Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Rejoicing Made Wrong


My Facebook post: “No Chemtrails for 5 days. And today, the criminals-that-believe -they -be have been chemming ike crazy!”


Friend’s reply: “Please please stop it!  There are no such things as chemtrails. You are making a fool of yourself.”


Me: “It's not like a God that one says is there and another says it isn't. I don't know if they use geoengineering in Sweden, but as a world-traveler, you could have tested what falls from the trails yourself. Contrails are very different.

Friend: “I am soooo sad to read your reply. I do not know who told you these fairy tales but please, Paget, stop it.”

Me: Humans are diverse.  Not simply with likes and dislikes, but with the very MultiSelf (spirit) that incarnates in each human body.  Humans express themselves differently.  They have different interests, beliefs, out-looks on life, statuses and so much more.  You have your reasons for denying the reality of stickiness being placed in our skies.  That’s your choice.  You have taken a stance.  You have chosen to ignore one aspect of what the agents of the government do.  That’s fine.  I chose long ago to take a stance against geoengineering.  You are saddened by a reply that invited you to test what falls from the sky?  Okay, be saddened by the thought of taking action.  (Shrug.)  It is your point of view that I am making a fool of myself.  That is a judgment by you, a pilot.  For all we know, you pilots are trained as doctors are where vaccines are concerned.  I don’t know why this subject sets you off.  It is interesting to me.  We have disagreed about a lot of things since we were seventeen-year-olds.  I do wonder why this subject inspires you to tell me to stop it.  Hmm.


I understand when humans do not acknowledge fairies or Nature people.  They are not of a frequency to see or sense the presence of something residing in a finer, 3.5D, atmosphere.  (I call it 3.5D, because it can be in your 3D backyard, yet of a finer quality compared to the earthworm also in your backyard.)  In not being able to see or sense something, of course its existence will be denied.

But when the topic is sticky, obvious lines and circles drawn across the skies while regular planes cross, too without leaving any debris in their wake, it’s a 3D phenomenon that cannot be denied.

I am familiar with ignorant humans teasing and belittling me when I spoke of something that they could not comprehend, such as needing a phone to enter a school, the social credit system, agents of the government’s far-reaching control of humans, biowarfare in a $hot, frequency control and attack, and so much more that I spoke of prior to 2020 when all could see it.

In the world of educating humans about vaccines, there is such a thing as a troll.  A human or AI program that works by belittling the person who posted a truth about the biowarfare (that moms and dads were convinced to have injected into their youngens.)  Well, one wonders…has my long-time friend piloted planes that have participated in geoengineering?  For the almost seven years that I have been on FB posting about things such as geoengineering, he has sometimes bopped on to tell me I’m wrong about chem trails.  I am floored that in 2022, there exists humans who think that sticky-looking white stuff in the sky is water, so I have to wonder if he truly knows.

At any rate, this friend needs to get himself a kit and set up experiments someplace to prove to himself that it does or does not exist.  If I were to show him data that I compile, he would simply say it’s wrong.  But I suppose it’s easier to make someone wrong over proving them wrong with an experiment.  The funny thing is; though, that I was rejoicing at having had five short days of blue skies.  Rejoicing.  And he had to make it wrong.  Humans!  Geesh!  

(Within an hour, the skies became this.)


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