Sunday, August 30, 2015

Response to Frontline’s The Vaccine War

      This program did not change my mind about vaccines.  I feel that parents should have the right to research vaccinations and pick and choose which vaccines they want to have given to their children.  Currently, people of the world are not involved in a vaccine war.  It is a war on our freedom, a rights war, for the powers that be want to make medical decisions for us.  Through their fear tactics and vaccine propaganda, they are convincing citizens to bow down and to accept legislation that forces people to be vaccinated.  The authorities do not offer a safe and effective enough medicine to make medical decisions for us.  Even if it was homeopathy—which, in my opinion, is far more effective and safer than drugs—they do not have the right to force treatment onto people.  After all, it may be another’s opinion that homeopathy, though never tried, is not the best treatment option.   The rights war continues.

     I found The Vaccine War lacking in that researchers who have discussed details on antigens and the so-called Herd Immunity were offered no air time.  Mostly only parents were represented on the side of pro-information and for medical choice, where as scientists and doctors were shown from the “vaccinate to the schedule” side.

     Now that Posey has proven that the research on the link between the MMR vaccine and autism had been destroyed and that, in fact, there is a link between autism and vaccines, will Frontline do another story?;   I would expect not, as too much money and friendly ties may be jeopardized, but, my hat would go off to Frontline if they could rise above this political atmosphere to reveal the truth about those research papers.  It is news after all.

     The link between mercury in the vaccines and autism as investigated in Denmark and discussed on The Vaccine War was not investigated thoroughly enough to sort out mercury exposure in general.  For instance, how many of those children, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, in Denmark had had mercury fillings?  How many mercury fillings or root canal posts did each mother have in their mouths during their pregnancies with these children?  (The University of Calgary School of Medicine, in 1984, found mercury from amalgam fillings of pregnant women in tissue and blood of their babies. Lee, Francene. Toxic Teeth Toxic Body. sp: 2000, p.1.) This program never mentioned that children receive a percentage of their mother’s mercury poisoning while in utero.  Mercury is related to Autism due to the Hepatic Glutathione Pathway being disrupted, as well as through other means.  How much contaminated fish consumed and other exposures to mercury would need to be looked at as well.  Once the mercury toxic kids have been weeded out of the study, perhaps a correlation would appear in the vaccinated group between vaccines and autism.  I’d be interested to see that.

There are plenty of researchers out there who can be interviewed who can give details on how vaccinated people can infect people and on the diseases that are caused by vaccines. chapter 7.  It seems to me that prime time television would not want the responsibility of showing true reporting.  People would probably lose their jobs, but I tell you what, they would save their souls.

     Now onto the segment where the reporter was implying that the mothers who refused to vaccinate were placing others in harm’s way.  People need to embrace responsibility, rather than reaching for a pill or an injection.  If you know nothing else, keeping a baby away from public places before you as a parent feels safe in doing so is a good start.  It sickens me that while many children are permitted to attend school while ill with contagious diseases of all varieties, healthy children who are not vaccinated are seen as a potential threat to the other children.  This story focused on the unvaccinated children being a threat, without even mentioning how it’s illegal to disclose medical information; without even mentioning there could be very ill children at the school.  Nowadays, when very ill children are at a school, it is against their medical rights to disclose it.  Neither should be discussed.  Keep your kids healthy, do research, and stop blaming the unvaccinated.

     It is mentioned that the boy, Rit, I think, with leukemia, once his treatments had started, couldn’t be vaccinated, so his parents being fooled by the media got into fear, blame, and arrogance mode.  How many vaccines had he had prior to the diagnosis and in his whole life, in fact?  Leukemia is one possible vaccine injury.  How was he before the vaccines compared to after?  True reporting would have answered these questions through anticipation.   If he had been vaccinated prior to his diagnosis, how dare they ask other children to be put at the same risk!

     When I was the mother of an unvaccinated newborn, it never occurred to me to ask others to inject poisons into their and their children’s bloodstreams in order to protect my child.  I sought to protect her myself.  MD’s will tell you an unvaccinated newborn is exposed.  That is certainly one thought/opinion.  Here’s what I did. I integrated my inherited physical and non-physical miasms (as much as I could….still a process) in order so my child would inherit less propensity to disease in general.  She was conceived on purpose in a loving non-drug, non-alcohol environment.  She was born at home amongst our everyday germs not the germs in general, staph, and biofilm (the protective gunk on germs which is made by germs that’s on devices like needles that they put into people and gets on hands, gloves, and instruments of employees, like nurses and doctors) of hospitals.  She wasn’t socialized amongst complete strangers immediately, in fact, for some time.  Also, she was breastfed. 

         For those who have adopted a child, start protecting your child as soon as possible.  Make sure non-pesticides/non-GMO’s formulas and produce are used.  Wash the produce in 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that is diluted down to a 3% solution when in the sink.  Avoid using the microwave, in fact, throw it out.  Raise the child on more fresh foods than packaged foods, and very few visits to average restaurants.  If you must give them dairy, look into goat’s milk, which at least has enzymes, or raw cow’s milk if you must have them ingest cow’s milk at all.  There are plenty of ways to make homemade ice-creams without any dairy and to make your own juice.  Have the Wi-Fi on and bouncing off the walls of your home for only a few hours a day.  Make sure the water the family drinks and bathes in is chlorine-free, fluoride-free, and heavy metal-free.  Have the family visit a holistic biological dentist.  This is someone who may have healthful solutions to root canals and fillings, as well as to sealants.  Strep can live near the posts of root canals, seeping poisons into a person’s system.  Parenting and clearer thinking can be accomplished easier when toxins aren’t clogging up the system, not to mention if the person becomes pregnant.  If the child is nurtured and has as little toxins in their system as possible, they will even better be able to handle when at school around a child who has just been vaccinated and is shedding the disease.

    Some parents do have fear.  I see our bodies as standing strong against any microbe out there, unless we have a poor, weak internal environment, which stands as communication to us.   If you seek repair work that Western Medicine offers, you still have responsibilities to your body that you need to face.  (You should not have to get a vaccine, because I have a weak environment that I most definitely can build up.)  For those in fear, Dr. Dale’s Wellness Center has various homeopathic remedies that may be used in a preventative manner, or for treatment.  They may be used with newborns to the elderly without side effects and without shedding and contaminating others, whether they were to become ill or not. 

     For more information on vaccinations, please read The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor Mcbean at and