Monday, March 14, 2022

A Horse Broken to the Saddle—A Job Well Done


Ask a horse, “Why are you wearing a saddle and a saddle blanket?” He may reply, “Because I want to.”  That is the mark of a job well done.  The beast is wild no more.  He has been tamed.  He is now subordinate to a master, the leader of the herd—a human!  This leader of the herd is not even of the same species!  Well, step back and take a look at the humans broken to the mask and thinking their leader of the herd is a human.  Hmm.  This one that broke the human may not even be from the same species.  But regardless, the masked human has been “broken” and is no longer free.  The masked are the property of the ones that broke them.

Humans have always had a choice whether they wished to cover this nostril, that nostril, and that mouth simultaneously, yet they did not.  Back in 2019, did anyone you know choose to wear a mask to the shop, doctor’s office, gas station, school, work, out on a walk, when in a car alone, or to a bar?  No.  Only nurses who said no to a Flu $hot were the examples to humanity to cover this nostril, that nostril, and that mouth simultaneously.  Propaganda convinced the masses that flu was a natural, contagious virus and that a Flu $hot was the savior and would make all safe when nothing else could.  (That was as the horse being broken to the saddle blanket.)  Next, another more virulent propaganda-ized natural, contagious pathogen was invented and with the help of biowarfare known as usual vaccines, doctors and nurses willing to kill, 5G, and a whole lot of lies on social media and the news, many humans were broken to the mask in the quickest, world-wide conquering of mankind (the human herd) that has ever happened.  (This was a job well done as a horse being broken to the saddle.)

Erroneously, the “broken” gave Power to something outside of themselves and started covering these three holes that were there to ensure oxygen got into their system.  A day came when these leaders of the herd informed the herd that it could go without the mask that it, the herd, has been broken to.  The leaders of the herd stepped back, testing the “brokenness” of the human herd.  Many would not do it.  They felt too scared to take the mask off.  Something bad would happen.  The one that broke them expects it on.  It may displease the master to take it off, even though his words permit it.  “Why are you wearing that?” I ask.  The answer is always, “Because I want to.”  Hmm.  A job well done, indeed!

3/18/2022 added

LA County Department of Public Health's FB page boasts new cases of the covids. A person reacted:

"Just like clockwork...two weeks after mask mandate lifted we start to see the beginnings of another surge. Wake up Los Angeles!"

She is too fearful to go without her saddle!

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