Thursday, June 8, 2023

Extend a Non-Judgmental Hand


Suddenly discovering about the trap of the system that we are in can be shocking. Some people made a living within the system that has left them with A LOT of reserve notes where they could take a stand and leave the system. They could purchase property and equipment to start their own “business” so they could set the rules to deal in property, and thus slowly excise themselves from taxes, pensions, and other nuisance system tugs.

Then there are those poor in reserve notes who are doing the best they can. They have discovered what is going on and how they are being used, but they don’t have the luxury of suddenly pulling out of the system. For them, it is a slow process. Possibly a lifetime. Perhaps they start with supporting a local farmer dealing with property, silver instead of reserve notes, or some such trade.

One thing I can assure you is that humans are doing the best they can with what they’ve got and with how “plugged in” they are. By plugged in, I mean, Implanted, mind controlled, entity controlled and the like. For them, perhaps simply getting “free” from a direct controller is their challenge. They can’t worry about what nefarious entities are doing behind their backs because they have enough of a challenge in front of them right here right now.

Others may be able to get a hold of resources and have the time to learn, which also implies unlearning all from the decades in their past, but meanwhile, the system still has them.

Educating the Normies is a great idea, but if you make them wrong, it doesn’t help. When you make someone wrong, you beat them into their shell. We cannot possibly know how they got to where they are now. All we can do is extend a hand—a non-judgmental hand.

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