Sunday, February 14, 2021

Active & Healthy at Eighty


[An almost 80-year-old I know did not slow down because the government simply told her to do so without any proof that a pathogen had been isolated.

During this “Wag the Dog Psy-op” she:

  • ·        Travelled to Arizona three times
  • ·        Travelled to Nevada twice for shooting lessons
  • ·        Travelled to Tennessee for visiting
  • ·        Knitted two sweaters, a blanket & baby booties
  • ·        Sewed curtains and an intricate bedspread
  • ·        Read countless books both within her genre and not
  • ·        Worked many cross-word puzzles & spelling bees
  • ·        Worked at her less than part-time job
  • ·        Exercised with the Air Walker and more
  • ·        Entertained countless times, preparing meals & desserts
  • ·        Shopped often, without a mask or physically distancing herself
  • ·        Dined at a restaurant with a no mask/no distancing rule
  • ·        Visited a few friends
  • ·       Chatted with friends on the phone

Yet, an eleven-year-old practicing medicine without a license (because he repeated the program he has heard often) said, “You should get the v*ccine, because you’re old.” !!!

It is 12:15 AM.  We are past the Midnight Hour.  We are past the “This is the Moment.”  If you do not turn off the TV, cell phone, and computer now…try it for two weeks…you will make it harder for us to help you later.  They will have you. 

If a pathogen was floating in the air and it had nothing to do with a person’s outlook on life and internal terrain, many of us would have already died.  Now they are injecting you with auto-immunity and death, and will call that the pathogen to get even more people to take the sh*t.

Look, all I am asking you to do is read and listen to a few non-commercial scientists.  Many books are available for during your two-week fast.

You know how an athlete knows to take off the sweat-suit jacket when exercising but to put it on again when finished and the non-athlete will keep it on until really hot and keep it off long after the activity..?  Well, when you know the mechanics involved in Germ Theory, Viron Theory and Big Pharma’s Agenda, you recognize what is occurring and how you need to respond.  When you are ignorant to certain topics, they can tug on you and get you in fear. 

Please, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!]

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