Sunday, August 13, 2017

Confederate Theatre

I am disgusted by the gullibility of the American masses.  The focus of tearing down Confederate monuments, as if that erases everything vile about American history, is distraction from how the recent administrations are/were involved in continuing the covert enslavement of the American people through medical mandates,control of water rights,control of food,3 and control of knowledge,4 as well as enticing the masses to behave badly by bringing in two sides against each other in order to start riots.  The Confederate target is entwined with the “races against each other” aspect of the Agenda,because with unrest, marshal law may be enforced, then the American people may be overtly, legally held in bondage.  Look to causes to protest where the media does not report. Protests over 5G could be happening and the media won't be there, because the-powers-that-believe-they-be don't want publicity, and they want you distracted and behaving badly with minute things.

All the distraction aside.  Let's look at the vile history of America and consider why it is also then appropriate to tear down the North's statues and take down the North's battle flag.  (If you want to ask for a symbol of hate and separation to be taken down, ask for the American Peace Flag to replace the battle flag in businesses and classrooms. That right there should help.) Grant and Sherman, both heroes for the North, destroyed the lives of countless Native Americans, for example, and their statues are not being moved to inside a museum. Racism is a symptom from a government with a disregard for human life.
1) The North did not allow the Buffalo Soldiers to march in their parade of victory and celebration.  Many were sent to another battle under the guise of prestige, though it could have been for exclusion: 
2) Attacks on Natives under the American War flag, which is prevalent in every school in US:,,,, 
3) Grant felt himself superior to others who were not white as did other presidents:,, 
And refused to sign legislation that would limit hunting of buffalo, because the Natives depended on the buffalo:
 4) We don't see missions and such torn down.,

Again, having the masses focus on destroying monuments that represent historical occurrences is distraction.  Animals are dying off at an alarming rate.  You don't think you're next?  You don't think the-powers-that-believe-they-be are happy you're distracted?  

If you think this is not about distraction, then ask yourself, How many of the occurrences that are going on right now on Earth were you aware of prior to these links below?

            Footnotes on what the US government are happy to have you ignore:

2., ,



Riots made to happen support "need" for legislation:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

GMO (Transgenic Organisms) Education 101

Nishanga Bliss, Integrative Nutritionist and acupuncturist writes that we “must act to protect the planetary ecosystem from the enormous threat posed by human manipulation of the genetic code” (133).
Know that glyphosate is in your vaccines.  Glyphosate is being injected into you and you are ingesting it.

Beneficial Bacterial DNA altered...
Crossing species...
“New viruses and bacteria that cause diseases could be generated, and antibiotic resistance marker genes could spread to the pathogens. Transgenic DNA may also get into human cells and insert into the human genome; and a large body of evidence from so-called gene therapy experiments have amply demonstrated this does occur [4]. The constructs used in gene therapy are very similar to those used in transgenic plants, and one main side-effect of transgenic DNA inserting into human genome during gene therapy is cancer.”

The Abstract...

GMO's ingested by mother make it to fetus.

Gut Flora Important...