Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smoke and Whistles: Senate Save Us!

Talk about smoke and whistles. I just watched Obama sign the Health Care Reform Bill. First, he spent six minutes spoon feeding the public candy by saying all the good things about the bill. It’s criminal that insurance companies were able to drop a person due to becoming ill and having a limit to what can be spent in order to assist an insured person. Obama just signed a bill forcing you to do business with these criminals.

Clearly, the control aspects of this bill need to be removed. Obama’s representation of the bill during his brief ‘signing speech’ reminded me of how disinformationists work. You have experienced them even if you are not consciously aware, for even a skilled author of fiction will surround a huge impossibility with probability so as the reader will accept it as possible.

Another example of a disinformationist is when they report on something or someone in a way that will get you to disregard the something or someone. So, they have at least 85% facts to pull you in. They manipulate your thoughts by bombarding you with what you already know and believe. Then when they sneak in the lie, the information that is intended to discredit something or someone, you are expected to swallow it hook, line, and sinker, because the disinformationist never lied to you before.

Obama used the disinformation technique of omission. After seven minutes of speaking about the favored laws within the bill, Obama moved onto indicating the people behind the bill, including going for sympathetic approval of the bill by introducing real life stories and people. At 8:55 CA time, he signed it without any mention of the little “nasties” within the bill. To listen to only his speech and know nothing of the details of the bill, is to believe that you still have your freedom.

With the signing of that bill, Americans’ only choice is to purchase insurance in order to not be fined. If insurance companies will not accept the kind of health care a person trusts and seeks, then money for insurance is money wasted. Perhaps the fine would work out to be less wasted money than paying for insurance, and worth it in order to get the government satisfied. At any rate, without an insurance company involved in your personal business, you may keep your private health care issues between you and your alternative practitioner.

Obama is equating only what insurance companies deem acceptable to pay for as “good health.” There are plenty of treatments that insurance will not pay for that, in my personal and professional opinion, are truly health promoting procedures because they don’t make your body more toxic and compromise your health in any way. A drug is not the only solution. How many people who have been brought up on drugs and vaccinations know that? Does the president realize that?

Do any of you realize the trend since the 1930’s? For example, sunlight and color healing were once accepted procedures. But the They cannot charge you too much for that, and insurance certainly wouldn’t pay for those procedures.

Obama’s under the impression that your only choice is to pray when you become ill without insurance. Snowlotus TraumEase essential oil, Snowlotus Oregano essential oil, Grapefruit seed Extract oil, and Sankey's Astral Tree of Life pattern using natural oils instead of needles worked together to rid my body of MRSA (Methicillin-resitant Staphylococcus aureus). Snowlotus Oregano, TraumEsea, and Sinus Clear saved my daughter from a bad bout of bronchitis. There are oodles of treatments for oodles of conditions, but you can’t expect your insurance to cover treatments as these. But I can assure Obama that praying and insurance-accepted-treatments are not your only choices.

This morning your president said that he took up the cause of the Roosevelts, Truman, etc. Is he saying that they too wished to force the American people to buy a product or to be fined? Is he claiming that they wanted us to have less freedom and to go against the Constitution?

Biden, are we setting "a new course" for a form of slavery? Can I not think and choose for myself? Obama signed the bill saying I cannot. Is Obama truly "marking a new season," or has this push to deceive us and strip us of power been going on for some time?

Medical doctors and their procedures are accepted by insurance companies. Where does your doctor receive his or her continuing education units? Is he or she exclusively learning from a pharmaceutical sponsored lecturer? Does the American Medical Association make it difficult or even unpleasant for a doctor to continue learning from outside sources? Find out these answers and then learn for yourself what they are not learning. Then learn how to clear yourself and look at goings on around you from a multidimensional perspective.

Perhaps forcing us to purchase insurance is not what we need. Perhaps people need to become aware of Royal Rife’s technology and all the research that led to health care answers that certain parties don’t want you to know about. Perhaps researching is the answer to reforming your health. Quick, research fast before they make it illegal in this country, too.

If the people who love this country can truly change it, then we won’t stand for a dictator pointing a finger to us and forcing us to bend to his will. Haven’t we seen this on Earth before? Did we like it when we read about it in history class?

Will the Senate save us from being mandated to buy insurance?

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