Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colon Hydro Therapy Experience #1

I recently completed fourteen months of cleansing: three Support the Mountain colon/parasite cleanses, ten Andres Moritz Liver Cleanses, and two Present Moment Kidney Cleanses. Today, I cashed in a recent Christmas gift certificate and experienced my first colonic.

Kristina at La Paz Spa was very helpful, gentle, competent, and accepting. I was reminded of the modern birthing table when I first glanced at the table-toilet contraption that I was to rest on for the next forty-five minutes. Unlike the birthing table, the design of this table is remarkable and appropriate. It was remarkable because I could lie back supported and the water and waste got taken away without any mess.

I found it hard to relax, and it was hard to wrap my brain around defecating in the supine position with a tube in my rectum. The, as they say, “Stuff Harming your Intestinal Tract” comes out, and the water goes in simultaneously. It’s amazing. The best thing was, I controlled the speed of the flushing water with the turn of a knob, so I could slow the pace of the removed waste to get a practitioner’s look at it through the glass tube to my left. I’m sure most people aren’t that interested. I was even certain I saw an old, trapped gall stone!

I couldn’t relax and feel groovy during the colon irrigation, however, afterwards, my eyes were shining brightly, as if I’d had an acupuncture treatment or a really cool meditation. Naturally, I recommend this experience for everyone.

For more information, please visit or a colon detox center near you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Coercion Reform

"How often the attendants of a case have stated that they knew perfectly well that the patient could not get well in such air, in such a room, or under such circumstances, yet have gone on dosing him with medicine, and making no effort to remove the poison from him, or him from the poison which they knew was killing him"
Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing, p. 126

According to the news, this Health Care Reform mandate only needs Obama’s signature, and then you, I, and every person residing in America will be required to carry medical insurance. Use a search engine and search “Health Care Reform.” Guess what was already being advertised on the same page as the results. The hungry, salivating dogs anxiously waiting to get you- their fresh meat- served up to order thanks to Obama’s persuasive tongue. Yes, the ads for insurance have already started, because after his John Hancock touches the page, you will be fined if you do not have it.

The law seems not to consider that some people might not wish to have health insurance because of their spiritual beliefs. Many people are likely to find that they will be unable to pay their rent and provide food for their family as they meet the requirement to fork over their hard-earned cash to an insurance company. The federal government has decided to define freedom by passing another law that forces you to pay money to profit a business. How can the freedom myth be continued if Congress keeps passing measures that deny you of your freedom?

Do you know that Congress has already passed a bill that was signed into law that forces you to commit torture on your children if the minors have been diagnosed with cancer? The torture is in the form of The Big Profitable Three: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. If you’re a person who would freely choose these modalities for yourself or for your children, then that’s a different subject entirely. I’m speaking about a parents’ right to choose a toxic-free solution, which currently does not exist because a toxic-free solution is against the law. I refer to The Big Profitable Three as torture, because I remember a friend burning inside with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a practitioner, I know how dangerous it can be to pour toxins into an already toxic body, yet alone ask the body to release toxins AND to simultaneously deal with the new harmful ones. For this reason, people who are committed to being drug-free while they detox for the duration of their treatment, no matter what the diagnosis, are better off.

The Big Profitable Three law isn’t in place for your children only. No-one is supposed to be treated for cancer in any other way than The Big Profitable Three if they reside in America. California made it a state law too, just for good measure. Doesn’t this make you mad? Is it okay with you that big government can bully you all the way to the doctor’s office and away from other health care practitioners? Now on top of that, Congress can bully you to buy health care insurance and thereby force your medical records to be the property of the insurance companies.

In front of me I have a “Notice of Privacy Practices” from a top insurance company. It egotistically states, “We have the right to use and disclose health information for your treatment, to pay for your health care and to operate our business.” It goes on to say that they may disclose health information for payment purposes like “we may tell a doctor whether you are eligible for coverage and what percentage of the bill may be covered.” They feel they have a right to disclose information about you for research purposes and to their business associates, which is soon to be the government since they are helping insurance companies get business, and are therefore associating themselves with insurance companies. Strangers in a business I don’t respect pouring over my private business makes me feel as violated as those new airport X-ray machines do. When will it end?

The other problem with being forced to hold health care insurance is that insurance companies are in the habit of saying no. Have you noticed that? So, now by law, you have to pay to hear no, or be fined. Many years ago before I became pregnant, I called my insurance company with a lot of questions regarding home water birth, visits to the midwife, etc. The representative informed me that all those things I wanted were absolutely not covered under my insurance policy, which was a PPO, by the way. I was left with two tough choices: pay out-of-pocket with funds I didn’t have, or sacrifice the birth I wanted for myself and for my baby and go to a hospital where the birth would become a medically managed event. But, hey, it would be covered. I chose the former. Years later, I discovered I had been misinformed by the insurance company. I started a battle with them, trying to get reimbursed for the home water birth I had. The insurance representative said that it had been over a year, so I couldn’t file a grievance. No again. I said it hadn’t been a year since I found out they had lied to me, and I filed my grievance, and eventually won. The out-of-pocket cost of my daughter’s birth was reimbursed to me. If all my money and trust had been placed in my insurance company, I would have allowed them to take away my dream of a loving birth. These are the crooks that the government wants it to be illegal for you to avoid. Am I the only one who finds this aspect a psychopathic law?

Congress also is asking you to pay for insurance when the company may not reimburse you for the kind of treatment you wish to seek. Try getting reimbursed for a tuning fork treatment, even if you never touch another cigarette after just one treatment. I can think of many alternative health care procedures that are not reimbursed by insurance. If these modalities are all you seek, it is unfair to have to pay for insurance that will be of no use to you.

Perhaps the government is trying to steer you away from the techniques that balance because sick people are better for the economy. I urge everyone to research what the new Health Care Reform really means for them and their loved ones.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smoke and Whistles: Senate Save Us!

Talk about smoke and whistles. I just watched Obama sign the Health Care Reform Bill. First, he spent six minutes spoon feeding the public candy by saying all the good things about the bill. It’s criminal that insurance companies were able to drop a person due to becoming ill and having a limit to what can be spent in order to assist an insured person. Obama just signed a bill forcing you to do business with these criminals.

Clearly, the control aspects of this bill need to be removed. Obama’s representation of the bill during his brief ‘signing speech’ reminded me of how disinformationists work. You have experienced them even if you are not consciously aware, for even a skilled author of fiction will surround a huge impossibility with probability so as the reader will accept it as possible.

Another example of a disinformationist is when they report on something or someone in a way that will get you to disregard the something or someone. So, they have at least 85% facts to pull you in. They manipulate your thoughts by bombarding you with what you already know and believe. Then when they sneak in the lie, the information that is intended to discredit something or someone, you are expected to swallow it hook, line, and sinker, because the disinformationist never lied to you before.

Obama used the disinformation technique of omission. After seven minutes of speaking about the favored laws within the bill, Obama moved onto indicating the people behind the bill, including going for sympathetic approval of the bill by introducing real life stories and people. At 8:55 CA time, he signed it without any mention of the little “nasties” within the bill. To listen to only his speech and know nothing of the details of the bill, is to believe that you still have your freedom.

With the signing of that bill, Americans’ only choice is to purchase insurance in order to not be fined. If insurance companies will not accept the kind of health care a person trusts and seeks, then money for insurance is money wasted. Perhaps the fine would work out to be less wasted money than paying for insurance, and worth it in order to get the government satisfied. At any rate, without an insurance company involved in your personal business, you may keep your private health care issues between you and your alternative practitioner.

Obama is equating only what insurance companies deem acceptable to pay for as “good health.” There are plenty of treatments that insurance will not pay for that, in my personal and professional opinion, are truly health promoting procedures because they don’t make your body more toxic and compromise your health in any way. A drug is not the only solution. How many people who have been brought up on drugs and vaccinations know that? Does the president realize that?

Do any of you realize the trend since the 1930’s? For example, sunlight and color healing were once accepted procedures. But the They cannot charge you too much for that, and insurance certainly wouldn’t pay for those procedures.

Obama’s under the impression that your only choice is to pray when you become ill without insurance. Snowlotus TraumEase essential oil, Snowlotus Oregano essential oil, Grapefruit seed Extract oil, and Sankey's Astral Tree of Life pattern using natural oils instead of needles worked together to rid my body of MRSA (Methicillin-resitant Staphylococcus aureus). Snowlotus Oregano, TraumEsea, and Sinus Clear saved my daughter from a bad bout of bronchitis. There are oodles of treatments for oodles of conditions, but you can’t expect your insurance to cover treatments as these. But I can assure Obama that praying and insurance-accepted-treatments are not your only choices.

This morning your president said that he took up the cause of the Roosevelts, Truman, etc. Is he saying that they too wished to force the American people to buy a product or to be fined? Is he claiming that they wanted us to have less freedom and to go against the Constitution?

Biden, are we setting "a new course" for a form of slavery? Can I not think and choose for myself? Obama signed the bill saying I cannot. Is Obama truly "marking a new season," or has this push to deceive us and strip us of power been going on for some time?

Medical doctors and their procedures are accepted by insurance companies. Where does your doctor receive his or her continuing education units? Is he or she exclusively learning from a pharmaceutical sponsored lecturer? Does the American Medical Association make it difficult or even unpleasant for a doctor to continue learning from outside sources? Find out these answers and then learn for yourself what they are not learning. Then learn how to clear yourself and look at goings on around you from a multidimensional perspective.

Perhaps forcing us to purchase insurance is not what we need. Perhaps people need to become aware of Royal Rife’s technology and all the research that led to health care answers that certain parties don’t want you to know about. Perhaps researching is the answer to reforming your health. Quick, research fast before they make it illegal in this country, too.

If the people who love this country can truly change it, then we won’t stand for a dictator pointing a finger to us and forcing us to bend to his will. Haven’t we seen this on Earth before? Did we like it when we read about it in history class?

Will the Senate save us from being mandated to buy insurance?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Uncompassionate UnHealth UnCare

All this talk about Health Care Reform and what's best for the citizens of this country got me thinking about other countries and how they handle health care.

Then my 103 yr. 7 mth. old grandmother, in Australia, suffered from gastro-enteritis last weekend. The hospital, and possibly hospitals here as well, have a rule: if a person is in an old folks home and need to go to a hospital, a doctor from the hospital has to come out, diagnosis the person, and then either admit them into the hospital, or not.

By Monday, the hospital had still sent no-one. My grandmother vomited and inhaled some vomit.

Tuesday, Perhaps they figured she would surely die, so why bother. Perhaps, like when she was 102 yrs. old and had double pnemonia, they had no beds in the hospital to spare.

Thursday at 2:45 P.M., a doctor showed up and gave her oxygen. He wrote a morphine perscription for my aunt to go fill. While she was gone, my grandmother slipped away. Thank goodness she knew better than to die on morphine.

In a few days, she will be lowered into the ground after walking above it since 1906.

All I can do is sigh and wonder at any county's health care.

Just cleanse, clear, and create health. Then when you are old, go under a tree. Breath your last breath and go. Don't let a doctor get to be the one to decide if they will help you to live or not.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hang 'em for Your Health

"The very nature of destruction is creation."-The Magical Household p.9

According to Kevin Trudeau in his book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, it is best to avoid the electric dryer for those wet clothes. The electric dryer is reported to produce positive ions which escape into the environment as well as cling to clothes. In humans, positive ions have been known to suppress the immune system, cause fatigue, and lead to depression and anxiety (134).

In The Vivaxis Connection, Judy Jacka agrees that positive ions can make a person exhausted (231). She goes on to say, “It has been noted that epidemics and infections are more common when a prolonged period of positive ions in the atmosphere has occurred,” and “Ion imbalances can disturb the lymphatic system” (231). Lymph is pretty important and not something you would want to be imbalanced.

Trudeau states, “Life enhancing negative ions” are abundant near natural water sources and out in the woods. He encourages each person to compare and contrast how he or she feels in such a natural environment to being in a Laundromat near spinning dryers for thirty minutes (134). Trudeau confidently writes that after the thirty minutes near the electric dryer, “Notice how you feel for the rest of the day,” down, fatigued, and generally bad (135).

Jacka says that a slight preponderance of negative ions in our bodies is good and that we feel energetic in such a state. Likewise, she believes an excess of positive ions leads to lethargy (234). She says, “Usually, we feel very tired if positive ions accumulate as they do in many buildings with air-conditioning or heating” (235).

It is worth researching these ideas, especially if your health is compromised and you have enough going on. The sun and its glorious attributes are not always available, but clothes hanging on the shower-curtain pole may be a healthier alternative to clothes spinning in the electric drier.

Vivaxis Exercise #1

This afternoon, I finally bought some carbon in the form of charcoal in order to do Exercise #1 from the book The Vivaxis Connection. The goal of this exercise is to fix the damage from X-rays on the carbon in your bones from the past. As the author of the book, Judy Jacka says, "The purpose of this exercise is to remove the negative effects of X-rays regardless of how long ago you received them. The exercise realigns the carbon atoms of the affected bones in the correct orientation to true north and south via your Vivaxis" (213).

So, I spiritually called in my Healing Team and I invoked the elements Carbon and Calcium, and got to work. This "treatment" immediately felt as an acupuncture treatment does, or a meditation. I felt light and was intrigued by the different energies or personalities of the two elements. I felt activity above my head.

Then there was the pain here and there that took me by surprise. Part of the process is to hit areas of the body. I used a lentil filled stocking that basically was the size of a fist. Many places did not hurt at all. Some felt good being awakened with the hitting. It was neat to contemplate what had occured in the few areas of pain and have it dawn on me that I had, indeed, been X-rayed there. My mother, who was next, noticed similar pain in different places for her.

After, I felt a little different, but am not certain of effects, yet. My mom reported feeling light-headed with weak and tired legs, and is looking forward to seeing how it will all settle.

I will keep you posted about exercise #2. We will be removing foreign fields from ourselves the Vivaxis way!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sound Made Sacred

“Sound frequencies, like Vivaxis energies and high potency homeopathic remedies, have no physical form.”
The Vivaxis Connection, by J. Jacka,
p. 45
Sacred Sounds: Magic & Healing Through Words & Music author and healer Ted Andrews says, “To hear one’s astrological chart played musically is at once eerie and awesome” (58). Listening to the musical interpretation of an individual’s personal astrological chart is one way to achieve higher states of consciousness and can help a seeker of personal truth to gain insight. Composers of this kind of music work with a client’s birth chart and hand him or her a musical copy of how the planets sounded upon the client’s first breath. Andrews says that it is inspiring and deeply moving to be immersed into personal sound on this level. This metaphysical guru goes onto say, “Pythagorus created the modern musical octave in an attempt to reveal the relationship between musical notes and the mathematical principles of the universe” (5). For those interested in following this concept, Esoteric Acupuncture and Sacred geometry may be two subjects worth investigating. Through personal music, meaning the sounds and vibrations of the planets at our first breath, we have another tool to help us understand how our astrological charts are affecting us. As Andrews says, “Astrology and music are tools to help us to understand the energies within us and how to bring them into harmony” (54). But music in general, as a tool, is far more convenient and available to us than hiring an astrological chart musician.
Ted Andrews acknowledges the commercial and artistic aspects of music. He further encourages “music needs to be considered in a third way- as a power of universal force” (30). Andrews feels that respecting this third aspect once again, as sacred sound, is long past due. All vowel sounds and also words resonate to various parts of the body, various chakras, and to an individual’s different states of awareness. Because of this, listening to different vowel sounds can help with various physical ailments throughout the body.
With all the technological diversions in our world, it is worth looking at what he has to say. From the healing aspects of speech, to tones, to music in general, sound, whether from an instrument, from a voice, or from a machine, is able to affect the body. Let’s take a look at this concept. Physically, sound enters through the ear. Ten of the twelve cranial nerves communicate with the ear and from the ear have an impact on other parts of the body. Some scientists theorize that this is why a baby, for example, may get an acute (sudden) stomach ache from loud noises.
The chakras (spinning energy points) and the subtle bodies (Etheric, Astral, etc.) also play a part in the effects of sound on the physical body and on a person’s consciousness. “The chakras are the primary mediators of all energy already in the body and all the energy coming into the body” (34). Chakras are not a part of the physical body on the physical level, yet they contribute to physical health and are also affected by one’s physical health. Chakras are situated along the midline, back, and front, of the Astral body, corresponding with the midline of the physical body. Andrews feels it is important for individuals to understand the chakras system and how each relates with our various bodies and energies. Plenty of books have been available for a long time on this subject. You will learn the basics, such as which gland corresponds to which chakra, and from there a whole new world will open up to you.
In Andrews' view, each chakra communicates with a particular subtle body. He states, “The normal life-force from each subtle body enters into its own particular chakra,” then sends its energy to the spine, blood stream, and finally to the organs (35). Likewise, sound and tones from the outside offer calm or discordant energy to the chakras. The energy enters the chakras and travels to the spinal sound resonator vertebrae in the form of vibration and, as energy from the subtle bodies, is then sent along the nerve pathways of tissues and organs.
When balanced, the subtle bodies and chakras are able to dictate what can enter a person’s experience and change it or leave it as is. Further, prior to the physical body, the subtle bodies are adversely or positively affected first by outside influences. Andrews writes, “The higher and stronger our own energy fields are, the less likely they are to be impinged upon from outside sources, and the more we can adapt them to resonate to a wider spectrum of forces, people, and conditions of life”(23). Talk about preventative medicine! Basically, this is like strengthening your aura so as when socializing in a huge crowd, you won’t feel like you need to take a shower to rescue yourself from the crowds’ stuff. Your subtle bodies support you in handling anything that comes your way.
What if the subtle bodies are adversely affected? They will be unable to discern incoming impressions, and therefore, will be unable to protect the whole person against these incoming vibrations. Andrews recommends that in this era of technology and dissonance, people reestablish the use of Sacred Sound, for anyone with vocal abilities can make sounds and intentionally direct these sounds somewhere within their Being with a purpose. For example, anyone who is able to hear can at least direct the sound internally without vocalizing, simply by being able to recreate the note in their mind. Thought application of sound affects the subtle bodies, chakras, and our auras, so we can produce a remedy to a physical malady by sending a vocal sound with thought only. Of course, it is best to also physically send the sound vocally to the area of physical discomfort.
Diagnosing the chakras through noticing an off pitch voice is also possible, for “off-pitch sounds usually indicate imbalance in one or more of the chakras”(73). An example of changes occurring in a chakra and being mirrored on the voice is when a youngster goes through puberty and has a cracking voice. Andrews writes, “The cracking and changing voice indicates the opening and activation of the base chakra from a new level. It indicates the movement of the individual to develop and assert his or her own independent and individual energies” (73). Asserting one’s will is therefore related to the chakras, too.
When the chakras are imbalanced, it is as if they hurry to gather energy from the subtle bodies (Etheric, Astral, etc.) in order to establish balance, therefore, “in many cases, simply restoring the proper balance and functioning to the chakras will correct the imbalance, or at least alleviate it” (37). Assist the chakras, and you will assist your subtle bodies. Assist your subtle bodies, and you will assist your chakras. His remedy to restore this proper balance? Sacred Sound.
Andrews says, “The more we are exposed to beneficial sounds, the greater and the more permanent the effect they have upon our own individual energies”(21). Sound Therapy International CDs are beneficial in this area. Listening to them at the movies, for example, blocks out the incredibly loud noises. At the same time, offering music that has been run through Tomatis’ Electronic Ear will exercise the ear as well.
The voice is a powerful tool. Andrews states, “Tuning energies with voice, sound, or music will affect people in different ways, but since sound is basic to all life, it will affect everyone to varying degrees”(183). The meridians traveling up the center of the front and back of the body can be balanced by singing, toning, or playing middle C and high C simultaneously (192). The tongue is to be placed against the teeth when silently toning (meaning hear it in your head) with the inhalation. Visualize energy traveling up the spine, and as you exhale, tone audibly, visualizing energy traveling down the front of the spine or front of the body (194). A secretive way to carry this out in public, or to just give yourself a quick tune up without the visualization, is with humming. Andrews says that humming “carries sound internally,” harmonizing all our subtle bodies and various aspects of ourselves (195).
In 2003, I was in an evening hypnotism class with a fellow acupuncturist. She had had an awful stomach ache all day, having tried herbs and attempts at needling herself to no avail. I had just finished reading Ted Andrews' book and asked her if, on the short break, she would let me attempt a toning treatment that I had just learned to do through the book. She felt she had nothing to lose, so we went into an unused room and together attempted this unusual treatment. The best thing is we needed no equipment. Also, people do not need a medical degree of any kind to conduct this treatment on themselves or friends.
She stood facing me. I was about two feet away from her naval area toning a raspy, throaty sound, “aw,” as in the American way of saying “saw.” I moved closer and up, down, and out following the feeling of where the edge of her aura was and the exact spot being a key to where her trouble was. She did as I did. Upon our inhales, we mentally sent the sound to her second and third chakra locations, and upon the exhale we toned, sending the sound to the same place. I explained to her that Andrews says that this technique affects the subtle bodies as well as the physical body. We weren’t always toning the same notes nor were we in unison. It did not sound pretty!
Suddenly, something seemed to shoot out and expand. Then her aura felt calm and settled in that spot. Our short break was up, so I figured that was pretty good timing because we had to stop anyway. Back in class, she looked at me with dazzling eyes and proclaimed her stomach ache was gone. “What was the name of that book again?” she asked.
Even if you do not think you are talented, singing encourages freer, fuller breathing, so it is worth doing daily. There are other benefits as well: “It can improve the posture, enhance our speaking voice, and helps bring emotional awareness and fulfillment” (196). Singing energizes and balances qi and the subtle bodies, assisting in healing between acupuncture treatments. The chromatic scale consists of thirteen tones, including sharps and flats, and all can balance the chakras. Like Esoteric Acupuncture, these tones can also “unblock and balance the energy pathways (meridians) from the chakras”(187). In Esoteric Acupuncture, the order of needle insertion and removal is important. With Sacred Sound, the order of notes played along with the rhythm can also set up a particular energy field for balancing. Also, just as it is with various New Encoding Patterns within the Esoteric Acupuncture system, rhythms and tones in various combinations can have specific effects upon our individual subtle bodies, which in turn show the results in our physical body. Andrews notes, “Part of the spiritual quest for any individual is to find the spiritual center within- the center which has all power and all balance and all healing”(205). As with Esoteric Acupuncture, using Sacred Sound helps you find and work from your center.
Esoteric Acupuncture and Sacred Sound, like Geomancy (Feng Shui), also both employ the use of the Yantra, because they all access geometric shapes. Andrews says, “Yantras are essentially visual tools to help in centering. When used for healing or worship purposes, the energy associated with them is evoked and symbolizes some divine aspect of the universe” (200). Toning in groups where the participants are assembled into various shapes, representing the Yantra, with a person in the middle, enables the “patient” to effect change for all those involved. The geometric shapes and the toning work together to ground the work into the physical.
Think of the people your voice affects if you are a school teacher, a radio disc jockey, or an actor. Even as a client. Wouldn’t you want your health care practitioner to use an appropriate timbre? Andrews assures us, “Through practice, we can learn to create physiological and spiritual changes in ourselves and others through altering the timbre of our speech and by employing the timbre of various instruments to elicit specific effects” (25). Sacred Sound takes Intentional healing to a whole new level while you are working to integrate the spiritual self with the physical self “within the circumstances of your present life” (46), and while taking the perfect voice into that next meeting with your boss, principal, or group you trying to persuade. The prepared voice is ready to create. As Andrews says, “One who sings, prays twice” (196).