Wednesday, June 2, 2021

SMART Cities


[The-criminals-that-believe-they-be have been working towards corralling the surviving humans (after the C*vid Era) into the cities where everything will be controlled by AI, including the successive humanmodel of human to follow the Genetic human.

We are already beyond the soft phase: training humans to accept rewards, being surveyed and surveying others, and being buzzed into job sites.  We are up to training humans to “do this before we shall give you that” phase: wear a mask to shop, take a fake c*vid test (PCR lab process) in order to travel or work, and judge all who question AI and other authority figures.  As part of both, SMART meters replaced analogue meters, cell phones replaced home phones, and AI replaced human tellers, garbage truck helpers and gas meter readers to name a few.

We are heavily starting the “fool everyone into thinking we are doing things for Earth’s own good but really taking full control of humans” phase with certain legislation that will ensure the demise of life as humans have known it.

Now, we have a choice.  The-criminals-that-believe-they-be are needing to keep humans stuck in Piscean Age fear so they will hopefully miss the opportunity before them.  Even with all of their implants keeping humans stuck in the Personality plane, their success with their propaganda is surprising.  (They have scripts informing you of their plans and yet they manage to convince reactionaries to belittle the humans who are bringing these scripts to people’s attention.)  I would have thought more of us could see through such an obvious psy-op such as the Wag the Dog Psy-op 2020 was when no pathogen floating around in the air naturally had ever been isolated.  But they were successful and here we stand with Agenda 21 having been rolled out with terrible success.  ID 2020?  Check.  Agenda 21? Check. 

Now, onto Agenda 30 and SMART Cities for the survivors.

  • ·        No more single-family homes
  • ·        Ingest fake “foods” manufactured by the controllers
  • ·        Your SMART home will spy on you and keep you in good behavior or you shall lose credits
  • ·        Thoughts are monitored, so think revolution and lose credits
  • ·        Health and records are fully known to AI and you will be terminated when they no longer have need for you
  • ·        AI decides what is good and what is bad and you will comply

I could go on and on, but you also may choose to be a light-bearer human who grounds the light that is coming here now.  If we do not feed their plan, it cannot manifest.

Please listen to the Ice Age Farmer for one small example of how the the-criminals-that-believe-they-be operate.]

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