Thursday, February 4, 2021

Don't Ignore the Ones Who Ignored Us


[The none-masked and aware (that no pathogen has been isolated yet it is being used to scare and control the population) are looking at half of the population and seeing how easily they were lead down the path of destruction in spite of us warning them about how the "elite" on desiring the murder of 8 million to 6.5 billion humans... the masked are clamoring for the C shot in spite of us letting them know it is not a vaccine and how it is going to enter an alter their DNA and in spite of the videos and what-have-you that we have shown that depict the CIA talking about a part of the brain that helps a person identify with God and how they are going after that part of the brain to snuff it out.

The non-masked look at the masked who are clamoring for the c shot and think, "Oh well that'll be the population that gets killed."
The unfortunate thing for us is that the survivors of that c shot will be those afraid of the Light (such as in Omega Man & I Am Legend), which here means they are turned away from God, they are forgetting their Monadic Ray. They will be as the people in The Matrix where the Agents were able to jump into them and then control them...against us.
The will be true controlled robots of the "elite."
So we need to raise our frequency.]

[Those wearing masks and lining up for the c shot were warned by us about this whole "Wag the Dog" psy-op for years and in some cases for decades.
We informed you about Agenda 21. Well welcome to 2021 and their attempt to implement Agenda 21 completely.
Specifically related to Agenda 21, we warned you about ID 2020. Well last year, welcome to 2020 and their attempt to implement Agenda 21 and ID 2020 completely.
Specifically related to ID 2020, there was the social credit system. Well welcome to forced vaccinations, forced covid testing with something that isn't even a test, and being forced into camps and hotels, being not allowed into certain places unless you follow what they want you to do and their attempt to completely implement Agenda 21, ID 2020, nd the social credit system.
Specifically related to the social credit system and forced vaccinations, etc is the implementation of 60 gHz chips, 5G antennas, 4G towers, and SMART meters. Welcome to frequency attacks galore! Not everyone in 2020 committed suicide because of the dire situation. You can bet people were snuffed out with frequency attacks under the guise of cov*d. Just as every attack last year was under the guise of c*vid.
They're trying to welcome you to an AI prison planet.
Those not wearing masks and not lining up for the c shot tried to warn you.]

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