Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colon Hydro Therapy Experience #1

I recently completed fourteen months of cleansing: three Support the Mountain colon/parasite cleanses, ten Andres Moritz Liver Cleanses, and two Present Moment Kidney Cleanses. Today, I cashed in a recent Christmas gift certificate and experienced my first colonic.

Kristina at La Paz Spa was very helpful, gentle, competent, and accepting. I was reminded of the modern birthing table when I first glanced at the table-toilet contraption that I was to rest on for the next forty-five minutes. Unlike the birthing table, the design of this table is remarkable and appropriate. It was remarkable because I could lie back supported and the water and waste got taken away without any mess.

I found it hard to relax, and it was hard to wrap my brain around defecating in the supine position with a tube in my rectum. The, as they say, “Stuff Harming your Intestinal Tract” comes out, and the water goes in simultaneously. It’s amazing. The best thing was, I controlled the speed of the flushing water with the turn of a knob, so I could slow the pace of the removed waste to get a practitioner’s look at it through the glass tube to my left. I’m sure most people aren’t that interested. I was even certain I saw an old, trapped gall stone!

I couldn’t relax and feel groovy during the colon irrigation, however, afterwards, my eyes were shining brightly, as if I’d had an acupuncture treatment or a really cool meditation. Naturally, I recommend this experience for everyone.

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