Saturday, February 6, 2021

Our War of the Worlds


I recall people around me laughing when they heard about H G Wells’ War of the World radio broadcast that had occurred on October 30, 1938.  (Which, to me, proves how many reactionaries simply do not read anything.  This was published in 1898, yet few recognized that fact when they were being controlled via the radio show.) A familiar actor’s voice was even heard, yet many took unfolding drama as a news report.  That is why youngsters around me in the 1980’s were laughing.  “What fools,” they said.  “How stupid!”

Fast-forward to 2020-2021, and the covid war of the worlds is following the same method of operation.  The reactionaries do not think to ask for an isolate, they cower in fear and swallow every word that is spoon-fed to them.  A graphic representing an isolate of the covid circulated constantly until pictures of syringes and the smiling faces of those supposedly receiving them replaced the graphic.  Reactionaries have not read Bechamp’s work, nor about subsequent actions to silence his work, and so they do not recognize similarities of public manipulation from even 1920 compared to 2020.

I have spent decades researching mind control, including MKULTRA and frequency control of people.  I found the CIA infiltration of the Hippie movement that changed it from a love frequency to a dark, slow frequency.  I can see what they are doing to humanity now.  As effective as I know their programs are over us, I am still floored by the precision, effectiveness, and speed with which they conquered so many humans starting in March of 2020.

This “Wag the Dog” Psy-op is another “War of the Worlds.”  They want to blatantly control those who survive the great purge.

It is not too late to start thinking your way out of your chains. 

If something was floating in the air that masks and vaccines could stop, then how come all those who did not wear masks, physically distance themselves, nor receive vaccines are still standing and standing in health at that?

Turn off the radio.

Turn off the TV.

Turn off the internet news.

Seek high-frequency work that will assist you in rising above implants and the control they presently have over you.

Use your cell phone for communication only and place it far from you—in another room or outside in the car—when not in use.  Go check it periodically if you must.  Get a landline.

Turn off the drama.

Stopping our war of the worlds experience starts with you.

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