Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Light of the Control Group


When I was a waitress, customers, at times, would come and place a dollar in my hand saying things such as, “You’re the only server in here who is smiling,” or some would confess that they saw how I worked and waited for my section. I have stood in alignment with the Sound of Self with my first breath; though, yes, as a Genetic human, I have fallen into the traps of the Implant aspect of the DNA over the MultiSelf portion. I have learned, which to me, is why I used my Free Will to be a part of the Puppeteers “experiment;” use of me.

We once again stand in a place when the Genetic human is being tweaked as our physical-ish spiritoid once was. You may have chosen to become the genderless, hairless, automaton that follows the impulses of artificial intelligence, the successive human. (Of course, I just stated the extreme of the successive human. There are levels.) You may have chosen to be the light-bearer human. The cool thing is that those who have chosen to be the light-bearer human are recognizing each other at a higher rate than prior to the c*vid psychological operation era.

At first, the masking of the Genetic humans made it easy for us to plainly see, and from a distance, who was in the “follow the science” group and who was in the Control Group. (They saw and feared us, so it assisted that group, as well.) But now when only a few are masked, from afar, it’s not so easy. 

Today, with a cashier in a store, I immediately saw his bright face, smile when not physically forcing a smile, shiny-shen eyes, and I knew I was in the company of a light-bearer human. I wanted to say something but held back because my energy can tend to overwhelm people. Soon, he said it to me that he recognized the light of me and he hoped I would not do anything to extinguish it. Through some talking, we learned that we are not of the “trust the science” group. But we both already knew that, now didn't we!

You can recognize the separation of the Genetic human into one of the two groups, too. Naturally, as some here are still of the physical-ish variety of lifestream here, a few Genetic humans will remain for the time being, but chances are, with all the photons and phonons coming to 3D Earth, identifying from the MultiSelf to rise above the Implants of the DNA might not be a bad idea.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

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