Friday, June 4, 2021

Domestic is Foreign


I learned a lot from The Justinian Deception Channel on YouTube starting around the beginning of 2018.  I am so grateful to Rohan and Romley that I have a place for them in the Acknowledgments of my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied that was formatted on Microsoft Word 7 and published in the country California by a living man, me.

It is strange to people to hear that if you stand as a living man, that your fellow US Citizen neighbors are standing in a foreign jurisdiction to you and the same goes for Australia.  In fact, when I send post through the Judicial District, I have to write Without AUSTRALIA or Without UNITED STATES when sending mail to either landmass that are known as countries to us.  When I write to a legislator within UNITED STATES, I am a foreigner to legislation such as Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 that says that towers and antennas can harm citizens as long as it is for communication.

The only letter I have sent through the Judicial District that has been returned was one I sent to the Pope twice, one addressed in English, once in Italian.  I believe it was known that my post was sent by a living man; therefore, he had better not read it or he would be compelled to respond appropriately following Natural Law, whereas other shmucks such as governors and council women have no idea about Natural Law that they are breaking by pretending they never received or read my letter.

Take responsibility for the agreements you have made.  Take back Power.

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