Sunday, March 6, 2022

Because You Love Science


You love science, right? Then, how come you forgot that if you have an infection in your body, you will have a fever? That is information enough to warn you. Is it from a cut on your leg, staph perhaps? Well, then, others around you are in no danger. You do not need to be psychologically coerced into having a PCR process used on you as if it's a test. Stop being gullible. 

If there is something wrong with you, such as some sort of an infection with a fever, why would you need someone convincing you to take a PCR (as if it's a test)?  When you feel fine, you already have something about your body informing you to go out and socialize...vigor.  Why allow your controllers to undermine Nature's plan?  You need to swap microbiome.  A society needs healthy people to socialize in order for that society to thrive. If you feel unwell, perhaps with a fever, you know to stay home and rest up. Oh, I forgot, you're gullible and you allowed your controllers to convince you that healthy humans carry "the natural infection" and may contaminate all the helpless humans. Ok. Here's a "heads up" for you. The controllers of narratives that tug you this way and that have lab-made biowarfare that they inject into humans so they will transmit harm to other humans. The ones who brag about how safe they are making life for others are actually committing attacks. But, here's the good news. Humans can raise their frequency and concentrate on Pinky-rose to be above any lab-made attack.  Here's the bad news. You are part of humanity, too and if you keep grounding the frequency of fear, it holds their attack on you here in your realm.

Stop taking the PCR. Start listening to your body. When you are well, do not allow them to convince you that you are not well.

You love science, right? Germ Theory was never proven. All your controllers can do is call it a theory and place it in movies, commercials, and in schools for those to become salesman...doctors. Virology is also the study of your exosomes, which are innocent and not contagious. Gain of Function is biowarfare done in a lab and is intimately tied to vaccines.

Turn off the news, which is mainly programming, not the informing of events, and start de-programming yourself. See the human body for what it is before it's too late AND because you love science.

Poor health comes in the vial that your controllers fear you into accepting.

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