Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Scarcity & Neglect Program


Articles, such as the two below, are put out for three important reasons: 1) to establish the “They are doing me wrong” dynamic, 2) to establish the scarcity vibe, and 3) to have humans react from greed.  All three contribute to the demise of the community vibe, which is what our masters (AI, non-humans, humans that think they control us) need in order to succeed.  When you can read about how the so-called elite are treating those in various communities, it is meant to incite you to react with hatred towards these mean racists (the program very much in play), because they are doing a group wrong.  "These things would not be happening if there was enough" of the much-coveted product.  This keeps humans in the frequency of separation, frenzy, and fear.  If there isn’t enough, then "I’d better hurry and get it before you because I’m chronically ill, old, a healthcare worker and I need it more!"  The reactionaries do not respond from a place of Love when reading articles such as these.  They react from judgment, anger, and fear.

The c shot is not supposed to advertise, so implanting the idea for you to go get the shot has to be accomplished another way.  Sure, they can hire so-called doctors to give so-called public service announcements, and they do, but these articles go a long way in working people up to the point of desiring a shot, especially when the thought had not previously entered their minds.  After all, "If there isn’t enough, I’d better hurry."  If communities are lacking the shot, well "I’d better find it for myself." The pay-off, of course, is that some get to wallow in self-pity and victimization and others get to be seen as greedy.  The truth is, though, that everyone who has run out and gotten a shot when they believe there are only a few has demonstrating greed. 

If I saw a need for something that I trust, say IV Vitamin C or IV Ozone, and it was scarce, I trust in my immune system and multiple methods of support enough that I would be able to stand back and allow others to have the Vitamin C and Ozone before me.  More than the trust I have in my health and other products, I am calm.  I’ve not been worked-up into a fear-frenzy this past year.  The scarcity promotion is working the controlled into a frenzied panic of me-me-me-me-me-me mentality.  That greed also establishes a further divide with humanity.  Further, those who chose to get the c shot will later turn to those who have not had the shot with the belief that their shot will not work unless all humans submit, so again, it’s a group causing the demise of another group type of mentality that will be promoted in future articles.  The ones desiring the shot will always be set up as victims in these articles.

When you allow another to be in charge of your health, you are choosing to be manipulated by articles that will pull your strings to react to “poor me,” scarcity, and you will be enticed to come from greed.  Whatever it is that they can get you to desire, they will make it scarce.  Could food be a possibility?  Could one group prepare when another decided not to?  Could the group that decided not to prepare become greedy and righteous?  Well, the future articles will tell us what to feel, think, and do, so no need to be philosophical.


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