Sunday, February 28, 2021

Indigenous Physicalish Spiritoids


In my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied1, I mention physicalish spiritoids.  They are a gene-less version of a spirit who has downshifted to be more 3D-like.  They differ from Genetic humans, namely us, because they lack genes.  In my opinion, they preceded the puppeteer tweaked Genetic human the first time round. (When the puppeteers start us over, they start at a later time than this.)  The first physical beings here were us, normal everyday spirits playing with denseness.  Physicalish spiritoids were the original 3Dish beings known as the indigenous. We had no genes, innate implants that pass down through the generations as revealed in my book, that came to us for control of us as the successive human’s injected technology is coming to them through the c shot, for one.

It was Max Igan recently who expressed that he did not like the word indigenous2 because of “no genealogy” and I think he interpreted it as “the They” were calling those who came first as less than human, which certainly could be their intention since they love defining everything backwards.  Well, Max’s words made me spin for a second.  I knew physicalish spiritoids came first, but I had never thought of documentation of the event such as through that word.  In my medical terminology book from long ago, “in” has three definitions for the words in which it is used.  They are “in, not, into.”3 Most define "in" as meaning within, so genes within, but I agree with Max.  They meant no genes!

Authentic, originals to Earth mingled with the Genetic humans as they still do today.  (We will be mingling with the successive humans and will support them as physicalish spiritoids have always supported us.)  The groups with genes that we know of as indigenous to an area could have had high percentages of physicalish spiritoids amongst them that were respected.  Many teachings could have come from this aspect of their group. The puppeteers would have sought these groups for destruction because Truth must be stopped in order for success of control.

Successive humans and the “Wag the Dog psy-ops” (plandemic fraud 2020 and B*den fraud 2021) could never have happened if humans had embraced the memories held within their physical spiritoid Selves.  The puppeteers have left more than enough evidence for us to find it and to understand.


1 Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

2 The Crowhouse (8:43). Denby Does Dharma.

3 Smith Davis Dennerll. Medical Terminology A Programmed Text. New York: Delmar, 1995, p 348.

 I mentioned the indigenous physicalish spiritoids in part 2 of the following interview.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Culling the Herd

[Fear destroys health.

Loneliness destroys health.

Brain pathogens introduced through PCR process' swab will be called c*vid symptom and they will destroy health.

The shot has ingredients that will change you physically, but AI can detract you from your Monadic Ray at death and keep you in the reincarnational cycle (the matrix).

The non-programmed are not being attacked as a group (yet) as you are. Right now, they are culling the herd. Easy targets.

Content slaves that defend their chains was one of the best programs they ever devised!]

4/19/21 Added

Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Imposter Ray


[Dear Loved One Who Allowed Two Shots:

This time, they weren't just coming for your physical body. They are now set to use what I call the imposter ray to distract you from your Monadic Ray. When you die, think twice about heading for that light. Be still and feel. They will distract you...and specifically, right now, I'm referring to AI...with "loved ones" and other "candy" to get you stuck in the reincarnational cycle, or Matrix.

It will be more challenging for you now, but if you can take a moment for proper response over blindly reacting (as you did to get the shots in the first place), there is still some hope for you.

Bright Day Thoughts,


Paget Anne of Essendon

PS. Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]

For more on the imposter ray, please read my book.

7/4/21 added...the spark she discusses is the Imposter Ray.

7/23/21 added


Active & Healthy at Eighty


[An almost 80-year-old I know did not slow down because the government simply told her to do so without any proof that a pathogen had been isolated.

During this “Wag the Dog Psy-op” she:

  • ·        Travelled to Arizona three times
  • ·        Travelled to Nevada twice for shooting lessons
  • ·        Travelled to Tennessee for visiting
  • ·        Knitted two sweaters, a blanket & baby booties
  • ·        Sewed curtains and an intricate bedspread
  • ·        Read countless books both within her genre and not
  • ·        Worked many cross-word puzzles & spelling bees
  • ·        Worked at her less than part-time job
  • ·        Exercised with the Air Walker and more
  • ·        Entertained countless times, preparing meals & desserts
  • ·        Shopped often, without a mask or physically distancing herself
  • ·        Dined at a restaurant with a no mask/no distancing rule
  • ·        Visited a few friends
  • ·       Chatted with friends on the phone

Yet, an eleven-year-old practicing medicine without a license (because he repeated the program he has heard often) said, “You should get the v*ccine, because you’re old.” !!!

It is 12:15 AM.  We are past the Midnight Hour.  We are past the “This is the Moment.”  If you do not turn off the TV, cell phone, and computer now…try it for two weeks…you will make it harder for us to help you later.  They will have you. 

If a pathogen was floating in the air and it had nothing to do with a person’s outlook on life and internal terrain, many of us would have already died.  Now they are injecting you with auto-immunity and death, and will call that the pathogen to get even more people to take the sh*t.

Look, all I am asking you to do is read and listen to a few non-commercial scientists.  Many books are available for during your two-week fast.

You know how an athlete knows to take off the sweat-suit jacket when exercising but to put it on again when finished and the non-athlete will keep it on until really hot and keep it off long after the activity..?  Well, when you know the mechanics involved in Germ Theory, Viron Theory and Big Pharma’s Agenda, you recognize what is occurring and how you need to respond.  When you are ignorant to certain topics, they can tug on you and get you in fear. 

Please, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The "Two Minutes Past Midnight" Hour

[I was informed last night by one of the last real men alive...He does not wear a mask...that in Sprouts, the cashier informed him that if he did not put on a mask, she would be fined.

If that is true, she should bloody-welll sue Sprouts because that kind of behavior is beyond unacceptable.

But, this is complete coercion. If I am a customer, it is not my responsibility whether you get fined or not. I do not participate in Satanic rituals of initiation. Perhaps your religion allows you to, but my spirituality does not.  #1: I am educated in both Virus and Germ Theory (and I have tried to warn many for years, though there is so much I left out because, you know, y'all need receptors in order to be able to receive it and I didn't want to overwhelm you), and #2: I am not into a bunch of Satanic human and non-human"legislators" dictating to me that I have to put a diaper on my face or this young lady is going to get a fine. Talk about the social credit system!

AI wants you to do this and to do that or you will lose credits. Keep that mask on your face, this is where you are heading.

We were in the Midnight Hour. I used to be able to say this is the moment. But right now it is two minutes past midnight. For some of you, I am really concerned that it is too late.]

The Great Splitting of Humanity


[So Happy New Year.

 Unlike 2020, 2021 will show an increase of worldwide deaths. 

They are seeking to kill off huge numbers (as we've been constantly warning you) and they're most likely going to call it the cov*d, to reiterate previous programming of you.

The whole v*ccine program was built on a lie. No virus has ever been isolated in any of those so-called dis-ases. 

Viruses are a part of your immune system, as I've been telling you. When your cell becomes imbalanced, which will happen especially if you're allowing toxins and technology to be injected into you, your cell is going to fight to try and regain balance. 

A byproduct is going to be vir*s.

The c shot has set you up to react to your natural response to imbalance.

Be prepared for the mother of all auto-immune dis-eases. (That va*cines have always been responsible for.)

What an awesome time to be alive. We all have a front-row-seat for the splitting of humanity: Genetic humans are changing.

I choose to be the light-bearer human to the successive, automated human.

How about you?]

For more information on the light-bearer human and the successive human, please read my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

[One group gets the auto-immune-making shot.
One group will not have the c shot, so they will not be allowed to work. They are prepared with food and water stores.
Soon, one group will be gone, so the other group can go back to work due to need.]

Thursday, February 11, 2021

It Is All About Frequency


Humanity is choosing sides: higher frequency or slavery to AI and nasty entities.  The mask-less ask why the other side cannot hear them when they are speaking the same language and have proof to back their statements.  Well, information, at its specific frequency, requires a receptor of same frequency within the human for it to be processed, received, and integrated. 

Truth or propaganda has a better chance of penetrating someone’s consciousness with repetition.  Unfortunately, the base communications get through easily to anyone because fear-warnings are part of the human body’s make-up and are received, whereas when Truth is communicated, innate Light is being addressed.  If that person has hidden and shut away their Light, it is difficult for them to acknowledge and understand Truth.  Penny Kelly has similar thoughts on this subject about what individuals bring to the table, so to speak.  She points out that it is impossible to teach something that is not known.  You see, if we are experiencing life from our Light, we are of the frequency to grasp thoughts new to our conscious mind.  “The learner had to bring something of his or her own knowing to the learning situation,” writes Kelly.1  Frequency of the information needs a receptor of like frequency for resonating to happen.  Information can shift into the consciousness as intracellular fluid moves in and out of the cell in proper working condition.

One reason the Controllers are able to program so many humans in record time is because fear is a base response for us in the best of circumstances where we need to respond for safety and is a base reaction in the worst situations because the reflex was not warranted.  For example, fight or flight is a response to action for safety.  It may be exploited by manipulators to entice us to react in fear at their tugs and pushes where they create a drama for us to participate.  The Controllers are capable of convincing a human to divorce himself from his community through tugging on that fear reaction.  “Do not pick-up trash when out for your daily walk because germs are on it and they will harm you,” divorces you from your community.  “Stay home alone so no-one can infect you,” establishes an abyss between you and humanity. Basically, you have a receptor for base information through your innate doorway of registering potential emergency situations, so it can be and is exploited.

Case in point.  The fearful cannot hear, “A pathogen floating around in the air being called the covid (that masks and physically distancing protect you from) has never been isolated,” because they lack the receptor for Truth.  By lack, I mean, fear has smothered their innate Light and a person cannot catch the words being thrown at them.  “Anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists, masks save lives, staying home saves lives,” can be received by the fearful, due to these chants being base programs.  Clothe the speaker in a white coat or throw a couple of letters after their name and the manipulation falls in line with past manipulations where programming around authority figures already runs rampant and success is almost guaranteed.

A timely example of information finding receptors through fear compared to high frequency with which Truth may resonate is with the infamous c shot being administered to the public: 

“I had the coronavirus vaccine,” says average Joe. 

“You trust the government?” 

Startled, average Joe says, “No, of course not.  What’s that got to do with anything?” 

“Why did you receive the c shot?” 

Silence.  Finally, “Look you have this guy saying one thing, this one saying another, and yet again this other one saying something else.” 

“So why not research the shot completely for yourself and listen to your gut about what is right for you personally?” 

Average Joe says, “Look.  I decided for myself.” 

“Did you, or did the news decide for you?” 

Average Joe was following popular narrative.  The countless images of people supposedly receiving the c shot did a number on him as the images of Elvis supposedly receiving the polio shot did for average Josephinas and Joes back then.  (And if he died that August 16th, if it was not a frequency attack to kill by the numbers, a man who supposedly received a v*ccine died young.)  Anyway, average Joe heard supposed doctors during supposed public announcements on the radio asking him to do his part and receive the c shot to keep all safe.  (Has anyone investigated who paid for those spots on the radio and for those “news” items of people receiving shots?  Surely, a certain company gave big bucks for non-stop propaganda in support of the popular narrative.  Sure, average Joe, when he did no research yet felt passionate about receiving that shot he knew zilch about, is certainly not making his own decision!  Passion felt for a thing one knows nothing about is proof that propaganda has gotten in via fear. 

Truth feels light and supportive. Imagine if someone hears, “Vaccines have never been proven, safe, effective, or necessary” after decades of having heard the opposite.  The Truth may be as a gentle breeze of confusion building stronger to curiosity.  Something may gnaw at this person until she pulls up your sleeves and gets to work figuring out this contradiction.  This person would start to notice who benefits by the claims commonly made on the subject.  Does the maligned anti-v*xxer who used to be a vaxx*r gain by informing others about her son’s death after receiving vaccines, or the pharmaceutical companies with their non-stop pro-vaccine campaign?  Are those who do not receive vaccines customers for life of Big Pharma, or is it mostly the vax*ers?  Each new Truth may reveal a new question as your journey continues.  A person who can go against the narrative and research for themselves must be of a frequency which did not permit invisible shackles to tug them this way toward blindly following this rule and then that way to following this other rule.   

Popular narratives, no matter what they are selling, use fear in order to get into a person’s consciousness, but there is more.  Fear has many expressions.  Conceit is one.  If the Controllers can convince average Joe that he is doing what is right and is saving humanity, this will find a place to settle.  Self-importance allows one a pseudo-feel good that makes one strut around, showing peers and others how awesome he is.  He advertises through his actions what is right behavior and knows all average Joes will approve.  In truth, he is in too much fear to go against all these images and emotions that have been poured into him that he is excited into fight or flight at the mere mention of agendas and crimes against humanity.  Unfortunately, he is not of a frequency to rise above fear, they have him.  Truth needs a receptor.

The following is a perfect example of how information and receptors are all about frequency.  Antibodies are another rabbit hole because scientists world-wide cannot reach consensus about what they show exactly: infection, protection, or history of a health event.  I write about my point of view on measles in the Germ Theory section of my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.2   Here, I will simply state that my immunity to measles may not be related to all the antibodies left in its wake, but from the simple fact that my body released the gestational now pathogenic heat and no longer has a need to be expressed simply because it is now not there.  Antibodies serve as documentation of what my body has experienced.  There was a cell that was imbalanced. Here, the imbalance came from heat that needed to be expressed.  Things known as viruses/exosomes/soap are the byproduct of the body seeking balance.  Genomes are the genetic components of the battle/process.  Likewise, when no pathogen has been isolated in this supposed covid/corona pandemic, the genetic material found in people who have been sick (ie. imbalanced cells having sought balance thus leaving viruses in their wake) is simply material from their own immune system’s process.  Antibodies show the history of a process of having sought balance.  (The common cold/coronavirus is the byproduct of having sought balance.)  You need to clear out the viruses in your blood that are there because your actions, food choices, etc, lead to imbalance in the first place, not because you “caught” it.  Even though they used the name coronavirus, they were not meaning the common cold, as this word is used in Merck’s Manual, for instance. 

Fear ensures customers for life for Big Pharma.  They convinced the world to fear the air through the propaganda of Germ Theory.  Only those of a higher frequency can feel Truth when they hear it.  They do not accept the propaganda, because the receptor is already full. This monumental division of humanity is all about frequency.




1 The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature, p. 109.

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Human Battery in An Electric Car?


I know this may sound kind of random, but has anybody done any kind of study on the human being and the electric vehicle? Is there a certain amount of time that becomes too much on a system?

You know many people don't know about the amazing fascia-electricity interplay. Does an electric car injure this process? I'm giessing an electric vehicle would not be good for our fascia...and we have a lot of it.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Scarcity & Neglect Program


Articles, such as the two below, are put out for three important reasons: 1) to establish the “They are doing me wrong” dynamic, 2) to establish the scarcity vibe, and 3) to have humans react from greed.  All three contribute to the demise of the community vibe, which is what our masters (AI, non-humans, humans that think they control us) need in order to succeed.  When you can read about how the so-called elite are treating those in various communities, it is meant to incite you to react with hatred towards these mean racists (the program very much in play), because they are doing a group wrong.  "These things would not be happening if there was enough" of the much-coveted product.  This keeps humans in the frequency of separation, frenzy, and fear.  If there isn’t enough, then "I’d better hurry and get it before you because I’m chronically ill, old, a healthcare worker and I need it more!"  The reactionaries do not respond from a place of Love when reading articles such as these.  They react from judgment, anger, and fear.

The c shot is not supposed to advertise, so implanting the idea for you to go get the shot has to be accomplished another way.  Sure, they can hire so-called doctors to give so-called public service announcements, and they do, but these articles go a long way in working people up to the point of desiring a shot, especially when the thought had not previously entered their minds.  After all, "If there isn’t enough, I’d better hurry."  If communities are lacking the shot, well "I’d better find it for myself." The pay-off, of course, is that some get to wallow in self-pity and victimization and others get to be seen as greedy.  The truth is, though, that everyone who has run out and gotten a shot when they believe there are only a few has demonstrating greed. 

If I saw a need for something that I trust, say IV Vitamin C or IV Ozone, and it was scarce, I trust in my immune system and multiple methods of support enough that I would be able to stand back and allow others to have the Vitamin C and Ozone before me.  More than the trust I have in my health and other products, I am calm.  I’ve not been worked-up into a fear-frenzy this past year.  The scarcity promotion is working the controlled into a frenzied panic of me-me-me-me-me-me mentality.  That greed also establishes a further divide with humanity.  Further, those who chose to get the c shot will later turn to those who have not had the shot with the belief that their shot will not work unless all humans submit, so again, it’s a group causing the demise of another group type of mentality that will be promoted in future articles.  The ones desiring the shot will always be set up as victims in these articles.

When you allow another to be in charge of your health, you are choosing to be manipulated by articles that will pull your strings to react to “poor me,” scarcity, and you will be enticed to come from greed.  Whatever it is that they can get you to desire, they will make it scarce.  Could food be a possibility?  Could one group prepare when another decided not to?  Could the group that decided not to prepare become greedy and righteous?  Well, the future articles will tell us what to feel, think, and do, so no need to be philosophical.


Choose to Be the Parent


[I would like to point something out to y'all. There were rules that said that I had to vaccinate my child or she couldn't go to public school in California. My daughter is an adult and she's never had a vaccine or the vitamin K shot or anything in her whole entire life. (And by the way, independent studies have found that children who never had any vaccine or the vitamin K shot have only a 2% chance of the whole array of problems that other people have. My child became an adult and doesn't go to medical doctors.  I mean, she last saw a medical doctor when we had to get the new kind of Personal Belief Exemption because California changed its legislation.)  I chose to parent her over having the government parent her.

There were rules that my daughter had to have tests in school. Well, I wrote notes all the time saying my child is not taking this test. So she hardly had any of those tests. (And by the way, she passed the exit exam for high school because she took it in one of the early grades and by the time she was a senior no one had to take that test anymore because they were having trouble passing that test.) I chose to parent her over the school system parenting her.

When AB 499 came out, I wrote a note to the school and had my daughter write one as well, which basically said that anytime vaccinations were going to be discussed on campus that she was going to be removed from that situation and go to the office and work on something there. Further, we told them that we're informing them now, through my daughter writing it herself, what her stance is on vaccinations, so they are never to approach her at school and especially without her mother present.  Thanks to AB 499, she was of age, so she was telling them now what her stance was in writing.  I chose to parent her over allowing Governor Brown to parent her.

You are the parent. You get to decide what you want your child to do or you don't want your child to do. 

You get to decide what you want your child to have and what you don't want your child to have. 

When the government is writing legislation saying that they get to boss your child around and that they get to raise your child, that's going too far. You honestly don't have to do any of it. Stand tall in Natural Law. Take responsibility  For your actions, thoughts, words, etc. Parent yourself.

Just like this last year. I wrote to the LA county's and to the California health departments and I asked both of them to show proof that they had isolated this virus floating around in the air. You see, I've studied viruses. I've studied Germ Theory. I know about health. I know about our immune system and what our cells do when they are responding to stress. It doesn't matter what they say I have to do. I am not wearing a mask. I am not washing my hands anymore than I used to. I'm not cleaning anything more than I used to. I'm not separating myself from fellow humans. The government does not need to parent me, especially when I've studied the government for decades and I know their plans: Agenda 21,ID 2020, social system, etc. You know I've studied their scripts. 

Perhaps you like doing as you're told because you don't want to take the time to investigate every single little thing like I have. in choosing to be parented,  You're not choosing to live freely. You're choosing to always be that 3 year old  who does as you're told. You do not need to be parented by the government if you can grow up and really pull up your sleeves and dig in there and see what's there is to be discovered. 

Just don't do the thing that they're trying to force you to do that you don't want to do. And don't get all silly and start saying stuff like, "Oh well, so you can go and murder someone?" There is still Natural Law in place. What I'm saying to you is I answer to something a lot higher than someone who's posing as a human, who's posing as something there for the good of people of countries.

I can parent myself because I have risen above the 3D. I'm not just stuck in duality,  they're naturally I experienced it because I'm here on through the Earth. I've taken myself out of it and looked down on it and understood things that are going on. I knew about vaccines and how they're biowarfare. I knew that governments of the world can bring humans down through what they inject I to us. They've tried various things such as engineering the weather, spraying things on the population through the decades, (such as mycoplasma over the population of Winnipeg in the 50s), and into subway systems (such as in London in 1964).

I've seen how the public school system was started at gunpoint in the 1850s because people didn't want to send their children out of the homes for education.  (And it's interesting that this is around the time of the so-called mud floods.) Parents back then saw that public school was actually a place of indoctrination. I supplemented what my daughter learned at school with what I taught her at home. I supplemented it also by putting her in a car or putting her in a plane and taking her places and letting her see for herself. I chose to parent my child.

By the way, you have the power to stop what Clinton signed in 1996 that gave permission for authorities to hurt human health as long as it has to do with communication. Get rid of the cell phone. Ether cable your internet. Get a landline. Get rid of your SMART meter. Get rid of every single SMART appliance you own because it's just leading you to ID 2020.  what I'm saying is just because they put words on paper, doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it. You still hold the power. I also stopped a cell tower from being erected in Harbor City in spite of section 704, which Clinton signed.  they don't want you to get oxygen so they want you to wear a mask and they want you to get vaccinated both so that you have trouble thinking your way out of this mess. You can't parent yourself if you can't think.

There's something that you can do every single time you see words on paper that are going against humanity. 

Stand up to it.]

Here's an article I wrote on natural news about a b 499. I tried to post it with the link all together but they told me that natural news goes against Community standards because they are extremely afraid of M*ke Ad*ms.

I don't know what is making you mask wearers trust these slave owners as you do. Freedom of speech should be important to you. Why do you want to trust a master who won't let you have access to every single little thing out there and let you decide? This is exactly what I was writing about in the main body of this post. Do you really want the government to parent you like this? Can't you decide for yourself whether you want to read my article or not? Search natural news Debbie allsup and all my articles I wrote for them will come up. Or put this one together. This one is basically about what I did. How I protected my daughter from the legislation of California. How I empowered her. How my daughter got to stand up to Governor Brown and say nobody I am making this choice now before you put me in a situation where you can manipulate me! htt






[Why is okay with you that freedom of speech is being squelched?

Not allowing N*tural Ne*ws articles to be posted here on Facebook is not going to harm the people who are not wearing masks. They already know everything. 

The censorship is hurting you, the people who do wear masks. 

On Event 201, which is part of the script we're following here this last year, they said they were going to use censorship for control. They announced it. You're not stopping them. That's permission.  You can't play victim later when they have you.

You are being parented by a government that pretends that you are too fragile to hear other people's points of view. But see the truth is that they know how they controlled you by showing you something again and again and again and again. They want to stop us from showing you something again and again and again and again. Cuz the truth is there's millions of us who are trying to show you things and they are needing to stop us because they can't have you seeing it again and again and again and again.

I know why it doesn't make you mad. I understand mind control. But it should make you mad.

Turn off the news. Unplug from their programming at the very least. Maybe it'll make you start to feel hungry for Truth.

This is the midnight hour and the odds are not in your favor if you keep that TV on.]

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Our War of the Worlds


I recall people around me laughing when they heard about H G Wells’ War of the World radio broadcast that had occurred on October 30, 1938.  (Which, to me, proves how many reactionaries simply do not read anything.  This was published in 1898, yet few recognized that fact when they were being controlled via the radio show.) A familiar actor’s voice was even heard, yet many took unfolding drama as a news report.  That is why youngsters around me in the 1980’s were laughing.  “What fools,” they said.  “How stupid!”

Fast-forward to 2020-2021, and the covid war of the worlds is following the same method of operation.  The reactionaries do not think to ask for an isolate, they cower in fear and swallow every word that is spoon-fed to them.  A graphic representing an isolate of the covid circulated constantly until pictures of syringes and the smiling faces of those supposedly receiving them replaced the graphic.  Reactionaries have not read Bechamp’s work, nor about subsequent actions to silence his work, and so they do not recognize similarities of public manipulation from even 1920 compared to 2020.

I have spent decades researching mind control, including MKULTRA and frequency control of people.  I found the CIA infiltration of the Hippie movement that changed it from a love frequency to a dark, slow frequency.  I can see what they are doing to humanity now.  As effective as I know their programs are over us, I am still floored by the precision, effectiveness, and speed with which they conquered so many humans starting in March of 2020.

This “Wag the Dog” Psy-op is another “War of the Worlds.”  They want to blatantly control those who survive the great purge.

It is not too late to start thinking your way out of your chains. 

If something was floating in the air that masks and vaccines could stop, then how come all those who did not wear masks, physically distance themselves, nor receive vaccines are still standing and standing in health at that?

Turn off the radio.

Turn off the TV.

Turn off the internet news.

Seek high-frequency work that will assist you in rising above implants and the control they presently have over you.

Use your cell phone for communication only and place it far from you—in another room or outside in the car—when not in use.  Go check it periodically if you must.  Get a landline.

Turn off the drama.

Stopping our war of the worlds experience starts with you.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Don't Ignore the Ones Who Ignored Us


[The none-masked and aware (that no pathogen has been isolated yet it is being used to scare and control the population) are looking at half of the population and seeing how easily they were lead down the path of destruction in spite of us warning them about how the "elite" on desiring the murder of 8 million to 6.5 billion humans... the masked are clamoring for the C shot in spite of us letting them know it is not a vaccine and how it is going to enter an alter their DNA and in spite of the videos and what-have-you that we have shown that depict the CIA talking about a part of the brain that helps a person identify with God and how they are going after that part of the brain to snuff it out.

The non-masked look at the masked who are clamoring for the c shot and think, "Oh well that'll be the population that gets killed."
The unfortunate thing for us is that the survivors of that c shot will be those afraid of the Light (such as in Omega Man & I Am Legend), which here means they are turned away from God, they are forgetting their Monadic Ray. They will be as the people in The Matrix where the Agents were able to jump into them and then control them...against us.
The will be true controlled robots of the "elite."
So we need to raise our frequency.]

[Those wearing masks and lining up for the c shot were warned by us about this whole "Wag the Dog" psy-op for years and in some cases for decades.
We informed you about Agenda 21. Well welcome to 2021 and their attempt to implement Agenda 21 completely.
Specifically related to Agenda 21, we warned you about ID 2020. Well last year, welcome to 2020 and their attempt to implement Agenda 21 and ID 2020 completely.
Specifically related to ID 2020, there was the social credit system. Well welcome to forced vaccinations, forced covid testing with something that isn't even a test, and being forced into camps and hotels, being not allowed into certain places unless you follow what they want you to do and their attempt to completely implement Agenda 21, ID 2020, nd the social credit system.
Specifically related to the social credit system and forced vaccinations, etc is the implementation of 60 gHz chips, 5G antennas, 4G towers, and SMART meters. Welcome to frequency attacks galore! Not everyone in 2020 committed suicide because of the dire situation. You can bet people were snuffed out with frequency attacks under the guise of cov*d. Just as every attack last year was under the guise of c*vid.
They're trying to welcome you to an AI prison planet.
Those not wearing masks and not lining up for the c shot tried to warn you.]

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Arrogance Is As a Wall


It amazes me to hear the reactionaries, the masses, scream about how human lives matter when they ignore two basic premises: “Do un to others,” etc and they visit practitioners who ignore “First, do no harm.”

If you want kindness, community, love, and peace to come back to you, you have to put the same out there.  If you refuse to place yourself in this frequency, then it cannot find you.  It starts with communication.  Here’s an example.  My neighbors hired tree cutters to come and remove two beautiful pine trees that gave me joy every day.  When a reason was sought, the answer was that the trees were messy, so they had to go.  Why are humans so narrow-minded and is this narrowness of thought the reason for their lack of love, community, etc? 

“But what could your neighbor have done?” you may ask.  How about starting with communication?  Connect with the tree and with the Nature People (Spirits) who work with the tree.  Explain your dilemma.  Next, offer solutions.  Then, ask for their solutions.  See where it goes from there.  Perhaps there is something that the trees need or want you to stop doing.  Strike a bargain.  Compromise.  Work it out.  From their point of view, they may say, “How dare you not see me as an equal creation of God!  How dare you chant that your life matters and tear me down as if I am nothing!”  Maybe you have been programmed that you are the best lifeform in the Omniverse.  Well, I am here to tell you that you are only one lifestream out of many.  Stop bullying.  Be Still.  Listen and the world will open up for you. Arrogance is as a wall. Tear it down now. If you put out the community vibe, it shall come back to you.  Think of all those lifestreams around you who may choose to offer you protection in thanks for you protecting them.  In tearing down the wall between you and Nature, you shall be the change you have been waiting to see.

Do not chant that your life matters and then turn it over to a practitioner that wants to inject poisons into your bloodstream and have a customer for life.  Research and find a practitioner who will truly care for you and support you.  Exercise, quench hydration, research color healing and many other modalities that empower you to be the best you you can be.  Defending Western Medicine as the best medicine and only one of value is not only arrogance, it’s ignorance.  Research its inception.  Arrogantly defending its practices is as a wall blocking you from true health.  Listen to your body.  Tear down the wall of programming that you’ve endured your whole life.  Prove that your life matters.  Take charge of it. Become the change you are ready to see.