Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Rescinding Contract With DMV

I knew I would not be renewing my license as I will not go on the Real ID.  But also, part of becoming liberated is rescinding the driver’s license. I do not have to get educated on how to be liberated off-duty while maintaining a license since I am not a driver for commerce.

I have sent away for my spectacular driving record, which I will have in the folder that goes with me in my conveyance that will not be registered.  I will not be licensed.  Two and a half weeks before my next birthday, the DMV will be receiving a copy of my original contract with them with my signature across it rescinding the contract.  (Before my license expires, so it's completely mine to rescind.) My cover letter will state that I am rescinding number C###### because I am leaving their jurisdiction. They will be informed that Bonta will be CCed, since a copy of all of this will be sent to Attorney General Bonta for my administrative file.

Should I ever end up in the legal fiction court, part of what I can do is summon my administrative file.  My affidavit of citizenship evidence is there and this paper will be there, too.  I have stated that I am no longer in their jurisdiction.  We shall see how it goes.

I had to think about how to send a letter with a stamp, but finally remembered.  Since this is just to receive information, I do not want to stand out.  (I did add small touches of being a private dweller, though.) I will send my contract back to them through the Judicial District as living man, which means my signature will be the stamp.  I will send it registered mail, which means my cover letter and the copy will get bopped...their stamp.  It will have a green card return.


First, last names

c/o #### Street

City, California #####



29 March 2022



Department of Motor Vehicles
Public Operations-MS G199
PO Box 944247
Sacramento, CA 94232-2470


Re: CPRA Request for original driver’s contract I signed in 19##


Dear Public Operations:


Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 and as is stated on the DMV website, “California Vehicle Code (CVC) §1808 and the Public Records Act (Government Code §6253 et seq.) provide that information collected by DMV is generally considered public information and is subject to inspection by the public,” I am requesting a copy of my original contract with the DMV back in 19##.  Could you please e-mail it to me at lightbearer@PagetAnneofEssendon.com, or mail it to me at the address above? If there is a fee, please send a bill with the hard copy and I will send it off immediately upon receipt.  Please inform me if the cost will exceed $5.


Please realize that my name was Jane Jones back in 19##.  Officially, Jane Anne Jones and I dwelled at #### Drive, City, California 9####.


The California Public Records Act requires a response within ten business days.  If access to the records I am requesting will take longer, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records.

 If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.

Thank you for considering my request.


First last name

(###) ###-####


 4/2/2022 added Patrick Devine says that your driver's number stays on the books until you shut down postal savings account.  We just don't know it. 1 hr 39 seconds. You may think they can't, but they can still run charges against that driver's number.  Same with the vehicle if registered once.  

please excuse mistakes such as "non-citizen National" & Mr. Smith.  They were meaning US National and Mr. Anderson.

This is a help to you becoming the banker/post master and not going on social credit system.


Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Wrong Way to Go After an Enemy

The wrong way to go after an enemy is to see an opponent before you as your enemy. The Wrong way to go after an enemy is to make that opponent wrong and wish they would burn in Hell.  And, by the way, this is history repeating itself.  This is the same ole script used on humans to keep them chasing their tails.

In 1874, two Comanches, Isa-Tai and Qua-Nah (Parker) convinced some desperate Southern Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche to believe in a protocol that would wipe all white people from the area.  (It briefly succeeded.)  By 2020, Q guaranteed some desperate humans from the covid era to believe in protocol that would wipe all pedo-elite from the Earth…they would be hung or whatever.  This is a common psy-op that is used on humans who are being suppressed, enslaved, and harmed in more ways, to give them “light at the end of the tunnel.”  It is a ploy to give them hope while simultaneously binding them in their chains.  Is killing to clear out “the bad” truly clearing out the bad?

You see, if someone or something has you all tied up in knots of victimhood and anger, you will not tap into the true support.  They do not want you tapping into the true support.   The heart from which you do an action is very important.  Holding a pinhead of Pinky-rose Love that is within you consciously and connecting it with your oppressor and demanding that your experience of this foe be that of Love, you give the opportunity for all “karma” and misgivings to fall away from that moment.  In that moment, you are commanding how things are to go: from a Space of Love.  Now, yes, when looking at greedy non-Indians of 1874 and politicians who wanted the food source of “Indians” extinct to support their demise so as the lands may be stolen, it is challenging to establish a Space of Love.  You would find it hard to believe that ones such as Sheridan, Grant and the local buffalo-hide traders had any love within them.  It is true; though, that if a human comes from Source, that human can stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and you can command it.

It is challenging to think of the Space of Love within yourself when reacting in fear or anger seems the right (trained) course of action, but it is.  Time and again, the group that is mistreated is governed by that carrot at the end of a stick, that gold at the end of the rainbow psy-op where hatred is brought into the mix. 

If we want to survive what is to come and we want to stand tall together, we need to establish a Space of Love where our oppressors either join us or leave because they are too uncomfortable.  Part of that is being true to yourself.  Are you a slave to Satanic goings on, or are you a liberated being?  Next go round of “mandates,” can you stand tall, or are you willing to fall?  If the majority of humanity is not creating a Space of Love, that is as a vote for all humanity falling.

Another example of how you are only helpless when you see an enemy and are filled with hatred is when you witness geoengineering.  Instead of cussing out the skies when you see their evil a foot, use Violet Cubes of Light to transmute the noxious harm intended for humans into Blessings for all lifestreams.  Love sometimes takes effort.  Hatred keeps you stuck in lower Astral reactions, and you cannot stand in alignment with the Sound of Self if you are busy hating individuals or groups.

Let’s stop with the wrong way to go after an enemy.  If we do not, then that next group will gladly invade here and displace us as those who were displaced before us.  Shall we try a different response this time? Let’s put down hatred, the concept of enemy, and create a Space of Love.  



For more on Pinky-rose and the Violet Cubes of Light, please read my book:


Friday, March 18, 2022

Notice of Claim-Suing Ferrer Personally

I learned that officials in California are not bonded...unless I ran into a lie.  At any rate, I had to abandon my previous thought...to place a lien on Ferrer's bond...and go after her personally.  (Yes, they may let her go and then it will be hard for me to find her, but I have to do something.)

Please use this as a template, making yours a little different compared to mine, and go after your local health director.  Do a search to see dates and quotes of tyranny against you and fellow dwellers.  Be certain to make a footer including your name (last, first), Notice of Claim, the registered mail number and page numbers. Print it on Ivory Linen 24 pound paper.  Have your witnesses sign it and then use red ink on their left and right thumb prints on either side of their signature, if they are comfortable with that. If you have a seal, use it and your thumb prints.  If you use a postage stamp for the registered mail, that is fine, perhaps just state, last, first names on letter.  Do not go into the living man things that I say.  Even a "legal fiction" can make a statement and appear as living man simply through using registered mail as court.

If you know how, send this with your signature (instead of a stamp) and state that you are living mankind or however you state that you are under Natural Law.

However you send Notices for court, make certain that you write the registered mail number in red at the top.  Have the worker bop (stamp) the first page and the first page of a copy of this letter for the judge later. (The judge is also done through the mail, not in a physical building.)

I do not use a Firm Book, but that is your choice if that is something you use.

It is important that they start seeing huge numbers of protest in this manner.  They will not give up either way, but perhaps we can let the air out of their sail…implode their Agenda from the inside.  Even the most vilest entity follows rules.  It is the craziest thing!  We mere little humans just have to figure out how.

Now, go. Anchor the Light.  Hwa!

Notice of Claim

Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent

Reference Registered mail # RE 000 000 000 US


19 March 2022



Jones, Jane-living mankind; sui juris

c/o #### Street

City, California

Non-domestic, zip exempt




Dr. Barbara Ferrer

313 N. Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Statement of Facts:

1.     10 March 2020, Respondent announced that mask-wearing mandates were probable and by 1 April 2020, news reported Respondent saying that when it came to masks as a form of coronavirus prevention, people with the virus could potentially spread it 48 hours before they showed any symptoms, and “there may be a benefit” for people to wear a mask when going out in public.


2.     22 June 2020, Respondent announced, “COVID-19 has upended thousands and thousands of lives all across the nation. The virus has changed our world as we know it, and people are angry. As of today, 83,397 cases have been reported in Los Angeles County and 3,120 people have died from this virus”


3.     As early as September 2020, Respondent worked towards the people of Los Angeles County having the SafePass implemented.  She said, “Contact tracing relies on residents sharing with us key information to identify close contacts, and today we are adding additional capacity for our program through SafePass, to identify when people are in ‘close contact’ with each other,” and  Respondent is pleased that SafePass can help “us slow the spread of COVID-19”


4.     30 December 2021, Reporters announced, “Los Angeles County Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday that unvaccinated people in the county are 14 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those that have been fully vaccinated,” andVaccines continue to offer an extraordinary level of protection against hospitalizations and against the worst of all outcomes - passing away”


5.     August and September 2021, Respondent supported SafePassLA, which required the covid vaccination for people entering indoor places because “Los Angeles County is and has remained at a level of high community transmission.”


6.     4 March 2022, Respondent announced the end of mask mandates, but added, that those “attending indoor mega-events of 1,000 or more people -- such as sporting events -- will still be required to show proof of COVID vaccination or a recent negative test [such as PCR or rapid] to be admitted. Vaccine verification or a negative test will also still be required for workers at health care facilities and congregate-care facilities”



7.     14 March 2022, Respondent said, “As is the case with any new variant or subvariant, the biggest question will be whether available COVID-19 vaccines will still provide a high degree of protection. But with such small numbers of deltacron nationwide, it's hard to get an answer to that question at this time,” so she is acknowledging variants. https://mtstandard.com/news/national/deltacron-is-a-hybrid-of-delta-and-omicron-variants-how-worried-should-we-be/article_a4d3d61a-4bbe-5bce-97ed-04526a41a1fa.html

8.     14 March 2022, Respondent is reported to have said, “I'm very clear about what I think is the safest way to get through the next few weeks, and that is to go ahead and keep a mask on” https://mtstandard.com/news/national/deltacron-is-a-hybrid-of-delta-and-omicron-variants-how-worried-should-we-be/article_a4d3d61a-4bbe-5bce-97ed-04526a41a1fa.html.


Statement of Claim:

Pursuant to Title 42 US Code, Section 1983, the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured,” Affiant charges Respondent of harming and traumatizing her for two years.  This harm occurred by Respondent claiming a natural, contagious virus exists, that mask-wearing protects people from it, that a covid-19 vaccination offers protection, that unmasked and non-vaccinated are harming others and themselves, all without any proof, which has caused discrimination against Affiant and a hostile environment toward her. To rebut this claim where damages will be sought from Respondent personally for operating out of the scope and purview of her Office, please provide the following:

·        produce evidence that SARS-COV2 (and all its names ie: coronavirus that is natural, contagious and harmful; covid-19 that is natural, contagious and harmful) has been isolated not using PCR—which is not a test and cannot isolate a virus—nor by a computer-generated guess, but definitive proof that a natural virus has been isolated that is a contagion.

·        produce all records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV2 virus, directly from a sample taken from an expired body, where the patient sample was not put with any other source of genetic material, for example fetal calf serum, hepatocytes, monkey kidney epithelial cells (Cercopithecus aethiops), or the like. To be clear, “isolation” means the act of separating a thing from everything else.  I am not requesting records where “isolation of SARS-COV2” refers to a culturing of a thing, or how something such as the PCR functions related to this or a sequencing of a thing.  To clarify, I am requesting all such records that are in the possession, custody or control of your office or a U. S. federal department whether downloaded to a computer or device, printed in a hard copy, or held in some fashion.

·        Provide evidence of variants from isolating them and showing the evolution from the original SARS-COV2 virus.

·        produce records that the isolate (from SARS-COV2 and variants) is harmful to humans and is transmissible.

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they do not transmit the virus.  Please include all subjects who started the study.  Please do not call only two out of two one hundred percent.  Please state your answer on subjects by their number, ie 100 who received the shot were around 100 non-receivers of the shot.  Twenty of the non-shot receivers became ill and the natural pathogen was isolated from them.  Also state how many and which company’s shot(s) was or were received by those who had the shot.

·        provide evidence on subjects who have received any of the covid vaccines proving that they cannot “catch” the virus.  Again, an example would be 100 who received this shot were placed in a room with 100 ill patients for X amount of time.  The 100 ill patients had the isolate to prove they were sick with a natural, contagious virus. None of the vaccinated became ill. 

·        provide evidence that proves that segregating the population who have not received this pharmaceutical from those who have stops the spread of the natural, contagious virus that has been isolated.

·        provide evidence that proves that the masked population, who have been proven to not have the natural isolate, when around 100 with the isolate proven to be within them, has stopped the spread of the natural, contagious virus that has been isolated. Do not include computer simulations.

·        provide evidence that a non-masked population who have been proven to not have the isolate, “catch” it when socializing with 100 people who have been proven to have the isolate.  How many in the non-masked group got sick?

            Please limit your search of the above items from October 2019 to March 2022.  If Respondent has no proof of an isolate, please provide an Affidavit of Truth that Respondent has never seen, held or known of said isolate.



Opportunity to Cure


 Jones, Jane  (Affiant) grants Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Respondent) twenty (20) business days, exclusive of the day of receipt, to respond to the claim with proof of a non-lab-made virus isolate, or an Affidavit of Truth that she has never seen, held or known of said isolate, or Affiant will seek $10,000 per day from Respondent personally from the twentieth business day until the date of judgment for her suffering. Failure to respond will constitute, as an operation of law, Respondent’s admission and agreement to the statements and claims made by Affiant through tacit procuration pertaining to the Notice of Claim, and the whole matter shall be deemed res judicata and stare decisis. Response by Respondent must be served on Affiant as provided below/overleaf and using Registered and traceable mail service:




Jane Jones

c/o #### Street

City, CA [RFD #####]


Jones, Jane (Affiant) awaits Dr. Barbara Ferrer’s (Respondent’s) timely response.


“I, living mankind commonly known as Jane Jones (Affiant), certify that I have read the above and do know that the facts contained are true, correct and complete, not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


Yours Truly,


By: ________________________________________________________(Affiant)

All Rights Reserved                                     




Acknowledgment For verification purposes only


Sworn to me by Jones, Jane (Affiant), known to me and proven to me to be the real living mankind signing this affidavit this ___________________ day of ___________________, 20_____. WITNESS my hand.












 Last thoughts:

1)     Here is an example of one way to write the Footer.

Jane, Jones, Affiant. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Respondent. Notice of Claim #RE 000 000 000 US. Page 1 of 4.

2)     I peel the second copy of the number off the Registered mail slip (that I stick to the envelope) and stick it on the green return with signature card.  If on some letter, I am not using a green card, I stick the number onto my copy of the letter for my records or the judge.  The typed # is already there, but as further proof, this is where I keep it, right under the typed #. (But usually, I send a green card stuck to the back of my letter.)

1)     No, if there existed a natural, contagious pathogen, Ferrer and company have no right to take away my Rights.  I am capable of behaving as a responsible, living man.  It is easier to sue her since she lied, though.  She not only supported taking away my Rights, she did it with a lie.

1)     In my opinion, it is alright to have the copy for the judge on regular paper; however, your correspondence to him or her would be on the Ivory Linen paper.

1)     I sign the backs of the papers in case they are face down on their desk.

2)     I sign in blue or black pen simply because in legal documents…and middle school and high school…they were the accepted colors.  I prefer blue for signatures because it gives a little more color to the very black-inked paper.  The copy is very black all over, except for the bop (stamp).

Before I understood that it is all pre-paid.



3/29/22 added:

My tracking still shows that this letter has not arrived and yet I have received a response. They received it on March 22nd.

I wonder why I should do so immediately.

915 a 


The only success I have had is that in two years of writing to the LA County Public Health office, I finally got a response.

This county council member is to retire 3/31/22.

I have a plan. 



Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Rejoicing Made Wrong


My Facebook post: “No Chemtrails for 5 days. And today, the criminals-that-believe -they -be have been chemming ike crazy!”


Friend’s reply: “Please please stop it!  There are no such things as chemtrails. You are making a fool of yourself.”


Me: “It's not like a God that one says is there and another says it isn't. I don't know if they use geoengineering in Sweden, but as a world-traveler, you could have tested what falls from the trails yourself. Contrails are very different.

Friend: “I am soooo sad to read your reply. I do not know who told you these fairy tales but please, Paget, stop it.”

Me: Humans are diverse.  Not simply with likes and dislikes, but with the very MultiSelf (spirit) that incarnates in each human body.  Humans express themselves differently.  They have different interests, beliefs, out-looks on life, statuses and so much more.  You have your reasons for denying the reality of stickiness being placed in our skies.  That’s your choice.  You have taken a stance.  You have chosen to ignore one aspect of what the agents of the government do.  That’s fine.  I chose long ago to take a stance against geoengineering.  You are saddened by a reply that invited you to test what falls from the sky?  Okay, be saddened by the thought of taking action.  (Shrug.)  It is your point of view that I am making a fool of myself.  That is a judgment by you, a pilot.  For all we know, you pilots are trained as doctors are where vaccines are concerned.  I don’t know why this subject sets you off.  It is interesting to me.  We have disagreed about a lot of things since we were seventeen-year-olds.  I do wonder why this subject inspires you to tell me to stop it.  Hmm.


I understand when humans do not acknowledge fairies or Nature people.  They are not of a frequency to see or sense the presence of something residing in a finer, 3.5D, atmosphere.  (I call it 3.5D, because it can be in your 3D backyard, yet of a finer quality compared to the earthworm also in your backyard.)  In not being able to see or sense something, of course its existence will be denied.

But when the topic is sticky, obvious lines and circles drawn across the skies while regular planes cross, too without leaving any debris in their wake, it’s a 3D phenomenon that cannot be denied.

I am familiar with ignorant humans teasing and belittling me when I spoke of something that they could not comprehend, such as needing a phone to enter a school, the social credit system, agents of the government’s far-reaching control of humans, biowarfare in a $hot, frequency control and attack, and so much more that I spoke of prior to 2020 when all could see it.

In the world of educating humans about vaccines, there is such a thing as a troll.  A human or AI program that works by belittling the person who posted a truth about the biowarfare (that moms and dads were convinced to have injected into their youngens.)  Well, one wonders…has my long-time friend piloted planes that have participated in geoengineering?  For the almost seven years that I have been on FB posting about things such as geoengineering, he has sometimes bopped on to tell me I’m wrong about chem trails.  I am floored that in 2022, there exists humans who think that sticky-looking white stuff in the sky is water, so I have to wonder if he truly knows.

At any rate, this friend needs to get himself a kit and set up experiments someplace to prove to himself that it does or does not exist.  If I were to show him data that I compile, he would simply say it’s wrong.  But I suppose it’s easier to make someone wrong over proving them wrong with an experiment.  The funny thing is; though, that I was rejoicing at having had five short days of blue skies.  Rejoicing.  And he had to make it wrong.  Humans!  Geesh!  

(Within an hour, the skies became this.)