Thursday, February 11, 2021

It Is All About Frequency


Humanity is choosing sides: higher frequency or slavery to AI and nasty entities.  The mask-less ask why the other side cannot hear them when they are speaking the same language and have proof to back their statements.  Well, information, at its specific frequency, requires a receptor of same frequency within the human for it to be processed, received, and integrated. 

Truth or propaganda has a better chance of penetrating someone’s consciousness with repetition.  Unfortunately, the base communications get through easily to anyone because fear-warnings are part of the human body’s make-up and are received, whereas when Truth is communicated, innate Light is being addressed.  If that person has hidden and shut away their Light, it is difficult for them to acknowledge and understand Truth.  Penny Kelly has similar thoughts on this subject about what individuals bring to the table, so to speak.  She points out that it is impossible to teach something that is not known.  You see, if we are experiencing life from our Light, we are of the frequency to grasp thoughts new to our conscious mind.  “The learner had to bring something of his or her own knowing to the learning situation,” writes Kelly.1  Frequency of the information needs a receptor of like frequency for resonating to happen.  Information can shift into the consciousness as intracellular fluid moves in and out of the cell in proper working condition.

One reason the Controllers are able to program so many humans in record time is because fear is a base response for us in the best of circumstances where we need to respond for safety and is a base reaction in the worst situations because the reflex was not warranted.  For example, fight or flight is a response to action for safety.  It may be exploited by manipulators to entice us to react in fear at their tugs and pushes where they create a drama for us to participate.  The Controllers are capable of convincing a human to divorce himself from his community through tugging on that fear reaction.  “Do not pick-up trash when out for your daily walk because germs are on it and they will harm you,” divorces you from your community.  “Stay home alone so no-one can infect you,” establishes an abyss between you and humanity. Basically, you have a receptor for base information through your innate doorway of registering potential emergency situations, so it can be and is exploited.

Case in point.  The fearful cannot hear, “A pathogen floating around in the air being called the covid (that masks and physically distancing protect you from) has never been isolated,” because they lack the receptor for Truth.  By lack, I mean, fear has smothered their innate Light and a person cannot catch the words being thrown at them.  “Anti-vaxxers are conspiracy theorists, masks save lives, staying home saves lives,” can be received by the fearful, due to these chants being base programs.  Clothe the speaker in a white coat or throw a couple of letters after their name and the manipulation falls in line with past manipulations where programming around authority figures already runs rampant and success is almost guaranteed.

A timely example of information finding receptors through fear compared to high frequency with which Truth may resonate is with the infamous c shot being administered to the public: 

“I had the coronavirus vaccine,” says average Joe. 

“You trust the government?” 

Startled, average Joe says, “No, of course not.  What’s that got to do with anything?” 

“Why did you receive the c shot?” 

Silence.  Finally, “Look you have this guy saying one thing, this one saying another, and yet again this other one saying something else.” 

“So why not research the shot completely for yourself and listen to your gut about what is right for you personally?” 

Average Joe says, “Look.  I decided for myself.” 

“Did you, or did the news decide for you?” 

Average Joe was following popular narrative.  The countless images of people supposedly receiving the c shot did a number on him as the images of Elvis supposedly receiving the polio shot did for average Josephinas and Joes back then.  (And if he died that August 16th, if it was not a frequency attack to kill by the numbers, a man who supposedly received a v*ccine died young.)  Anyway, average Joe heard supposed doctors during supposed public announcements on the radio asking him to do his part and receive the c shot to keep all safe.  (Has anyone investigated who paid for those spots on the radio and for those “news” items of people receiving shots?  Surely, a certain company gave big bucks for non-stop propaganda in support of the popular narrative.  Sure, average Joe, when he did no research yet felt passionate about receiving that shot he knew zilch about, is certainly not making his own decision!  Passion felt for a thing one knows nothing about is proof that propaganda has gotten in via fear. 

Truth feels light and supportive. Imagine if someone hears, “Vaccines have never been proven, safe, effective, or necessary” after decades of having heard the opposite.  The Truth may be as a gentle breeze of confusion building stronger to curiosity.  Something may gnaw at this person until she pulls up your sleeves and gets to work figuring out this contradiction.  This person would start to notice who benefits by the claims commonly made on the subject.  Does the maligned anti-v*xxer who used to be a vaxx*r gain by informing others about her son’s death after receiving vaccines, or the pharmaceutical companies with their non-stop pro-vaccine campaign?  Are those who do not receive vaccines customers for life of Big Pharma, or is it mostly the vax*ers?  Each new Truth may reveal a new question as your journey continues.  A person who can go against the narrative and research for themselves must be of a frequency which did not permit invisible shackles to tug them this way toward blindly following this rule and then that way to following this other rule.   

Popular narratives, no matter what they are selling, use fear in order to get into a person’s consciousness, but there is more.  Fear has many expressions.  Conceit is one.  If the Controllers can convince average Joe that he is doing what is right and is saving humanity, this will find a place to settle.  Self-importance allows one a pseudo-feel good that makes one strut around, showing peers and others how awesome he is.  He advertises through his actions what is right behavior and knows all average Joes will approve.  In truth, he is in too much fear to go against all these images and emotions that have been poured into him that he is excited into fight or flight at the mere mention of agendas and crimes against humanity.  Unfortunately, he is not of a frequency to rise above fear, they have him.  Truth needs a receptor.

The following is a perfect example of how information and receptors are all about frequency.  Antibodies are another rabbit hole because scientists world-wide cannot reach consensus about what they show exactly: infection, protection, or history of a health event.  I write about my point of view on measles in the Germ Theory section of my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.2   Here, I will simply state that my immunity to measles may not be related to all the antibodies left in its wake, but from the simple fact that my body released the gestational now pathogenic heat and no longer has a need to be expressed simply because it is now not there.  Antibodies serve as documentation of what my body has experienced.  There was a cell that was imbalanced. Here, the imbalance came from heat that needed to be expressed.  Things known as viruses/exosomes/soap are the byproduct of the body seeking balance.  Genomes are the genetic components of the battle/process.  Likewise, when no pathogen has been isolated in this supposed covid/corona pandemic, the genetic material found in people who have been sick (ie. imbalanced cells having sought balance thus leaving viruses in their wake) is simply material from their own immune system’s process.  Antibodies show the history of a process of having sought balance.  (The common cold/coronavirus is the byproduct of having sought balance.)  You need to clear out the viruses in your blood that are there because your actions, food choices, etc, lead to imbalance in the first place, not because you “caught” it.  Even though they used the name coronavirus, they were not meaning the common cold, as this word is used in Merck’s Manual, for instance. 

Fear ensures customers for life for Big Pharma.  They convinced the world to fear the air through the propaganda of Germ Theory.  Only those of a higher frequency can feel Truth when they hear it.  They do not accept the propaganda, because the receptor is already full. This monumental division of humanity is all about frequency.




1 The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature, p. 109.

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