Saturday, February 29, 2020

[Jane Jones]
c/o #### Any Street
A City, CA [RFD #####]

29 February 2020

c/o P. O. Box ###
A Town, CA [RFD 91771]

Good Day,

I am writing to let you know that I have paid my utilities bill dated 01/08/20 (that said I had until April) with $69.48.  I have paid $61.61 of the bill dated 2/13/20.  I have not paid the $75, $10, and $10 related to “Opting Out” charges.  If you listen to the call I made to your office on Friday, November 22, 2019, at roughly 4:30 PM, you will hear that I was informed there would be no charge involved with the removal of the SMART meter that was being stored on the wall of my home.  You cannot charge me for the removal of the meter for that reason alone.  As I said on that day and several other days to your employees, I never Opted In, so how can I Opt Out? This is another reason you cannot charge me.

I did not “Opt In” to allowing you to store a military-grade weapon on my wall.  (No Californians have.  Unlike if we choose to have tankers parked in our backyards, the SMART meter was chosen for us without informed consent and without having passed satisfactory testing from an impartial source.)  I did not “Opt In” to having this radio-frequency radiation device that in May of 2011 the WHO classified as a Class 2B potential cancer-causing carcinogen on my wall.  And as a reminder to you, Edison (nor any electrical company) paid $75 to any owner in California to allow the companies to remove the analogue meters and so should not receive $75 to put them back.  Further, no utilities companies should ask any of us to pay $10/month.  To ask people who do not want to be abused by RF emissions to pay for the luxury is inappropriate.  Title 18 U. S. C. 247 discusses damage to religious property and obstruction to persons in the free exercise of religious beliefs, specifically, section 2 mentions that no-one may intentionally obstruct by force or threat of force any person in any enjoyment of that person’s free exercise of religious beliefs.”  Me meditating is me practicing my religious belief in my home.  They may not enact a “threat of force” and to me, that SMART meter is a threat of force.  Further, Secret Military Armament Residential Technology meters are a display of force that give me reason to fear and expect immediate bodily harm.  Therefore, this request is akin to extortion.  Edison is no better than a thug requesting a business owner to pay “protection” money: We will not harm you with continuous pulsing energy…we will not force 928,000,000 Hertz into the 60 Hertz grid if you pay to have it removed.  Extortion is illegal.

On November 23rd and 25th, I informed both Edison employees in person that on the day I become aware that the Landist+Gyr has been fitted with a transmitter or any SMART technology, I will see that as Edison entering into a contract with me and I will charge &200,000/month for storing a military weapon on the wall of my home going back to November 25, 2019.  The first gentleman, a supervisor, tried to place a non-analogue, half-SMART meter on my home!  How many of your customers believe they have analogue and are paying for it, believing they have an analogue meter when in fact they have this partial SMART device?

I am arguing against the decision to replace analogue meters with SMART meters, because military weapons should not be placed on people’s walls without them even knowing what the radiation spewing, pulsing gizmos are!  SMART meters are a display of force that give me reason to fear and expect immediate bodily harm.  Assault is illegal in California.  Black’s Law Dictionary (5th Ed.) defines assault as, “Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the person of another, when coupled with an apparent present ability to do so, and any intentional display of force such as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm.”  Edison could have protected those within their jurisdiction against the SMART meter decision of the California Public Utilities Commission when you saw a wrong being done.  Black’s Law continues.  “An assault may be committed without actually touching, or striking, or doing bodily harm, to the person of another.”  The pulsing is harmful to our cells, even without you specifically standing there yourself.  If SMART meters are so safe, why has the supervisor who visited my home had his removed?

I am aggrieved by your decision to allow SMART meters on homes over asking people to choose to “Opt In” to having them (and only after informed consent has been given), because of known assaults such as cell damage, and by your blatant disregard to human health all as if living men do not matter!
I believe any decision-maker who places the California Public Utilities Commission’s authority over living men is making a grave mistake that all of humanity will pay for.  But after having said all of this, I remind you that I asked if the removal was free of charge and I was assured that it was so.  The young man’s words represented your company entering into a contract with me.


[Jane Jones]
Account #

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Vaccines: Burden of Proof

"Ask your doctor or midwife to show you the proof that any vaccine went against a saline solution placebo-receiving control group and that they also showed proof of follow-ups a year later. And also ask for all the evidence of pregnant women having received a vaccine and pregnant women having received a saline solution placebo. They don't exist and that should be enough to just make you say, 'Okay. I don't need vaccines until you can show me that they're safe, effective, and necessary. Thank you very much.'
You see, the burden of proof shouldn't be on a person to prove why they shouldn't have vaccines because of how harmful they are. The burden of proof should be on the doctor to prove to you why you need a vaccine. The human body has receptors for oxygen but doesn't have a receptor for a vaccine. If they want to put something foreign in your body, make them prove to you why it's a great idea.
Come on now, be honest with yourself. If someone was going to show you anything that wasn't something you had been programmed to believe in your whole life, wouldn't you want them to have the burden of proof?"

                                                 -Paget Anne of Essendon

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Control Behind the Scenes

This is how it is.  learn how to stand outside their jurisdiction.

War on Us

You can help stop the demise of the automobile by not purchasing an electric car.  You do not want to sit in a battery when you are a battery, believe me.  They have never proven that safe for humans.

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