Monday, November 25, 2019

S.M.A.R.T. Meter Removal 101

            I have had two meters removed from two homes where I have resided.  I realize that does not make me a pro, but I would even try my technique in a state such as Tennessee, where “opting out” of SMART meters is not permitted to those who identify “District of Columbia,” i.e. as a US citizen.

            In 2013, when I moved into a rental home, I called the electric company (DWP) and informed them never to show up at my house with a SMART meter.  I said, “Make a note of it on my account.  I don’t want it!”  Now, I knew that person had no idea to what I was referring.  It was as if that person had never heard the word “SMART” when used as an acronym.  But I made that call so that if they ever intruded on my property to install the devil, I could do something about it, since, at that time, I had not thought of my present plan.

            Fast-forward to 2016, I came home from work to a SMART meter on the wall in place of the analogue one.  I was livid.  I spent two hours on the phone before they (the DWP) agreed to come out and remove it and without charging me.  I had to sift through all the bs talk on effectiveness and how I have to pay because one guy has to come out to read it.  “Nope,” I said, “For years many guys have come out to many homes and at no charge.  You are not going to charge me when there is only one.  You have less men in the field, not more.”  I kept reiterating that I made a call and had it placed into my account not to have it removed.  (If I were to do that technique again, I would follow it up with a letter sent without postage from the non-domestic jurisdiction.)

            On Friday, November 22, 2019, I called the new electric company (Edison) to have the SMART meter removed from my new home.  I wanted to be certain to say a few things up front, because I am not “opting out” and; therefore, intend to pay nothing.  I had said that I want an analogue meter, and not the kind with a transmitter within it.  The man said, “Okay, but I don’t even know what that [one with a transmitter within] is.”  He added,  “I’m just checking protocol to get you back to analogue,” as if I am the first to call, which I do not believe for a second.  I immediately pounced on his words.  “I love your language, ‘To get back to analogue.’ We didn’t 'opt in' to the whole SMART thing, secret militarized armament residential technology.  I have no military training. I do not want a military weapon parked on my wall.  And so I’m really glad that you used that language, ‘To get back to the analogue.’  It is absolutely ridiculous.  Do you know about it?  There’s…”  He quickly said that he needed to place me on hold, so I did not have an opportunity to mention about a “contract,” which I would have liked to have done after I was to say that there are 928 million hertz going through a 60 hertz grid when a SMART meter is used and that that sounds dangerous to me. 

             The mention of a contract is important, because if they were to leave the meter on the wall of my home, I want them to know that I see that as them entering a contract with me and that I will charge $200,000/month for that.  If anyone asks you if you use a SMART phone, answer, “Look.  I can park a tanker in my backyard if I so choose.  The point of this conversation centers around choice and I do not choose to 'opt in' to having a Secret Militarized Armament Residential Technology meter on my wall.  I do not choose to have the pulsing harm the dry wall of my house, nor to harm the cells of my body.  If you choose to leave it there, then I will see that you are entering a contract with me and that contract is that Edison will pay me $200,000/month while Edison is storing a military weapon on the wall of my home."

So, he placed me on hold and disappeared for a few minutes.  When he came back, he asked if I had dogs on my property and wanted knowledge about how to gain access to the backyard.  He informed me it would take from three to seven business days and with Thanksgiving approaching, I got it into my head that it may be the week of December 2nd.  “Thank-you very much.  No cost to me, correct?”  He said, “Correct.”  (DWP had said something such as, “$75 for the initial switch over and $35/month,” which had prompted me to say, “Absolutely not,” and that is why the conversation took two hours compared to this one that was roughly five minutes.  The bullets below should help residents who need to take on companies that wish to charge for removal.)

It had taken DWP a week to give me my analogue meter back.  Imagine my surprise when on November 23, a Saturday at that, a supervisor was at my home to take the meter away!  I went out back with him and I checked again, “This is at no cost to me.”  He was surprised.  “It’s costing me $10/month to not have a SMART meter,” he said.  (I hope you caught that.  Notice how many inventors of technology do not send their kids to wi-fied schools and how many doctors do not allow their children to be vaccinated.  Add to that list how many electricians do not have a SMART meter on the walls of their homes.)  Since I had no opportunity to inform Edison that they would be entering into a contract with me for $200,000/month, I told him.  Then I picked up the meter he had brought out, ready to place on the wall.  “Landis," I said.  "They’re bad.  This has a transmitter in it."  “The analogues are Landis, too.”  He went on to reason that it was not the same as the current meter that was read back at headquarters.  “This one,” he assured me, “is read from outside your fence.  We have to be nearby, just not right here.”  I handed it to him.  “I want an analogue without a transmitter.”  He said he would be back on Monday.

It is Monday and a worker, Daniel, just showed up.  I checked that the analogue meter was not a Landis + Gyr MS or MX, which reportedly can have a transmitter.  Guess what.  It is the MS kind.   He assured me there is no transmitter within it and did not deny it when I said that it can have a transmitter within it.  I informed him that I will be checking the meter with equipment (when I am able to borrow it from a friend) to make certain there is nothing SMART about my new meter.  If I find there is, I will have to charge Edison for how many days the military weapon/meter has been on my wall starting today, no matter how long it takes me to get around to measuring it.  He said, “Well, lady, this is the analogue Edison uses, so you’ll be out of luck.”  I do feel confident that Edison would not place a transmitter within it, but I will check.

Important points to remember:
·         You are not in the wrong for protecting your home and family against big business.  Do not allow them to bully you.  Stay in control.  The only questions you have to answer are about dogs and gates on your property.  It is none of their business if you use a landline or have been suckered into the whole SMART phone scene as most of us have been.  Do not allow them to make you wrong about anything.
·         You are not opting out.  State up front that you never opted in to having a military weapon on the wall of your home.  State up front that you never opted in to the dangers of 928 million hertz travelling through a 60 hertz grid.
·         State up front that you want to switch to an analogue meter without a transmitter within.
·         Mention a contract.  From the time you are aware of Secret Militarized Armament Residential Technology remaining on your wall after such and such a date, you will see that as the electric company having entered into a contract with you where you charge $200,000/month for a military weapon to be stored at your house.
·         Do not mention surveillance, etc. that these meters allow.  The workers do not care, and you need to keep it simple.  Instead, study videos about SMART meters so you have so much confidence, you hardly need to say a thing.


           The thing is to take charge quickly. "Yes, Hello.  This is (name account number) and I am calling to have the SMART meter replaced with an analogue meter without a transmitter within it, because I never 'opted in' to having a military weapon parked on my wall."  You correct them every time they say "You want to 'Opt out?'"  "No, I never 'opted in.'  If you want me to continue having this military weapon here, then I see that as you are entering a contract with me and I will charge you $200,000/month, now that I am aware that secret militarized armament residential technology is on a wall of my home and I'm not even in the military!"  Reiterate after they start the order for removal, "Make certain it has no transmitter embedded, purely mechanical, or when I become aware of the transmitter, I will charge from the time it was placed on the wall of my home no matter how long it takes me to become aware."  Also, at some point state, "This is at no cost to me, correct?"  If they state a cost say, "No.  Perhaps you are not understanding.  I never opted in to having a weapon parked on my wall and now that I have become aware about what you did, I am asking you to remove it at no cost to me and you are damn lucky I don't charge you for all the time the SMART meter was stored on my property."

Valuable info:

Notice the Olde English.  This is supposedly the legislation used to roll out S. M. A. R. T. meters in the US. Sections 1301-1309. Wow. Took down.

Inventions with free energy suppressed because many big companies want money and power through S. M. A. R. T. technology and 4G & 5G.  They claim it is national security, but inventions are squashed because they want you to remain their slave.

December 6, 2019, I have received my bill and was not charged...unlike the supervisor who pays $10/month in order to not have a SMART meter!