Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Reality Behind No True Testing for Vaccines—Paget Anne of Essendon

What would a true vaccination study look like if it were a reality?  Let’s look at a pretend investigation for three shots in one called the MMR to answer this question.  First, all humans involved with the study on the “science” side shouldn’t have to sign a gag-contract.  They should be able to publish their findings, to freely talk about the process, and to show results, as long as no names of the children are released.  These scientists should be impartial.  Next, there would be two equally divided groups of children.  The testers wouldn’t know which group the recipient of the MMR was or which was the control group.  Most importantly, at the commencement of the study, there would be 100+ three-year-olds called upon who had never received a single vaccine in their whole lives, nor the synthetic vitamin K shot at birth.  Further, their mothers would have received no vaccines during pregnancy and had no amalgam fillings in their mouths during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.  (This last requirement is due to the possible ten percent exposure of mercury to the offspring.)

In a perfect world, the mothers would be able to trust the ones preparing the two shots and know that at least one group would be receiving a saline solution in a shot and that the other would be only receiving the MMR.  These two groups would receive no other shots while being carefully followed for at least fifteen years.  Since all races would be represented in both groups, it would be easy for testers to document differences. 

In reality, the pro-vaxx mothers would have already allowed so many vaccines by age three that it would be difficult to find non-vaxxed children of mothers who are willing to allow their children to possibly receive the MMR.  Further, these mothers would insist on their children receiving all the vaccines available out there, not just possibly the MMR, while those mothers who have researched and have chosen to not have their children vaccinated would never permit their children to be in a study where they might receive the MMR.  The mothers of non-vaxxed children would say there is proof enough that the MMR is not safe by the comparisons they already see.  My adult non-vaccinated child, for instance, doesn’t need an emotional support animal, has never been admitted into hospital (yet alone within her first two-years of life like so many children this past decade), has never had an ear ache (yet alone ear infections that may lead to tubes and deafness), has never suffered from eczema, asthma, allergies, or auto-immune diseases that have plagued countless vaccinated elementary school-aged children.

Could it be that because pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued (thanks to legislation) that the rich CEO’s are happy to get away without conducting true studies that they know will fail?  No testing like what I’ve suggested has ever happened for any vaccine, yet doctors can make a profit if certain age groups in their practices receive certain vaccines.  This should be reason enough for vaccines to not be permitted on the market, yet alone mandated. 

Why aren’t pro-vaxx parents who say they love science not clamoring for science?  True science is testing two groups where only one variable is different.  The reality behind no true testing for vaccines is that the propaganda machine has been so effective and profitable that they simply don’t need to.