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Vaccines are Useless and they Harm, Part II

Vaccine legislators in bed with Big Pharma:

The Vaccine Wall-Personal accounts of hell from vaccine injuries and no help:

Tough times for adults who have been vaccine injured:



Information on Vaccines



Tiffany's response to a mother wanting to give the polio shot to her children:

"If you ever question getting a certain vaccine, just do a little research into the actual disease. It will ease your concerns and you'll feel confident in your decision not to vax. Polio 95% of the time represents itself as a regular cold. Here are some facts about polio you probably didn't know.

1. A pesticide common in the 1800's was called Paris Green. A green liquid because it was a combination of copper and arsenic or lead and arsenic. Some of the most toxic substances known to humankind.

2. This pesticide worked by causing neurological damage in the bugs, causing organ failure.

3. Polio consists of symptoms synonymous with neurological damage, causing organ failure.

4. Heavy metal poisoning from lead, mercury and other similar heavy metals manifest lesions on neurological tissues, meaning the toxin destroys the nerve/communication pathways connecting the brain to the organs in the body.

5. Polio victims present lesions on neurological tissue, that cause the organs to malfunction all around the body. (lungs, heart, nerves that control walking etc)

6. Polio outbreaks hit throughout the summer, only during pesticide spraying times. (not the sunless and damp winter/spring seasons regarding other disease outbreaks)

7. Polio had NO ability to spread from infected victims to the uninfected. Polio infected clusters of people in the exact same areas, suddenly and swiftly.

8. Parents report finding their children paralyzed in and around apple orchards. One of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops of the time (with lead arsenate or copper arsenate) were apple orchards.

9. President Roosevelt became paralyzed over night while on his farm in the summer, which contained many crops, including apple orchards. He also swam the day prior in a bay that was heavily polluted by industrial agricultural run off.

10. Dr. Ralph Scobey and Dr. Mortind Biskind testified in front of the U.S Congress in 1951 that the paralysis around the country known as polio was being caused by industrial poisons and that a virus theory was purposely fabricated by the chemical industry and the government to deflect litigation away from both parties.

11. In 1956 the AMA (The American Medical Association) instructed each licensed medical doctor that they could no longer classify polio as polio, or their license to practice would be terminated. Any paralysis was now to be diagnosed as AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) MS, MD, Bell's Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Guillian-Barre, meningitis etc etc. This was orchestrated purposely to make the public believe polio was eradicated by the polio vaccine campaign but because the polio vaccine contained toxic ingredients directly linked to paralysis, polio cases (not identified as polio) were skyrocketing...but only in vaccinated areas.

12. The first polio vaccine was worked on by Dr. Jonas Salk and human experiments using this vaccine were conducted purposely on orphans in government/church run institutions because they were vulnerable and didn't require any parental consent signatures, as they had no parents. The vaccine was "declared safe" by "medicine" (as they always are even though that vaccine was killing and paralyzing monkeys in test trials) and that vaccine gave 40,000 orphans polio, permanently paralyzed hundreds and killed at least 10 children. All injuries and deaths under reported of course by the same authorities who orchestrated the atrocity. This was called The Cutter Incident. Have you noticed the medical industry's obsession with poisoning children?

13. The next "improved" polio vaccine, given to hundreds of millions, carried both the SV 40 cancer virus as well as the AIDS virus. Every step of the way, medicine declaring they know for sure, that this time, they have everything straightened out. Same story then, same story now. The only thing larger than the pile of broken medical and government promises, is the pile of broken and dead bodies. Cancerous tumors, still being pulled out of people today, are riddled with SV40 cancer viruses from the government's "safe and effective" and "approved" polio vaccine.

When someone talks of any disease, in this day and age, they're often just repeating what they were told by the government. When someone today repeats anything about polio and polio elimination based on vaccination, they're repeating known lies, told by known liars. Repeating what you're told and intelligence aren't the same thing. Repeating or intelligence. The choice is yours. Research the hidden history of polio, the disease that never was.

Are vaccines necessary, even if they did work?

Are the stories we were told lies?

Next, a woman demonstrates how corrupt the ptb are.  They claimed CA had a vaccine shortage and got an exemption for their legislation that required no mercury for certain groups.

"This is interesting and disturbing at the same time...
Conversations with a Target Pharmacy Team:

Because I have a lot of extra time on my hands... I decided to have a little consultation with the pharmacists at Target this afternoon. Here's a recap.

I approached the pharmacy technician and said, "Do you have any of the mercury free flu shots available?" He says, "All of our vaccines are preservative free." Me: "No, I don't think that's likely." Tech: "We only carry preservative free flu shots." Me: "That's weird because the state of California claimed there was a huge shortage of Thimerosal free flu shots this year. Apparently you guys must have an inside supplier." Tech (obviously irritated with me): "You can talk to the pharmacist. He'll be with you shortly."

The pharmacist, who looks to be about 25, approaches me and says, "How can I help you ma'am?" Me: "I was wondering if you have any Thimerosal free flu shots?" The tech interrupts and says, "I already told her all of our shots are preservative free." Pharmacist says, "No, that's not right. We have the Quadrivalent shot that would be good for you. And we have the Fluzone that would be good for your kids The rest of the flu shots we offer have preservatives. But, I need to tell you that our policy prohibits us from vaccinating children under 4 years old." Me: "Oh, I'm not interested in getting the shot, I just want to ask you a few questions." (Now the tech is shaking and looks really mad.) Pharm: "What's your question?" Me: "I was wondering what would happen if you broke a vial of the thimerosal shot here in your pharmacy?" Pharm: "Wow. No one has ever asked me that. Luckily, we've never had to deal with that." Me: "If it did happen, what would you do? EPA insiders have said they would shut their building down and have a Hazmat team clean it up." Pharm: "To be honest, I'm not sure. We have a number we are supposed to call and they tell us how to handle it. But yes, our management team would get involved and we would close the area until we could implement a cleanup plan." Me: "So, doesn't it seem weird that we have to go to those lengths to clean it up, but we are comfortable injecting it into babies aged 6 months and up? I mean, that is really scary to me."

It was like a light went on in this pharmacist's head. He said, "Wow, yeah, I have never thought about it like that. Thank you for asking me this tonight. Thank you for making me think. That is pretty scary. It never occurred to me." Me: "So, is that the Fluzone shot in your hand?" Pharm: "Yes, the mercury free shot." Me: "Do you also have the Quadrivalent mercury free shot in stock?" Pharm: "We do." Me: "That's weird because state health officials claimed there was a shortage this year so that they could get an exemption to the law that prohibits them from giving shots containing mercury to children under 3 and pregnant women. Have you had any problems getting those mercury free shots this year?" Pharm: "Nope. No problems at all." Me: "Hmmm... That's weird." Pharm: "Yeah, that is strange."

So much wrong on so many levels....

1. Why was the pharmacy technician so ill informed? And so defensive of his ignorance?

2. Why does a pharmacy have a policy limiting age of administration for vaccines if vaccines are perfectly safe, as we are lead to believe?

3. If Thimerosal is so safe, why are special cleanup up policies in place to ensure the safety of people who are potentially exposed?

4. If Thimerosal requires special cleanup procedures in the event of a spill, how can it possibly be safe to inject into our babies?!

5. How does a pharmacist make it through his education and never question the ingredients known to be toxic in vaccines?

6. If Thimerosal is so safe, why is there a law banning the administration of vaccines containing Thimerosal to children under 3 and pregnant women?

7. How were our health officials granted an exemption to the law banning mercury containing vaccines based on a shortage that does not exist?

8. Isn't the health of our children more important?"


Todd Wilke says,"HOW IS IT MADE?

DPT Trivalent Vaccine Composition and Physiological Action

Approximately 3.3 million children are injected each year with DPT vaccine, which is composed of the toxoids of diphtheria and tetanus, along with whole cells of pertussis bacteria. Again, toxoids are defined as the toxins emitted by organisms when they grow in a culture. Tetanus toxins are produced in culture consisting of beef heart infusion, containing by nature animal bacteria, and antigens foreign to the human body, as well as dextrose (sugar), sodium chloride (salt) and casein (a bovine milk by-product). Diphtheria toxoids are produced in a similar manner. They used to be produced from antibodies gained from blood of horses injected with diphtheria bacteria. After it has been determined that a sufficient amount of toxic by-products have been produced, the cultures are filtered to obtain a reasonably clear solution containing the toxic cellular by-products of the bacteria, plus animal viruses and foreign protein antigens. Formalin is added to cause any particles left to clump. Formalin is a derivative of formaldehyde (a carcinogen used to embalm bodies). Wood alcohol, methanol (toxic) is added to cause the toxoid particles to precipitate into a fine powder. Whole cells of deadly pertussis bacteria that have been killed by thimerosal ( also known as merthiolate), a mercury compound, are added to the mixture. Over 35mg of thimerosal will kill a rabbit. Thimerosal also destroys the "potency" of the vaccine, affects growth patterns of human cells it comes into contact with, and inhibits the action of human white blood cells, inhibiting the process of phagocytosis. Thimersol is five times more toxic to human cells than it is for Staphlococcus bacteriaand, as a mercury compound, produces an allergic reaction in the body.

A substance called an "adjuvant", which initiates reactionary antibody formation, is added. Common adjuvants are aluminum hydroxide and aluminum potassium sulfate. The mixture is then put into vials for injection into children. In the body, the formalin coating dissolves, releasing all bacterial and viral particles from animal culture sources. The thimerosal and adjuvant chemicals irritate the body tissues and increase the action of accompanying bacteria and viruses, as well as the reaction of the immune system to the foreign protein antigens, severely damaging neurological membranes, especially in babies and children, where the myelin sheath has only partially protected the nervous system, resulting in mild to severe neurological damage, production of learning disabilities and other nervous system disorders, or death, especially upon subsequent injections where the cellular structure of the body has already been sensitized, promoting allergic reactions and responses of increasingly severe nature.



Nope, but then people who vaccinate don't trust "natural."

"Very interesting post from Todd Wilke- How can the Tetanus vaccine induce immunity, when contracting the disease naturally does not give immunity?

If the "so c...alled" diphtheria vaccine, which is in fact a toxoid, works against the toxin produced by the bacteria, and not against the bacteria itself, then how did this "vaccine" help in the decline in diphtheria?
Unlike childhood diseases, it isn’t possible to gain natural immunity to tetanus. If you’ve had it once, you can have it again. The body does not produce antibodies to Clostridium Tetani. Vaccination is the act of injecting a viral or bacterial substance into the body to make it produce antibodies to that disease. However, since no natural antibodies can be made, then there is no possible way that artificial antibodies could be made either. If the disease cannot give you protection, then how can a vaccine? It is likely that any raised antibody level seen after vaccination is the result of adjuvants (toxic heavy metals which are added to increase the body’s antibody response). In the case of tetanus vaccine, this substance is aluminium.
Antibodies themselves are not an indication of immunity – this is just one function, which is vastly different from whole body immunity.
According to Vieira et al: ‘This minimal protective antibody level is an arbitrary one and is not a guarantee of security for the individual patient.’ (Vieira, B.l.; Dunne, J.W.; Summers, Q.; Cephalic tetanus in an immunized patient. Med J Austr. 1986; 145: 156-7).

Could tetanus vaccine have played any role what so ever in the last fraction of a percent in tetanus reduction?

NO! In a sanitary society with adequate nutrition, natural immunity to the bacteria gives almost everybody immunity against the bacteria's ability to grow in a healthy body.

It is a far different matter where the conditions prevail which encourage the tetanus bacteria's growth. Nobody can be immune to dirty wounds. Immunity to dirty wounds can not come from vaccination; immunity to dirty wounds can not come from having had tetanus one or more times and recovering.

The vaccine's "active" ingredient is the poison which is made by the bacteria. Antibodies against poison do not constitute an immunization.

Wound hygiene is essential, general good health is protective and vaccination is worthless."



Special Education Classes Foster Immaturity

I have worked for LAUSD since 1993.  I have had the pleasure of working for deaf kids in fully included classrooms as well as in mainstreaming situations where the kids have a DHH (deaf and hard of hearing) classroom as a home base.  Ideally, if a child has no neurological issues that make it impossible for him or her to be able to understand information, it is best for that child to be fully included in the hearing classroom of their grade.  No matter whether we are talking about learning challenged kids or the Deaf, the classes I have been in that are “special ed” have been the worst place for them.  Again, I am speaking about students who are able to function.  I’ve seen a fifteen year old of normal mental functioning get excited over playing with Play-Doh, because he didn’t know it wasn’t the norm for his age group and it was a “free time” treat in his DHH classroom.  I have decided to start publishing what I’ve seen and continue to see.  I have gone and still go to administrators and teachers with information.  These adults have said and say they are there for the children, yet nothing ever changes and school after school, it’s the same.  If you are a parent of a deaf kid, the best thing you can do for him or her is to learn sign language and purposely place information in front of his or her eyes.  As young as 7, a deaf child could understand “pedestrian,” “driver,” “passenger,” “freeway,” and street names.  Most special ed kids have a lot of experience on a bus, so work at opening awareness of what’s around him or her.  As with any child, by the time he or she is 10, have him or her order a meal or whatever.  Just 5 minutes a day working on a concept can make a huge difference.  It may take a week to work on days of the week, but a quick review periodically will help them more than you could ever imagine.  When you’re shopping, teach the signs of at least two produce or products.  Watch one of their TV shows with them and have them recap the story for you.  Get them to express and articulate appropriately for their age group.  I’ve noticed a huge difference between 4 and 5 year old deaf kids.  Be ready when they’re ready to take off.  Have them blow up a balloon, too.  It is appalling when a 17-year-old deaf kid, with no other disabilities, can’t blow up a balloon, tie their shoes, or tell you that 6 is a half dozen.

Be pro-active.  Have surprise visits to the various classrooms to see what’s going on at any given moment.  Make sure that you support the IEP (Individual Education Plan) goals at home.  Most definitely, your child needs to learn to look and receive information without walking away too quickly, or ignoring you.
Of course, if supporting your child in becoming an independently functioning adult is not your goal and you just want a babysitter, then perhaps special ed classes are appropriate for your child.  Here are some of my memories.
Schools are usually grateful to have any human with a degree to be there with special education kids as the teacher.
(From whenever this happened in whatever school it happened since I won’t reveal dates and schools.)
Black History Month was celebrated with drummers and a dancer visiting the school on that Friday.  In spite of this, most classes on campus had various tests throughout the day.  It was a hot morning and the whole school had assembled outside for the performance.  The kids in the DHH room for 2-5 grades were treated to Big Stick popsicles because the teacher was going to give them that treat after lunch and decided that before recess was a good idea.  I informed her that we had 5th grade math in the mainstreaming room most likely continuing since we were interrupted by the assembly.  Popsicles took precedence.  I waited.  They finished their treat.  I asked if I could take them now.  No, because it would be recess in 15 minutes.  They were also rewarded for excellent behavior at the assembly when that hadn’t been my experience of them.  They had been sitting in the front off to the side.  Their backs had been to the performers often as they chatted and such, which is signing.  The dancer had even spoken to one of the deaf kids because he very obviously had been ignoring the performance.  After lunch, they had had more popsicles, with chips, candy, and a movie, The Lion King, which I had to interpret.  The lack of learning is not the worst part of it.  The worst part was when the teacher rewarded them for behaving so well while simply watching a movie.  When they are requested to work, their behavior is atrocious.  The highest reward possible should only be given for amazing initiative or outstanding behavior, yet they received it for sitting back having a grand ole time.  When these kids were out at mainstreaming, they wanted to be back in their DHH room.  One didn’t even want to go to recess, because his room is so much fun.  These same kids got to do art often and would go home at the end of the day with their room in a shambles.  They didn’t learn accountability or responsibility.  No thinking ahead and being sure to have time to clean up.  Very little homework and no bother if it had been completed or not.

I became a sign language interpreter in 1986.  The profession was still very young.  Officials were still coming up with protocols for both interpreters and teachers regarding the language and how it was to be presented in professional and educational settings.  Even now, about every five years, there’s a huge over haul that occurs.  Little changes such as wanting the interpreter to look at his or her hand at the beginning of fingerspelling a word in the near past compared to pointing at the forearm or having the elbow sitting on the other hand in the present have occurred.   Many, many years ago, an interpreter was asked to groan when not actually saying words when speaking for the deaf person.  That has since stopped.  In the past, speaking when the deaf person signed was called “Reversing” and now it’s “Sign to voice” unless there’s a new name. 

Likewise, rules and regulations have changed as well as other protocols.  Yes, ethics such as confidentiality are still the same.  Overall, I have found that when I worked freelance, which means privately contracted to go interpret for any deaf person anywhere in need of an interpreter, I was there to faithfully deliver the message and only to do just that.  Interpreting at two colleges was the same.  Teachers would try to get me to run errands for them, move desks, and to open windows, but a little training went a long way to get them to understand that I was the interpreter and only that.  I signed for the teacher, unless I was interpreting for a deaf teacher, then I was voicing.  I voiced for the deaf student, unless the student was hearing, then I signed.  Some deaf people prefer to voice for themselves and so they do. 

My job description at the thirteen schools I’ve worked in have had a slightly different job description for interpreters.  It’s both unfortunate as well as a blessing.  Basically, when a child is closer to the three-year-old side of the spectrum, the interpreter is not only interpreting, but tutoring, and modeling language.  He or she will be escorting the deaf child to their mainstream classes, asking them if they need to go to the restroom when they start the bathroom squirm, hold their milk as they try to open it, unstick their jammed zipper on their backpack, make up a vocabulary book that supports them with their mainstreaming classes, etc.  The other side of the spectrum, where the child is closer to seventeen, the interpreter is just interpreting.  All the schools where I have worked have had “duties as assigned” on the interpreter job description.  Administrators have used that line to get the interpreter to do yard duty, file papers in the nurse’s office, answer phones, and other mundane jobs.  For instance, if there is only one deaf child at a school and that child is absent, administration uses the line to have the interpreter do what ever they want the interpreter to do.  Interpreters, like any employee, are encouraged, sometimes forced, to be on certain teams that make the school run smoothly.  For example, the Emergency Team.  The interpreter is seen as Classified, even though they are certified in interpreting.  (Teachers are Certified.) They are seen as a staff member, no matter how unique their job is. 

The room of young children where I was assigned in my example was a room where when I had time, I would support the teacher as an aid…That was the “duty as assigned” that I had been given.  I used to ask kids questions as I walked them to their destinations.  Questions like, “Is that a noun or a verb?”  Yes, depending on the child and their grade level, etc, I might just ask, “Noun. Verb. Which?”  I might have the child run through counting by 2’s as we walk.  In contrast, with a deaf adult, we may chat pleasantries or be silent.  It’s up to the client.  (Chatting is nice, because it gets my eyes used to their signing.)

 When I interpret, even if it is for five minutes because that's all the student can handle, I am neutral.  I simply interpret.  When the youngster can't follow the lesson and focuses better and understands more if I point at words in the book and show the signs, then I switch to that.  In my example above, even though I had a child's schedule on my side as well as knowing the principal would have supported the children getting to their mainstream class, I didn't fight it.  I let the DHH teacher do as she pleased, which was more neutral than I would have liked.  As the months went on and the kids' behavior spiraled downwards, I elicited help when I wasn't interpreting, so that certain adults could jump on situations as they unfolded and I could just be there as interpreter.
Some of the special ed kids I mentioned above were hearing kids with other situations like behavior or learning challenged.  In almost all of the special ed classes I have been around in basically 25 years, I'd say that if the child is aware and able to be fully included, it would be a good idea.



The Worry-Wart Receptor

Ok.  Here it is.  Straight out of my “The Treatment of Gynecology Disorders with Herbs and Essential Oils” notes by Peter Holmes, “The highest progesterone receptors are found in the limbic system, the center of emotion and bonding; women have more progesterone receptors in the brain than men.  Maternal progesterone is partly responsible for the structural and neurobiological gender differences in the brain” (15).  This means that the poor dears can’t help it that they lack the capacity to go “mama bear” on some person who dared to mess with the happiness of their child, which also means that men and women react to certain challenges from completely different angles.  For instance, a woman faced with the same problem as a man may think of any children involved, where as if children aren’t directly involved in the problem, men wouldn’t even assume that they could be involved.  The man would probably simply think what’s best for himself in the situation, whereas the woman is thinking of everyone, worrying.  No wonder men and women may have trouble seeing another’s point of view!  We don’t even realize the extent of the possible differences.

I work in an elementary school as a sign language interpreter.  The other interpreter, a man, has children at this school on a permit, which means that because this school isn’t in his district, special circumstances have been established through his employment so his kids may attend this school.  We were informed that one interpreting position is closing at our school and that since I have seniority, I can decide which one of us stays and which one of us goes.  You guessed it.  (That is, if you’re a woman, you may have guessed it.)   I said that I would most likely be leaving because he’s got kids at the school.  I mean, what if they get kicked out of their very own school next year all because their dad no longer works there and it’s all because I decided to stay?  You know what he said to me?  That a job is a job, and it’s separate.  Something like that.  My ears lack male logic receptors, so I’m not too sure about what he said exactly.  Thank goodness his children aren’t girls!  Perhaps his boys won’t think it’s a big deal either, where as a girl might cry crocodile tears that her school is being taken away from her.  I asked him what he’d have done had he had the seniority and I had had the children at the school.  He was silent.  I’m pretty sure I read his mind, though.  If he really wants to stay—children having nothing to do with that desire—he would send me packing.  There would have been a big fight.  No wonder men think women unreasonable.  What I would’ve seen as him sending me away from my babies, he would’ve seen as simply deciding to stay.  Here I am, needing a reason for one of us to stay, or a reason for one of us to go, not basing the decision on seniority at all, with him telling me not to worry so much.  He wouldn’t worry.  He’d just decide.   No surprise: men and women are different.  Men lack the worry-wart receptor.

Sure, I’d like to stay.  My daughter’s school is across the street from the school where I presently work, but it’s her home school.  She may continue to attend, no matter where her mother works.  It’s hard for me to watch no teaching happening in a deaf and hard of hearing class, though and at least at the high school, the deaf kids would be in a room with hearing kids where all would be expected to work and to be responsible.  At my school, the kids’ brains may buzz with a sugar high, but certainly not from academic stimulation.  I see this as child abuse and it stresses me out.  At this school, I am being stopped from taking kids to the next level.  This school is close to my home, though.  The other is far and in a more challenging neighborhood.  A long drive, though while eating gas, offers an opportunity to listen to my cassette tapes, whereas now, I get one song in before I arrive and I’m lucky if my daughter lets that be one of my songs.  How I miss my daily sing-a-longs with my tapes!  But, the last high school in which I worked, an 18-year-old student, Abraham, who had been in a class with my client, stabbed Cindi, a seventeen-year-old who had been in a class with my client, to death during lunch.  The kids had vandalized the room when we were on lockdown.  There were gang fights, even some organized by parents, all the time.  I saw drug deals and other things so often, I had asked for a walkie-talkie, but administration said that only administrators could have one.  I had been accused of meeting a male student at lunch, too.  Adults who I didn’t even know saved me from the accusation, because everyone at every school in which I have worked have known where Debbie’s tree or grassy spot was.  Every lunch, I was at my spot, even if I was fasting from water and food.  Have I recovered enough to go back to a high school environment?  I am better at anchoring Light.  Perhaps not as much gunk will fly up in my face this time.  I’d love to interpret all day, which does not happen at this elementary school, but am I physically strong enough for that?  (I learned recently when I had my insides all cut up that sign language interpreting uses abdominal muscles.)  The other interpreter has a time restraint, but the high school job shouldn’t interfere with that.  He also could work a little bit longer hours per month there, so would get closer to retirement faster.  (A plus for any LAUSD employee.)  This would be the third high school for each of us.  Neither is more experienced with the age group, well, except I’ve had a teenaged daughter since she was two!  But, his kids...!  Neither of us is better than the other with the elementary age group.  He is more flexible and allows things to roll off his shoulders without any worry, so both schools are better suited for him, since everything unjust upsets me.  Either could go or stay.  The worry-wart receptor says that his kids are the only factor to be considered.  He keeps repeating that a job is a job and separate from them.  The decision has to come from what is best for me…only.  Usually, I get sent to a new school, because my client culminated/graduated and I am sent to where there is need.  I should enjoy the opportunity to choose and not worry.


I have decided.  After I chose who is leaving and turned in my answer, he told me he would have liked to have stayed.  I told him his kids would have been enough to have given him his wish if he’d just let me do that for them.  The thing is.  If it had been his decision, he would have stayed, so it’s easy for him to accept me saying that I’d like to stay.  He can take what he would have dished out.  I still worry about the kids, but I feel none of us, his kids included, will lose.  And, even though we would have approached seniority differently, our elementary school has just lost a terrific interpreting team. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Response to “Study of 95,000 Children Finds No Link Between MMR vaccines and Autism” of February 15, 2016

Image result for a picture of a troll
You can always spot trolls at work.  The article, “Study of 95,000 Children Finds No Link Between MMR Vaccines and Autism” reads like someone with shen disturbance (muddled thinking) trying to write manipulating ideas in a convincing way.  The study is first mentioned vaguely.  At least we are given the name Anjali Jain from US Health Policy Analysis, The Lewin Group as a reference to check out for ourselves.  The 2016 article says that Jain was interested in looking at high risk children which Jain has decided are children with a family history of Autism, specifically, older siblings.  The author of this article states it again, near the beginning, that the children whose records Jain reviewed were at high risk from having a sibling with autism.  Jain was interested in looking at the rate of exposure to the MMR vaccine and the younger sibling’s Autism or lack of it, as this article reports. 

Time was spent off subject boasting about “soon-to-be-abolished” vaccine exemptions in Australia and rates of measles and whooping cough statistics.  (They do not mention that the measles vaccine sheds and causes Atypical Measles, which is more dangerous than measles, nor do they mention that the whooping cough vaccine causes whooping cough in people due to the vaccinated person holding the disease in their throats, ready to spread easily.)  Finally, the author gets back on track.  The author is “administration.”  Administration says that of the 486 parents of Autistic kids, twenty percent of them decided not to vaccinate their younger children.  (They need to be clear if these are 486 different families or if some are two parents of one child, just so we can visualize the twenty percent accurately.)  Next, Administration goes off on another tangent to a vague study in Canada, looking at younger unvaccinated siblings of Autistic children.  Finally!!!!  What Administration calls a study of 95,000 children is “an extensive private health insurance database of 95,727 children born in the US” between 2001 and 2007 with one sibling “who was between 6 months and 17 years older.”  Wow, that’s a lot of children with autistic siblings!  Also, that’s a lot of medical information that was placed in a data base when doctors were still using paper files.  Does that mean the doctors were scanning and filing information prior to simply uploading it as they spoke to their patients?  The reason I ask is because I requested my daughter’s records from her doctor.  It’s a very thin file, yet I had to actually go in there and prove that there were more records than what I had received.  Back before information was directly typed in, were all records truly uploaded? 

So, the study was comparing Autistic siblings and “the rate of exposure to the MMR vaccination.”  There’s no mention if kids with amalgam fillings were taken out of the study in order to take out that kind of mercury-induced neurological activity.  (I saw a 3-year-old special education kid with mercury in her mouth last June.  Yes, some criminals still practice dentistry this way.)  At one point, Administration says that there is a link between siblings with Autism and a lowered vaccination rate, yet they do not specify if the MMR shot was given or not.   (Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, says that the link between Autism and vaccines that the CDC studied and proved was with the MMR shot specifically.) 

Administration gets down right confusing when they say that out of these 95, 727 children, 1,929 had an older sibling with Autism.”  I thought all siblings had to have Autism and to be older! Administration says that 1.04% of the siblings had Autism as a diagnosis in the follow-up, but Administration does not clarify what “follow-up” means.  They are simply looking at records.  By the way, near the end of that paragraph, they are giving percentages of kids with Autism, but they definitely are now stating that some older siblings either have or don’t have Autism in complete contrast to the opening statement about this so-called study.  They finally give the percentages about the MMR vaccination in siblings without Autism.  Thompson and the CDC found that the MMR shot really is more likely to cause Autism when given when young.  Here, 84% of kids with older siblings without Autism and 73% of kids of siblings with Autism did not have Autism with the MMR given at 2-years-old.  No races were listed and the CDC specifically said that black boys were more susceptible.  For children receiving the MMR shot at 5, the rate of no Autism was 92% and 86%.  Again, no races were mentioned.  In 1999, 2001, and 2004, the MMR was recommended between 12 and 15 and 4 to 6 years old.  But, by 2006, the 12 to 15 months was the same, but the second administration was changed to include 11 to 18 year olds.  Perhaps this is why Jain’s “study” only looked until 2007, since 2-year-olds in the “study” would have been born in 2005.  Even some of the kids who had it twice, might not have had their second shot, yet.  Administration talks about the current guidelines, but the vaccine schedule has changed many times since 2007.

According to Administration, this study is also not studying uninsured, clinic users…namely the poorer aspects of our society, yet they say their findings are consistent with other studies.  The CDC and Wakefield are two endeavors that disagree with the idea that Autism and MMR have no link and

Administration didn’t state if the children actually did receive the MMR vaccine twice or not.  They simply looked at kids at 2 and at 5.  Again, they didn’t say all absolutely received the MMR twice.  They did say that this test looked at Autism and the “lowered rate of vaccination” while saying that they are looking at the MMR!  That is vague enough to mean that some of these kids only had the MMR shot once.  They assume the 2-year-olds had the MMR once and that by 5, they have had the MMR twice, because “parents are currently advised to vaccinate children twice for MMR between birth and the age of five.”  Administration is trying to drive home that Autism must be a genetic thing since Autism rates increase within one family and “they were under-vaccinated.”  Again, at least Administrations interpretation of the study, “under” is never defined.

Administration goes off the results and proofs associated with this study again to discuss a 2004, a 2011, and a few papers examinations of a lack of a link between Autism and the MMR shot.  Administration is downright crazy saying that mercury is safe and shows their true colors, that Administration is indeed a troll, when they say that it’s “not the evidence anti-vaccers are looking for.”  The word anti-vaxxers is used by trolls.  They are into name calling.  Many of those parents who trolls call “anti-vaxxers” are actually parents of vaccine injured kids, so it’s strange for trolls to get on their high-horse to people who once believed in the product trolls are peddling.

This is a study .  It uses live people and compensates them.

Everything I just wrote was a reaction to the article with the provided link here  It is very different from the actual study of April 2015.  You won’t believe how many differences there are.  Check it out.  So why did Administration feel lying or misrepresentation was necessary?

At any rate, Autism and the MMR has been studied by the CDC themselves.  In 2015, Jain knew what the CDC had done,,,, and uploaded in 2008 when Julie, the official, knew the truth about the MMR and Autism link

No matter what the details were regarding the true study conducted in 2015, a troll reported on it in 2016. They will continue to sell vaccines as safe and effective until Agenda 21 has us locked up in controlled districts.