Friday, March 11, 2022

Transhumanism is the Controllers Answer to Natural DNA Upgrades


Surely you know by now that when a certain percentage of a group start doing something, the rest follow quickly.  One monkey starts using a tool, another slowly starts, but when a critical number is reached, monkeys all around the world start using a tool.  We are no different and our controllers know it!

It is a natural event to have Genetic humans upgrade to become light-bearer humans.  We have the light aspect of our DNA being infused with light right now.  We can rise above our implants, the ones in the DNA to hold us in the Genetic human form and the one below our Causal body to keep us locked into the Mental plane and below.  For a little over a century, there have been individuals preparing for the infusion—some even became of such a frequency that they could reach out and draw the light (that would be here strongly by 2022) to them.  Those that control you through implants and programming with devices needed to figure out a way to short-circuit the upgrade.  The light could impulse them too, so they had to establish technology to “protect” themselves from it as best as they could.  One of the most required tools was to start manipulating the non-light aspect of Genetic human DNA to block the light.  In other words, they needed to establish internal technology to cut a human off from communications with his or her MultiSelf.  Next, they needed to establish an imposter ray to make humans think that the imposter is their Monadic Ray.  To say this in a non-esoteric way, they needed to block you from standing in alignment with the Sound of Self.  And though I see that more as blocking you from your Causal body, the first ego ever discussed that got hidden by Fraud’s...I mean Freud', it conveys the concept nicely.  Enter vaccines and the eugenics programs.

With an injection that they scare you into welcoming, they now have you.  With eugenics programs, they have mastered attacks on certain groups. They can place whatever they want in that vial and start changing you from a Genetic human to a successive human.

In my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I tried to skirt around the deeper subject of how they are changing humans, because I had hoped I had time to be gentle.  I discussed glyphosate and atrazine.  I mentioned 13.1 of most vaccine inserts, but did anyone take it a step further and truly look?  When you are informed that they do not test for a certain product, that means they may take the liberty of placing it in a certain lot number of certain vaccines.  Mutagenic properties have been being injected into humans for decades…if not centuries.  (I would bet for sure that it has been an on-going thing for centuries.)  Please know that often when they have someone “invent” something, they have been using it and upgrading it for a long time.  This latest $hot brings all their successful technology to the forefront.  Their fear campaign tugged on Astral bodies and programed Mental bodies.  Their pace is the only thing that has changed.  Why have they speeded it up?

The more Genetic humans who can become light-bearer humans, the faster the whole lot will turn.  Perhaps the successive human will be impulsed to such an extreme that it will be as a robot and will be unable to hold the light.  Perhaps the controllers are planning to take them elsewhere or remain in a denser “here.”  Perhaps they are hoping they will not turn and perhaps they do not know for certain.  The bottom line is that they want control as always.  They need successive humans because they are their last hope for slavery.  Eat higher frequency foods…In fact, eat with intention.  Know why you are having that food.  It supports my liver, or the chlorella supports my non-physical communications, or I am eating recreationally for fun.  Turn your phone off often.  Get rid of the SMART meter.  Be careful about going to Western Medicine.  It has completely been infiltrated.  (One patient told me only one nurse was human out of several.)  If you cannot see, then stop ignoring what light-bearers warn you about.  We are called names by the controllers because we know how to stop them.

You want to advance your abilities?  Then, simply start.  You have amazing abilities naturally.

Listen to the elementals within your blood.  They have been trying to communicate their needs with you for years.  On a more physical level, the gut flora also needs to be heard.  For one thing, they need you to socialize.  Someone once told me that if they do not read the newspaper or watch TV that they would not know what is happening.  Well, I posit that you have an antenna, your body, learn how to use it.  It is time.  This is the moment.  Do you want to fear what is to come as everything you have been told to fear, or do you want to stand up and embrace circumstances?  The more you are willing to stand up and embrace, the more chance you have of altering the outcome.  Your controllers do not want to let go of the reins.  Make them.  You do not need to be parented.  Behave yourself.  Stop fighting with other human slaves.  In fact, stop behaving as a slave!  Get in touch with Pinky-Rose.  If you are from Source, it is there. Let's reach critical mass. Let's support humanity in suddenly knowing how to use that tool by being that 100th monkey.

Now, go. Anchor the light.  Hwa!


My book with ideas of defense and awareness.


It is not too late to read the works of those who came before us.

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