Tuesday, June 15, 2021



[Back in 2019, did you think that there would ever come the day where someone could convince you to look at a naked faced human being and call them anti-masker?

Back in your youth, did you think that you would ever be persuaded to call someone an anti-v*xxer if they chose not to have pharmaceuticals?

Were you, in fact, ever a human being that went around with a bare face or without pharmaceuticals being injected into you at record rates?

What about fearing something in the air? Do you put blue light blocking glasses on when you walk into stores that use LED lighting? Do you wear a certain kind of hat and clothing that will hopefully protect you from 5G and frequencies? If not, is it only when the government tells you there's something to fear in the air that you decide to fear something in the air? Are you anti air or anti make-believe germs?

Do you define doing research as turning on the TV, your phone, or computer to look at some white-coated commercialized scientist whore of Big Pharma and hang on their every word?
Is your method of doing research better compared to other people who listen to and read work from freelance scientists?

Who are you to decide that someone who doesn't put a cloth on his face is an anti-masker? Perhaps that person doesn't follow a religion that has to demonstrate inferiority to a god, to entities, or to other human beings. Perhaps the one you are calling an anti masker is actually anti-demonstrating-I'm-inferior.

When you start calling people names, you're demonstrating that you have been programmed. Have you always been a bully or is it just because the TV is making it trendy?

The anti-"anti" group are humans who recognize that humanity has an opponent (and it isn't other normal everyday average humans like you and me), and they recognize that that opponent wants to pit you against other humans.

Could you perhaps process your own fear and let other people dress as they wish? If they wish to wear shoes, let them. If they wish to go barefoot, let them. If they wish to wear underwear, let them. If they don't wish to wear underwear, let them. If they wish to cover their faces, let them. If they don't wish to cover their faces, let them. If they wish to wear a hat, let them if they don't wish to wear a hat, let them.

If you feel superior and right and revel in labeling people anti anything, then you are part of the problem.

I suggest you look back at 2019 and ask yourself "If I didn't feel like I had to wear a mask back then, why am I so convinced that I have to now?"...And then turn off the TV, pull up your sleeves, and do some real searching until you become anti-"anti" and commune with humanity yourself.

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