Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Letting Driver's Licenses Go


When I heard about the Real ID, I knew I was not going to renew my driver's license as I have no intention of going on the social credit system at all.  I was fortunate to have found Radio Ranch and learned from Roger Sayles how to become a national and from friends there, other gems related to getting out of the system.  I was now thoroughly confident that I would not be renewing the driver’s license.

Today, I took the first step before I can let it go.  (The first step related to my license directly, that is.)  I have requested my driving record.  I have had many, many decades of traveling with a really good record and I did not want to simply lose that when the driver's license number is no longer mine.  I want this record within the file I will carry in the automobile that I will operate in the near future.



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