Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Great Splitting of Humanity


[So Happy New Year.

 Unlike 2020, 2021 will show an increase of worldwide deaths. 

They are seeking to kill off huge numbers (as we've been constantly warning you) and they're most likely going to call it the cov*d, to reiterate previous programming of you.

The whole v*ccine program was built on a lie. No virus has ever been isolated in any of those so-called dis-ases. 

Viruses are a part of your immune system, as I've been telling you. When your cell becomes imbalanced, which will happen especially if you're allowing toxins and technology to be injected into you, your cell is going to fight to try and regain balance. 

A byproduct is going to be vir*s.

The c shot has set you up to react to your natural response to imbalance.

Be prepared for the mother of all auto-immune dis-eases. (That va*cines have always been responsible for.)

What an awesome time to be alive. We all have a front-row-seat for the splitting of humanity: Genetic humans are changing.

I choose to be the light-bearer human to the successive, automated human.

How about you?]

For more information on the light-bearer human and the successive human, please read my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

[One group gets the auto-immune-making shot.
One group will not have the c shot, so they will not be allowed to work. They are prepared with food and water stores.
Soon, one group will be gone, so the other group can go back to work due to need.]

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