Sunday, January 25, 2015

Info Wars on Measles

I would not put it past military-governments of the world to be changing the Measles virus within their labs.  I think that is far more likely rather than Measles changing simply because some of the population is unvaccinated.  For thousands of years the public did not have Western Medical's live virus and blood and mercury type of vaccinations, meaning the whole population was unvaccinated and Measles carried on as it did.  What has definitely changed the virus is the vaccine itself.  Now when vaccinated kids get Measles, it is Atypical Measles.  So it definitely morphed because of the vaccine, not because of not taking the vaccine.

Disneyland and Measles

The recent Measles outbreak at Disneyland may have been made to happen so legislation can be brought in to force more vaccinations, or it could have been made to happen to show you how the old vaccine is obsolete and so you need the new and improved vaccination, amongst many other possible reasons.  What is unfortunate is people don't question the line they're told.  Here, the line seems to be that one unvaccinated woman is "apparently" responsible.  How many of those who got the Measles have been vaccinated in the past?  How many have had Measles in the past and were supposed to have natural immunity?  How many were unvaccinated?  People should be allowed to choose whether they want to put poisons into their bodies or not.  If you believe in vaccines, then by all means have the Measles shot and then you can't blame an unvaccinated woman if you get the Measles.

Here's an excerpt from a 2009 article on this blogsite.

Obviously, there are groups out there who think vaccines are good, helpful things. They are perhaps concerned that unvaccinated people will make them sick. If they get the shot and believe in it so much, then how can what I do or not do be of any concern to them? Fear should never be a motivating factor for anything. I invite you to research percentages on those who have not had shots and don’t get the disease, as well as those who have had shots and still get the disease, only usually in a worse form.
I have many stories around doctors trying to force various vaccines on me through the years. I want to tell you one related to my daughter, because it relates to the disease changing if in a vaccinated person. Before my daughter could be enrolled in kindergarten, I had to take her to her doctor (who she hasn’t seen since because she has stayed in the same school). The gentleman pored over her thin file, looked up at me and said, “Has anyone talked to you about vaccinations?”

“No, and I’d rather they didn’t.” (I had researched the subject thoroughly fifteen years before I even met my daughter’s father and have logged a few more years of research since.)

“Well,” he continued, “Do you know that three kids died of measles last year?” (This is a common ploy of pediatricians- try to induce fear in the uneducated mother.)
“Was it Atypical Measles?” (I am not an uneducated mother.)

“Ah,” he stumbled, “Ah, well, yes.”

“So that means the three who died were vaccinated.”

He was silent to my statement, not a question. (Atypical Measles occurs in those who have been vaccinated against measles. I personally prefer measles.)

I asked, “Could you please write on the chart that we’ve had the vaccination talk? Thanks.”
It really doesn’t matter whether we are in agreement on the vaccination issue, or not. What’s important here, is a person’s right to choose what’s best on an individual basis is being threatened.

Another question related to the recent outbreak supposedly caused by an unvaccinated woman who visited airports and Disneyland is: What do each of these sick people have, Measles or Atypical Measles?

Measles and the Media

Following are some points on the 2014/2015 Measles outbreak:

                     On the news, I heard that Measles was eradicated by 2000.  (Eradicated to me means from Earth.  Not simply from the United States.  It also means that crazy scientists and governments of the world do not keep any pathogens locked up just in case.)

                      I haven't heard of a Measles outbreak in San Francsico, yet the news never stops harping on how they have a community that have decided not to vaccinate.

                      The news are showing doctors that constantly harp on the idea that communities of non-vaccinated children occur because parents talk and convince each other.  Perhaps people gravitate to more open minded communities.  I have spoken out in favor of not vaccinating children since 1987-90ish and no people around me were convinced.  The propaganda that the news was doing was extremely effective.  What others did was their business anyway.  I wasn't trying to convince anyone.  It is actually the opposite.  Vaccinators try to convince us how wrong we are.

                      The news is claiming that the Measles vaccination is the safest vaccine.  Are they admitting that vaccines exist that are not safe, or as safe?  And if vaccines exist that are not as safe, why aren't they safe?  And why are unsafe vaccinations permitted and forced on the public by law in some places?

                      Before people can be made wrong...before legislation can be implemented to force vaccinations, the Measles has to strike the population.  People probably come from other countries with various viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens all the time, yet outbreaks don't happen.  In order for Measles to penetrate a person's immune system, certain factors would have to be place.  The odds of an outbreak occurring would be far greater if it was dumped on a portion of the population at one time.  Chem Trails can deliver mercury, nanoparticulates, and other harmful crap for us to inhale and absorb.  It could also be a delivery system for Measles.

                      If you are concerned about non-vaccinated people being able to harm you, you must believe that vaccinations can save you.  So get your vaccinations if it makes you happy and get out of non-vaccinated people's business!

                     Notice the numbers of vaccinated people who also came down with Measles (and the Pertussis outbreak of 2010, by the way.).

                     Look into Chinese Medicine's treatment of Measles.


If you would like a place to go to memorialize a loved one who has been harmed by vaccines, please click on the link below.