "Forensic Files." The PCR is often used to spin a little bit of DNA that is found to make enough of it with which to work. Prior to fooling the public into thinking the PCR finds "c*vid" within them, here is how it was previously used.

There's a dead body with a bit of blood. The scientists use the PCR to spin the material to make more to ID and then catch the bad guy.

There's a small bone of a victim. They use the PCR to have enough genetic material to ID the victim against living people's DNA.

They have a dead fetus in a long-dead woman. The PCR helps them to have enough genetic material to ID the father who killed the woman.

The PCR spins the sample to make more, so they can work with it. (Likewise, during the last 16 months, the PCR has been spun more times to come up with a positive or less times to come up with a negative.)

How is it that they're getting away with using the PCR on the population at large to convince them that they are either negative or positive to a non-existent natural, wild, so-called virus that's going around in the air? Perhaps the bombshell realization is that, to them, you are dead, and they are using the PCR on you to say whether you should be locked down this week or next week or this month or next month.

Lockdown is a prison term that has been used on the public for about sixteen months now. So isn't it interesting that they're using the PCR (which is used on dead people) in order to put a person in lockdown, which is something police do to prisoners in a prison, and they are both being used on humanity at large right now?

It's absolutely fascinating how the chess board looks when seen from the point of view of a Satanist. When you get a birth certificate, you are dead to your controllers.]

Discussing the lab-weapons:

On being a living man identifying with Natural Law:

The man who used to work with :David :Wynn:

The Justinian Deception:

Clint has a book abailable.

A huge rabbit hole with :David, who may have been implanted eventually by the bad guys or perhaps they threatened his family. But it seems that somewhere along the line, he surrendered:

On viruses. SO GOOD!!! 

On bactetia.

Half-way through for viruses. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Reveals Are Orchestrated


All of these “reveals,” whether associated with the puppet Bill Gates or the puppet Anthony Fauci are controlled and working for the Satanists, which is human and non-human; souled and AI and implants.  Yes, they know their “days are numbered” as in there are natural occurrences set to be experienced on Earth, including the Light presently being grounded here.

If you get to know with whom all the mind controlled puppets associate, then due to your programmed judgmental stance, you will now think this former angel to humanity is a bum.  Perfect.  Burst bubbles.  Get the little humans confused and in regret.  “Did I trust someone who is bad?  How could he do that to me?”  That kind of spin makes lots of sooty electrons in our atmosphere to help slow down Light that is coming here.  Sooty electrons helps Earth to veer more to destructive pathways.  Score one for the Satanists.

Then, there is Fauci.  You may wonder how the exposure of Fauci on purpose could be controlled when it was the good guys who exposed those e-mails.  Just step back and observe what can happen due to those e-mails having been exposed.  Average reactionaries can feel betrayed.  The same as with Gates and seeing him as one who hangs out with criminals.  But even more, it may frenzy you into picking up a gun.  Biden should fire such a criminal.  Biden will not.  Boom.  The reactionaries become salivating dogs, pulling at their leashed collar.

There is an implant within the mental Bodies of some humans.  To scientists, this makes this part of humanity seeming mesmerized, in a “coma.”  They get held in and the implant will push them down, then reset itself over and over.  This implant can be removed.  If individuals wish to do it themselves, then they need to turn off the TV and do high frequency work, which includes fasting and ingesting GMO-free, pesticide-free greens.

6/14/21 added: During this 16 months of  the Covid Era, I have actually said to a few people that I do not wear a mask because I do not participate in Satanic rituals of initiation. More recently, I started also saying, "I'm also not a Muslim. So, I opt out of covering my face. Thank you."

Just today, one day before Newsom is going to let a lot of these slaves not have to wear their face coverings, I was looking at so many people out there still wearing a face covering. I thought to myself, Wow. That was so quick! In a year they got people to put the diaper on their faces. A lot of you don't know this but underwear evolved and they got us to wear underwear and it was very different than the pantaloons that had a slit in them that were open and air could get through more easily. It was so quick and they got people to add a new item to their wardrobe and without even any thought. .


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Freelance Scientist



This is what a freelance scientist looks like.  They are the opposite to those who spout the narrative, the commercialized scientist.

Man-made bioweapons:

This placed me in Facebook jail for 30 days, because I posted it on FB and AI & company do not want people to hear it.

3/24/22 added

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Externalization of Humanity

 [The externalization of humanity... 

Come on guys. Those of you who keep having your temperature taken to tell you that you're okay. Those of you who keep having the PCR to tell you you are okay. You know what health feels like. You know when you feel like you need to take it easy because your body is processing something. You know if it's a day to just stay at home.

When you participate in those experiments, you are broadcasting that you see yourself as a robot that needs to be controlled.

The externalization of humanity started with things in 1850 like forcing children to go to school. They get told when they are to think and when they are to eat and when they are to go to the bathroom, etc. 

But now, they've got you so out of touch with your body that you don't have a clue, and then you believe whatever they tell you about the results that they get. You have no idea if it's true or not cuz you're so out of touch with yourself...Well, that just shows that they were successful in the externalization of humanity.]

[If you experience pertussis, and you go into an MD's office and have them put a swab down your throat, they bring up that swab and could say, "Yes, I see this little bacteria here. You have pertussis."  You say, "Yeah, I know! I'm up all night whooping!" You don't need a test to tell you that you're experiencing dis-easement, but the test can prove it.

Fast forward to our times. You've got MD's and others sticking swabs up your noses that are not looking for a pathogen!!!

They are telling you that you are positive and yet you feel fine. There's no dis-easement going on. But, you possibly love being a victim. "OMG! We're living in pandemic times and I got it!" Your controllers love that you've got an ego.

Perhaps you need to go and watch something like Forensic Files, since you love TV so much. The PCR is used on dead people in the way of maybe there's some blood, saliva or something else from a perpetrator on this dead body, or maybe there's a little fetus but they only have a little bit of DNA or something because it's been rotting for 30 years in a barrel.  

They use the PCR to spin more out of little.

I've told you about the Judicial District before and when you operate from it, the controller is seeing you as a living man and then you become invisible to them.

If you are residing under the Commonwealth of Australia or as a US citizen, then you are operating from the District of Columbia. There, they see you as a pawn, as dead.

So it's pretty amusing to me that they're using a PCR on those who they see as dead. Get it?

They enjoy doing stuff like this. It's a lusty kind of energy that it creates for them. (I stop entities. It's my thing. "Ghostbuster, Inc right here.)

Please do humanity a favor. Please refuse to have the PCR used to try and find a vir*s that doesn't ever get found, yet you get called positive anyway.]

[I was just informed that in Paris, France, the audience has been given permission by their controllers to be out until 11 p.m. on the night of the French Open tennis final. (This means that they get to watch two hours of the match, unless the tourney authorities start it earlier.)

If this doesn't prove to you that everything about the control that the governments are having over you is just that, then I don't know what will! If there truly was a pathogen running around on the streets of Paris, France, it certainly would not expect the population in their homes by 9 p.m. on every single night except the night of the final!]

Friday, June 4, 2021

Domestic is Foreign


I learned a lot from The Justinian Deception Channel on YouTube starting around the beginning of 2018.  I am so grateful to Rohan and Romley that I have a place for them in the Acknowledgments of my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied that was formatted on Microsoft Word 7 and published in the country California by a living man, me.

It is strange to people to hear that if you stand as a living man, that your fellow US Citizen neighbors are standing in a foreign jurisdiction to you and the same goes for Australia.  In fact, when I send post through the Judicial District, I have to write Without AUSTRALIA or Without UNITED STATES when sending mail to either landmass that are known as countries to us.  When I write to a legislator within UNITED STATES, I am a foreigner to legislation such as Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 that says that towers and antennas can harm citizens as long as it is for communication.

The only letter I have sent through the Judicial District that has been returned was one I sent to the Pope twice, one addressed in English, once in Italian.  I believe it was known that my post was sent by a living man; therefore, he had better not read it or he would be compelled to respond appropriately following Natural Law, whereas other shmucks such as governors and council women have no idea about Natural Law that they are breaking by pretending they never received or read my letter.

Take responsibility for the agreements you have made.  Take back Power.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

SMART Cities


[The-criminals-that-believe-they-be have been working towards corralling the surviving humans (after the C*vid Era) into the cities where everything will be controlled by AI, including the successive humanmodel of human to follow the Genetic human.

We are already beyond the soft phase: training humans to accept rewards, being surveyed and surveying others, and being buzzed into job sites.  We are up to training humans to “do this before we shall give you that” phase: wear a mask to shop, take a fake c*vid test (PCR lab process) in order to travel or work, and judge all who question AI and other authority figures.  As part of both, SMART meters replaced analogue meters, cell phones replaced home phones, and AI replaced human tellers, garbage truck helpers and gas meter readers to name a few.

We are heavily starting the “fool everyone into thinking we are doing things for Earth’s own good but really taking full control of humans” phase with certain legislation that will ensure the demise of life as humans have known it.

Now, we have a choice.  The-criminals-that-believe-they-be are needing to keep humans stuck in Piscean Age fear so they will hopefully miss the opportunity before them.  Even with all of their implants keeping humans stuck in the Personality plane, their success with their propaganda is surprising.  (They have scripts informing you of their plans and yet they manage to convince reactionaries to belittle the humans who are bringing these scripts to people’s attention.)  I would have thought more of us could see through such an obvious psy-op such as the Wag the Dog Psy-op 2020 was when no pathogen floating around in the air naturally had ever been isolated.  But they were successful and here we stand with Agenda 21 having been rolled out with terrible success.  ID 2020?  Check.  Agenda 21? Check. 

Now, onto Agenda 30 and SMART Cities for the survivors.

  • ·        No more single-family homes
  • ·        Ingest fake “foods” manufactured by the controllers
  • ·        Your SMART home will spy on you and keep you in good behavior or you shall lose credits
  • ·        Thoughts are monitored, so think revolution and lose credits
  • ·        Health and records are fully known to AI and you will be terminated when they no longer have need for you
  • ·        AI decides what is good and what is bad and you will comply

I could go on and on, but you also may choose to be a light-bearer human who grounds the light that is coming here now.  If we do not feed their plan, it cannot manifest.

Please listen to the Ice Age Farmer for one small example of how the the-criminals-that-believe-they-be operate.]

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Truth Can Be Distraction, Too!

America's Frontline Doctors (Dr. Simone Gold & Friends) fighting against medical corruption.

[The thing I noticed when watching “Protect Your Rights" related to the Frontline Doctors was the standing ovation for a doctor/lawyer who never asked for proof of the claim that an isolate was found called “c*vid,” or said another way, she never asked for an isolate of what the criminals-that-believe-they-be called “cov*d” prior to locking down the world.

She spoke of what the Frontline doctors have had to say as being “the most censored event” that has become international.  I posit that being censored is a stepping stone to assisting in becoming internationally known, because that becomes a focus for people to 1) believe what they say must be the truth and 2) feel sorry for the poor group and hence listen to what tptb supposedly do not want the public to hear.

Dr. Gold reports that it’s been a year since doctors knew of a treatment that worked and since it was known that lockdowns did not work.  Well, there are plenty of treatments for the symptoms of what ails humans and even I wrote (in mid-March 2020) that lockdowns don’t work simply because humans need to interact with each other for microbiome swapping.  The term “work” is rather vague with the exact way treatments are successful.  If we are talking about “the c*vid,” then first, an isolate is needed in order to see exactly how a treatment is working.

As for decades since it has been known that masks do not keep respiratory v*ruses out, a discussion on the vir*s would be needed.  Can an engineered virus, that has been injected into someone, transfer to another through their breath?  If proven as affirmative, well then, can a cloth over the infected individual and one on the subject, prevent it from transferring? Next, a v*rus is part of a person’s immune system.  This person has an imbalanced cell that is no longer vibrating in frequency of Self and has made a “virus” as a by-product of attempting balance, whether success was obtained or not.  Can that part of this person’s immune system transfer to another in any way, especially, as interest to humanity right now, through breath?  Can a mask worn by that person and one near them protect them if that vir*s can be transferred?  Or, does it ALL come down to individuals and their own relationship with Self?

So, in the first 2 minutes and 50 seconds of this talk, we are told that masks and lockdowns are useless and that there is a treatment that works.  We are assuming that the treatment works against “c*vid,” but it has not been isolated.  The engineered SARS/COVID/HIV has also not been isolated in a way where it has been shown to the world.  But since it basically is delivered through an injection, I would offer that the best treatment that works against government biowarfare is not to be injected by their products.

(More later, but these are my thoughts so far.)

2:51 and on...

How can the CDC state anything without isolating a "natural" pathogen first? These statistics are simply "sick" people... People experiencing dis-easement in general.

Doctors who treat with drugs without having something isolated first or doctors who jump on the "c*vid" band wagon probably should be sued for malpractice... Except most of these are mostly Big Pharma-ots anyway.

Dr. Simone is correct. There is no emergency. There are effective treatments for many dis- easements, even caused by engineered vir*ses, which are bioweapons.

I have never read anything anywhere that ever talked about healthy people and quarantines. What I mean is, there is no study showing how the people being quarantined didn't work. There is no study showing how the people being quarantined did work. For the controllers to quarantine healthy people in 2020 just out of thin air, all the MDs in the world should have spoken up against that and should be held accountable for not speaking up against that. I am only an acupuncturist and I spoke up about it in March 2020. I said that people need to be out there swapping microbiome.