Friday, June 30, 2023

Trust Commercialized Scientists to Be Whores for Big Pharma


I know that the "Trust the Science Group" looks over at the other group, you know, the "Trust Commercialized Scientists to Be Whores for Big Pharma Group" with confused eyes. 

We know you had white-coated gods with shiny clean MD name tags throwing numbers and slanting lines on charts at you. You asked no questions.

It must've been quite overwhelming.

Were the white-coated gods following a script? Where was the isolated virus from a dead body, a sick body, a surface of something? The "Trust the Science Group" asked no questions.

We of the other group trusted Truth and never felt it struck when the white-coated gods opened their mouths. We saw and moved on.

The "Trust the Science Group" was shocked by the lack of fear and non-compliant behavior of those others. The white-coated gods said that they must fear these healthy, busy ones. They did so, continuing to believe in a natural contagious virus going on the fourth year of fear.

Still, the other group saw. There is no natural contagious virus and the "Trust the Science Group" called that a belief, ready to follow the  authorities into the next script.

Say No to SMART Water Meter

 If you do not allow them to replace your analog water meter with a SMART meter and you replace it if they've already done that, you help to save jobs. 

But more than that, you're pushing back at the social credit system. 

The opponent to humanity's next step will be to put in an SMART valve...A valve that they can turn off from far far away. The agents of the government want to have complete control over you.






Would you tolerate a military tank in your back or front yard? This is a military weapon just like the electric meter.

No to this...

Sunday, June 18, 2023

They Truly Are Farming You


I have a lot of the same royal blood in me as presidents, controlled movie stars, judges, and famous singers. This is why I think I got the communications sent along the blood until I was able to rise my frequency above the Implants of the Puppeteers. At any rate, I am not Rh(-), which I think is something the Puppeteers look for when making a puppet to control humanity. I am a product of a royal raping an ancestor, sneaking off because of love, or both several times over and ended up with positive blood. The 1% truly do see themselves as different and better than you. You look upon them with trusting eyes, seeing them as yourself. They take advantage of this and in fact couldn’t harm you without it. You are controlled, used, and killed by them. They truly are farming you.

Justice Wendell Holmes ordered sterilization of those he deemed as less-than. They’ve been continuing their sterilization program through va((ines with certain lot numbers. Those in Beverley Hills may have received a saline solution since it is known that there is no contagious, natural virus to protect against, so therefore, they have freedom to choose which area receives which harm. Sterilization is only one harm where certain areas are targeted. Va((ines are only one instrument of harm.

Another method they use on those they farm is controlling your perspective of anything. If someone is teaching you how to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, which in a nutshell means to stand in alignment with Source, then they will convince you that that person is bad because he or she is bringing on the New World Order (NWO), when in fact it is themselves. For example, If I am conveying the message of standing in alignment with the Sound of Self and people listened, we all would be standing in unity in what would look like respect to each other. I would be caring for your children as if they were mine. We wouldn’t be raping, thieving, lying, etc. We would look like a one world government because we would be government by love not parented by a nasty group. The New World Order is simply an outward governance by one group, the group that has been controlling everything behind the scenes. Well, they want to steer you away from light and yes, Lucifer means light and they will use that word to scare you into not listening to those who can help you. I call myself a light-bearer acupuncturist. They will tell you I am channeling Lucifer because I use light-bearer. Again, true alignment with love is basically like a one world government because you wouldn’t need rules to dictate behavior. They turn you away from that idea by making you think it’s the NWO.

Listen to your gut. Read various authors’ work and have a relationship with their work. Keep a journal of what feels as truth and what feels wrong to you. Gather an opinion on each author yourself. Read over watching videos. There were four “YouTube” doctors who seemed to be on the side of Truth during the first two years of the c*vid psychological operation era who I listened to once or twice. I saw their lack of true knowledge and their lies. I never listened again. I still see people sharing their videos. It’s best to not watch, but to read what someone has to say. My book has words and frequency. You can have a relationship with my thoughts better through the book than through a video. In person communications are nice too when you can be in a conversation with me, but if I’m doing all the talking, you have no opportunity to interject as you can when reading. (You can write a response in the margin, letter to the author, or journal.) You can reread that passage. Don’t allow someone to tell you what to think. Don’t get all love-sick over a white-coat. Discern.Take your time, especially if it’s with a new concept. Notice if you’re being Astrally tugged into fear and walk away from that.

The farming of you is actually very easy to see. It is disguised in convenience, unnatural health solutions and foods, dictatorial learning styles, lack of movement (lack of liberty), being parented (checkpoints to search bags, etc), few with positive blood in places of power over those with positive blood, hidden “free-energy and murder of those who attempt to inform the masses about it, murder of those successfully reaching the masses about the 1%, being bullied by the medical establishment, lack of caring from the medical establishment and politicians, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G and millimeter waves especially at airports and hospitals, Big Pharma and the destruction of Natural non-invasive modalities, fear porn, and so much more.

Things to do to stop being farmed:

·       Trust politicians and medical personal to have their best interests first and step outside of seeing them as gods

·       If it’s convenient, do it another way—go to the bank physically, use cash, write a letter…

·       Search out books from the past and learn about healing modalities, accounts of history, and “free-energy”

·       Stop receiving va((ines—if you think they save lives, there is searching to be done (this is the number one modality for ruining health and lives and implanting machinery that they want in you)

·       Serve others

·       Ingest chlorophyll

·       Try to stop the intake of white sugar, white flour, and white rice

·       Stop blaming others—keep in mind, for instance, that you may be a past soldier reincarnated into a tribe now as part of learning, a white slave from the past now in a darker-skinned Genetic human, a past-life thief that now incarnated in a rich person whose wealth got stolen…

·       Recognize news is used to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, don’t watch it

·       Do as little as possible on the cell/mobile phone

·       Read labels on cleaning products and search out why they are to ultimately choosing safer products

·       Get rid of the SMART electric and SMART water meters

·       Cable and cord your internet, mouse, keyboard, etc

·       Get a landline (though they are different than the past)

·       Unplug appliances when not in use

·       Get rid of the microwave, learn about it if you need inspiration to do so

·       Instead of the Genetic human program of helplessness and victimhood, rise above it with a loving solution such as Pinky-rose or Violet Cubes of Light

They want to farm you by taking your children. They teach them harmful Communistic planks, expect them to be $hotted up, and give them the power to ask for their genitals to be mutilated and give them the power to leave a loving home for the sex slave, slave, Mind Control to make future puppet, food farm alternative, or a combination of these. No matter their words on paper such as AB 665, you can keep your children out of public schools and the farms that they have become. Don’t have a marriage license. Don’t have birth certificates for the youngens. Don’t give birth in hospital. If you are mote afraid of these three things compared to the 1%, then there’s a lot to be learned. You’ve been trained to see the State in your marriage and as another parent to your youngens. You have been trained to think birth is a medically managed event. You’ve been trained to believe you can catch a cold. It is time to recognize that they farm you through having manipulated your thinking. Are you going to stand or say moo and go down the chute? Your choice.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Control Group POV


Those of us not in the “Trust the science” group did not have an easy time during the C*vid Psychological Operation Era. We lost friends. We were put down. We were locked out and forced out of places where Genetic humans gathered. We lost our jobs for seeking body autonomy and self-determination when we lawfully have a Right to opt-out of experiments or tyranny. (And let’s be clear, the controllers of humanity call what they do to us experiments, because they have words on paper allowing experiments. They knew the outcome before they started long, long ago.) We had to find new friends with whom to socialize since our life-long friends and work mates went into fear mode around us, so refused to be around us. We were blamed for the c*vids when it was tyrants that invented this era. We were surrounded and handled by armed officers while thugs robbed stores and containers. We were the healthy, natural humans that all populations need.

We looked at incredibly intelligent Genetic humans falling for every word that was spoken or written about a thing that was never isolated and proven to be there. Further, these intelligent Genetic humans listened to reports spitted out by computers suggesting three breathing holes be covered for the human’s protection. (Advice from a non-breathing machine that lacked the life-long experience with breathing that the Genetic human knew!) We watched covered-faces operating automobiles and having accidents where no mention was made in the accident reports about the ability of the “driver” to breath and think straight. We have watched the same with the $hotted up also with no mention made in the report if they had the $hot or not. (And if it can be a restaurant manager’s business, it certainly can go into a report!) We watched intelligent Genetic humans accept a PCR swab up their noses without questioning that to have an isolate show up on a test, it needs to exist, yet alone calling a tool a test at all. We warned that perhaps they were delivering something, destroying the blood-brain barrier (along with WiFi and other $hots), taking genetic material (though the PKU and have already seen to that), and are using this PCR as a tool to perpetuate the fraud of c*vid to “deaf ears,” as our warnings were ignored.

I personally understand about $pells, Implants, entity and frequency control and the weapons they use against the Genetic human (WiFi, SMART meters, hardware in $hots and geoengineering to name a few), but enjoy the creativity of those not in the “Trust the science” group. No matter the impulse that manipulated the human into believing the fraud, they appear insane…such as operating an automobile alone, walking alone, cleaning their driveway alone, and gardening alone, but were spotted by someone afar noting the three breathing holes safely tucked away behind a cloth! We are doing more than simply making fun. We are holding up a mirror such as “Look! That ‘virus’ you fear can pass through that fence if an air molecule can.” (And that’s not even discussing the fraud of the “contagious virus.”) We are saying, look do you want the seatbelt when not in a car since you fear other people’s exhale when they’re not in the car?” The thing about fraud is it can be poked fun at for the ridiculousness of it.

This is just one of the Control Group’s opinion: mine. But I am Sound of Mind for I stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and did not comply with tyrants. I have integrity. I warned those who did not know. I watched friends and work mates turn into the successive human as many others became the light-bearer humans. In 2005, I started writing about the opponent to humanity’s shenanigans. I did my part. It’s not over. They want you on the Social Credit System. Having your soul tricked with the imposter ray is not enough for them. If something thinks for you, let us show you how that looks to us. After all, we take your name-calling and have since they started their anti-vaccine/conspiracy theorist campaign when they saw those who stand with Nature.

The alignment I have chosen has made me not to be sick or experience what you call a cold for more years that the C*vid Psychological Operation Era. If you’ve been sick during that same era, there is a chance that there was no contagion to fear, but their protocol. This is one of the Control Group’s POV.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Light of the Control Group


When I was a waitress, customers, at times, would come and place a dollar in my hand saying things such as, “You’re the only server in here who is smiling,” or some would confess that they saw how I worked and waited for my section. I have stood in alignment with the Sound of Self with my first breath; though, yes, as a Genetic human, I have fallen into the traps of the Implant aspect of the DNA over the MultiSelf portion. I have learned, which to me, is why I used my Free Will to be a part of the Puppeteers “experiment;” use of me.

We once again stand in a place when the Genetic human is being tweaked as our physical-ish spiritoid once was. You may have chosen to become the genderless, hairless, automaton that follows the impulses of artificial intelligence, the successive human. (Of course, I just stated the extreme of the successive human. There are levels.) You may have chosen to be the light-bearer human. The cool thing is that those who have chosen to be the light-bearer human are recognizing each other at a higher rate than prior to the c*vid psychological operation era.

At first, the masking of the Genetic humans made it easy for us to plainly see, and from a distance, who was in the “follow the science” group and who was in the Control Group. (They saw and feared us, so it assisted that group, as well.) But now when only a few are masked, from afar, it’s not so easy. 

Today, with a cashier in a store, I immediately saw his bright face, smile when not physically forcing a smile, shiny-shen eyes, and I knew I was in the company of a light-bearer human. I wanted to say something but held back because my energy can tend to overwhelm people. Soon, he said it to me that he recognized the light of me and he hoped I would not do anything to extinguish it. Through some talking, we learned that we are not of the “trust the science” group. But we both already knew that, now didn't we!

You can recognize the separation of the Genetic human into one of the two groups, too. Naturally, as some here are still of the physical-ish variety of lifestream here, a few Genetic humans will remain for the time being, but chances are, with all the photons and phonons coming to 3D Earth, identifying from the MultiSelf to rise above the Implants of the DNA might not be a bad idea.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Extend a Non-Judgmental Hand


Suddenly discovering about the trap of the system that we are in can be shocking. Some people made a living within the system that has left them with A LOT of reserve notes where they could take a stand and leave the system. They could purchase property and equipment to start their own “business” so they could set the rules to deal in property, and thus slowly excise themselves from taxes, pensions, and other nuisance system tugs.

Then there are those poor in reserve notes who are doing the best they can. They have discovered what is going on and how they are being used, but they don’t have the luxury of suddenly pulling out of the system. For them, it is a slow process. Possibly a lifetime. Perhaps they start with supporting a local farmer dealing with property, silver instead of reserve notes, or some such trade.

One thing I can assure you is that humans are doing the best they can with what they’ve got and with how “plugged in” they are. By plugged in, I mean, Implanted, mind controlled, entity controlled and the like. For them, perhaps simply getting “free” from a direct controller is their challenge. They can’t worry about what nefarious entities are doing behind their backs because they have enough of a challenge in front of them right here right now.

Others may be able to get a hold of resources and have the time to learn, which also implies unlearning all from the decades in their past, but meanwhile, the system still has them.

Educating the Normies is a great idea, but if you make them wrong, it doesn’t help. When you make someone wrong, you beat them into their shell. We cannot possibly know how they got to where they are now. All we can do is extend a hand—a non-judgmental hand.

Hold Your Center


Hold your Center means don’t allow yourself to be Astrally (emotionally) tugged. If you see or read a news item that “makes” you mad, you are being played. I know that doesn’t make sense to those of you who are “good” and compassionate, and you judge that any “good” person would “react” the same way. No.

There are many roles played here on Earth. Just three are:

·       We’ve got the I put out a certain vibration group that may kill, steal, rape, etc., so they’re saying it’s ok to be killed, robbed, raped, etc. In this point of focus (lifetime), they have no idea that they have brought this energy with them so they don’t know the easy fix with Pinky-rose, which challenging to think of and to put into action. People of this group may be drawn to a roommate who is attracting trouble unbeknownst to them and they may be the one who gets murdered. Outwardly, it seems a fluke, but it comes back to that energy of “I killed so I think it’s ok to be killed.”

·       We’ve got the group who are Astrally tugged and manipulated while their Mental body has been Implanted. This group also is plugged into the energies of the former group.

·       We have the I’m standing in alignment with the Sound of Self group who educate, give treatments, offer another way to see things and so much more. They don’t make anyone wrong for choosing the path that they have chosen, and they certainly don’t get their knickers in a knot over what the others are creating for themselves. They responsibly place their energy where they want it and eventually recognize when they have stepped out of alignment. They may not be 100% in alignment with their MultiSelf and may get tugged by the Implants of their DNA if they are still a Genetic human, but they usually see soon enough and pull themselves back. (A light-bearer human is another alternative during the demise of the Genetic model.)

As I hinted at in Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, the Genetic human model looks like it’s being phased out. Perhaps it cannot keep going with all the photons and phonons coming to Earth. Perhaps the Implants of the DNA can no longer function because the MultiSelf aspect of the DNA wants to take over. In order to have control, the successive human had to come online, literally. This model is very controlled. The first two groups above are perfect chattel. They give away their Free Will, which is required, every step of the way. All the controllers had to do was say, “Boo!” and they allowed harmful practices to be done to them; harmful energies and ingredients came at them and into them. All the controllers had to do was say, “It’s for your convenience,” and they complied. All the controllers had to do was say, “But, you care about other people, right?” and they complied. They gave their Free Will and became the early models of the successive human to save these “souls” for the “Dark” side from the light coming to Earth.

Then there’s some of the ones who were able to Hold their Center during some of the “Free Will harvesting.” They need to give their Free Will in another way. They get Astrally tugged when a known very bad thing is presented to them with a solution. “Boycott this store and that product because of all this Pride BS!” Perhaps they are aware of Draco, agents of the government, and other nefarious entities behind the Pride push, so they react, unable to Hold their Center.  This is what they want. The opponent to the MultiSelf wants humans to get emotional. Listen, if you’re getting emotional about shopping, you could realize you’re being played. (Decades ago, I wrote down the phone numbers in the stores of products. I went home and called them. If they answered Yes to just one question, I didn’t purchase their product. They irradiated this, used poisons on that or even GMOed, which have been potentially in our foods since 1983, then I simply didn’t purchase the product. No emotions. I’m sorry that shopping needs to be defensive. Get educated. No need for emotions.How this is tied into Free Will is your actions are going towards a one-store model, giving the controllers of humanity permission to fully control what, how, and when you may purchase the products that they choose to offer, which is ultimately giving permission to the Social Credit System.

Things I have known about for decades are now known by the Normies: the Power of the right essential oil for a certain circumstance, organ harvesting world-wide, organ harvesting in hospitals from those called brain dead, the raping of children by adults, human trafficking, Satanic rituals including babies, a non-human presence here both artificial intelligence and other, that va((ines are based on a lie and are biowarfare, that internal terrain is everything and standing in alignment with the Sound of Self is important to Holding your Center, and that the military and governments work with “scientists” in a non-supportive manner to lifestreams here, and so much more.

Pretend you are in a tennis match against a very hard hitter. You need to take the ball on the rise, start the swing early and get that ball out in front to have control over it rather than just swinging allowing the opponent to be in control. Be on the balls of your feet, ready. If you don’t know that the evil here on Earth is desperate, angry as a child who has been told to come in, and is willing to do nasty things to attempt to hold onto illusioned power, then you are in for a huge surprise. They will attempt to pull the rug out from under you by turning the tables and allowing the news, Facebook and YouTube to let the Truth in. This is not to inform you. This is to make you lose your Center, to feel betrayed, abandoned, used and so much more. Hold you Center.

Alongside this, they will perform another psychological-operation. The HIV scam and C*vid scam got millions killed through va((ine programs, medicines that were dispensed and above all, because they had the medical personal by the “short hairs.” (I am crude on purpose because with Draco and the agents of the government, there is always a sexual component. They get off on the things they can make you do!) If you have to, close your eyes and feel. What is happening truly? If you’re a Normie, I expect that I have to start with put your phone away. Get a landline. Write letters. Turn off the TV. Only go online for no more than one hour everyday on your corded computer using your corded keyboard and corded mouse. Get rid of that SMART electric and water meter. Read old books on health and how they viewed sickness and what they did in response to the “learned doctors” coming on the scene around 1800. (Learned doctors were the predecessors to Western Medicine of today that has been weaponized against the Genetic human.)

Pretend that three huge Ah ha moments are coming, where you’ll see three Truths that have been shrouded and expect at least one Lie. The Lie will probably be the one that’s easy for you to accept like “A natural, contagious virus is loose, become a slave and do as I say.” One of the revealed Truths will be something like: “All glasses have NEVER been proven to be safe for the body or eyesight itself. In fact, glasses weaken the eye, yet you’ve been led to believe that as you age, you NEED them because you’re helpless.” OR “LED lighting leads to cataracts and assists in the transmission of 5G.”  No matter, Hold your Center.

In closing, rather than reacting in rage and with an energy, simply respond. Respond with, “Man, the Military/Government/Science/Human/non-human faction are at it again,” and Hold your Center.


For more information on defense and what’s going on, please read my book.

In case this is being read in the future, in 2023, this is where humanity was.

You Don't Have to Boycott Places


I don't think people should have an energy about all this Pride bs. You don't need to boycott places.

If you don't want something, simply don't purchase it.

This boycotting energy is playing you. They have something for those of you who didn't fall for the mask or the $hot or the physical distancing or all this other b*llshit that they keep coming up with. This is for you. So, ignore it!

What if it's the same as it's always been? What if just like Soros or “someone” probably paid people to go and steal from retail stores and then now they want you to boycott retail stores so that they could just close them all down and bring on their one store kind of idea?


Saturday, June 3, 2023

William Dunbar, Esq & PISL


This was my first attempt to try to do a Tik Tok video with some effects. As a result, I messed signs up and even my word choices. Esquire is known to me as lawyer, but it turns out that a nobleman is also esquire, thus William is not a lawyer.

I haven’t read all the books that I have on Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL) yet, so I haven’t seen all there is on the subject. But I saw this little tid-bit today and had fun attempting to emulate the words with my hands. I exaggerated DEER—I was worrying about the puff too much. The butt of the hand should stop at the head. CLEAR reminds me off innocence, like “Look, no blood on my hands.” The head of duck should be rounded a bit more. At the end, I signed a more American Sign Language (ASL) PLAINS and then did “TALK HAND” instead of HAND TALK because it was a video and things don’t always come out correctly. LOL.

Having been involved in ASL for decades, I do realize signs are different from one region to another, as well as from group to group. A book could exist with the HORSE signed with one hand and the right hand at that, but I just haven’t found it yet. (Right now, I’m still working on West’s dissertation.) So, a young boy who signs HORSE one way may run into old timers eight decades later and they may also sign it that way. I just find old papers interesting.  I was aware that Dunbar was "West" with his investigations of Amerindian signs. I knew that Ohio was considered West in 1800. Well, he was West of the Mississippi River near Natchez and this is most likely signs from the Caddoans.

Also, having witnessed about four changes with ASL since I started and how young people can be hostile with old-timers by not using the “right” sign, I am just stating that people are not wrong just because they sign differently to others.

 ASL Cop

Another video.

A book about Dunbar.

Another letter from Dunbar from 1800.

Thursday, June 1, 2023


Western Medicine changed in the early 1700’s, taking a path on the Germ Theory road, even before it had be solidified in 3D consciousness through scientist puppets such as Pasteur. The bare-foot doctors who used the herbs around them were already quickly being replaced, but in a rather discrete manner. See New Guide to Health; Or, Botanic Family Physician by Samuel Thomas and E. Douglas Hume’s Béchamp or Pasteur A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology. You will learn how “learned doctors” were taken over a long time ago. You shall also see early attempts at stopping those physicians who really care, and the original attempt at the “asymptomatic carrier” psychological operation, though not called that.

Big Pharma has present physicians “by the short hairs.” I understand that is a crude way to get my point across, but the agents of the government and Big Pharma are worse than crude. A human who allows something so vile to control them into forcing humanity to have poor health has been controlled through fear (and all Astral emotion-tugging tactics), Implants (and all mind-control from the Mental body level) and must be dis-eased Etherically and Physically to allow themselves to be such a pawn to play a part in disconnecting humans from their MultiSelves. But, if you go to a Western Medical pawn (even under the guise of a Naturopathic Doctor title), then you are placing yourself on a road to “thy” knowing Hell, instead of being healthy. (ND’s and acupuncturists have turned toward the Western Medicine way of doing things rather than Western Medicine turning towards the other two. Sad!)

Doctors who suggest you have any va((ine, but especially the toxine, are out to send your experience of life towards Hell. You will become a customer for life (if you live that long), or until you take the reins and make health choices for yourself. (Any choice you make is better than simply allowing the doctors to make choices for you, because at least you’ve stopped the need to be parented by medical professionals.) They offer drugs when they don’t know what’s wrong. The drugs give new problems. Basically, Big Pharma is the doctor, not a human.

Please start reading and questioning while you can, or “thy” will know Hell.

Healthy is when thy may experience a dis-easement but has shen behind the eyes and is able to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self again. Life truly includes “shit happening.” But you make your own Hell in supporting the enemy to humanity and all lifestreams when you support Western Medicine.

“But I don’t know what to do when my nose runs.” So, stop being so helpless! Learn basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and you’ll see that a runny nose can come from food stagnation (eating something that doesn’t agree with you), as well as whatever you thought caused it in the past.  Learn chromo-modalities. There’s always a color that we may need more than others. If you learn about color and take in the so-called rainbow first, then you can work with colors needed. Homeopathy Spectrum is a way to get all the colors quickly. Don’t even get me started on sound modalities! You have so many choices: drumming, Tibetan bowls, various tuning fork sets, your voice, and so much more. Learn Law so you might see the difference between words on paper to control you, compared with Rights. Below is a reading list that is more bent to standing in alignment with the Sound of Self over herbs, gardens, and such, but truly, you need to learn how to maintain health (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) or Hell is what “thy” shall know.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!