Friday, June 30, 2023

Trust Commercialized Scientists to Be Whores for Big Pharma


I know that the "Trust the Science Group" looks over at the other group, you know, the "Trust Commercialized Scientists to Be Whores for Big Pharma Group" with confused eyes. 

We know you had white-coated gods with shiny clean MD name tags throwing numbers and slanting lines on charts at you. You asked no questions.

It must've been quite overwhelming.

Were the white-coated gods following a script? Where was the isolated virus from a dead body, a sick body, a surface of something? The "Trust the Science Group" asked no questions.

We of the other group trusted Truth and never felt it struck when the white-coated gods opened their mouths. We saw and moved on.

The "Trust the Science Group" was shocked by the lack of fear and non-compliant behavior of those others. The white-coated gods said that they must fear these healthy, busy ones. They did so, continuing to believe in a natural contagious virus going on the fourth year of fear.

Still, the other group saw. There is no natural contagious virus and the "Trust the Science Group" called that a belief, ready to follow the  authorities into the next script.

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