Sunday, June 13, 2021

Reveals Are Orchestrated


All of these “reveals,” whether associated with the puppet Bill Gates or the puppet Anthony Fauci are controlled and working for the Satanists, which is human and non-human; souled and AI and implants.  Yes, they know their “days are numbered” as in there are natural occurrences set to be experienced on Earth, including the Light presently being grounded here.

If you get to know with whom all the mind controlled puppets associate, then due to your programmed judgmental stance, you will now think this former angel to humanity is a bum.  Perfect.  Burst bubbles.  Get the little humans confused and in regret.  “Did I trust someone who is bad?  How could he do that to me?”  That kind of spin makes lots of sooty electrons in our atmosphere to help slow down Light that is coming here.  Sooty electrons helps Earth to veer more to destructive pathways.  Score one for the Satanists.

Then, there is Fauci.  You may wonder how the exposure of Fauci on purpose could be controlled when it was the good guys who exposed those e-mails.  Just step back and observe what can happen due to those e-mails having been exposed.  Average reactionaries can feel betrayed.  The same as with Gates and seeing him as one who hangs out with criminals.  But even more, it may frenzy you into picking up a gun.  Biden should fire such a criminal.  Biden will not.  Boom.  The reactionaries become salivating dogs, pulling at their leashed collar.

There is an implant within the mental Bodies of some humans.  To scientists, this makes this part of humanity seeming mesmerized, in a “coma.”  They get held in and the implant will push them down, then reset itself over and over.  This implant can be removed.  If individuals wish to do it themselves, then they need to turn off the TV and do high frequency work, which includes fasting and ingesting GMO-free, pesticide-free greens.

6/14/21 added: During this 16 months of  the Covid Era, I have actually said to a few people that I do not wear a mask because I do not participate in Satanic rituals of initiation. More recently, I started also saying, "I'm also not a Muslim. So, I opt out of covering my face. Thank you."

Just today, one day before Newsom is going to let a lot of these slaves not have to wear their face coverings, I was looking at so many people out there still wearing a face covering. I thought to myself, Wow. That was so quick! In a year they got people to put the diaper on their faces. A lot of you don't know this but underwear evolved and they got us to wear underwear and it was very different than the pantaloons that had a slit in them that were open and air could get through more easily. It was so quick and they got people to add a new item to their wardrobe and without even any thought. .


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