Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Diagnostic Test Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

A complete diagnostic test can show bioavailable hormones instead of the dying off hormones revealed in a blood test.  A valuable diagnostic test is one that reveals how your body handles your average day, because it is taken over a 24 hour period of time, instead of being done in someone’s office.  An in depth saliva test offered by DiagnosTechs is such a test.  This company does not answer to insurance tyrants that, surprise surprise, act like doctors telling you what procedures you can and cannot have.  This saliva test is so complete that it also informs you of the energetic state of your organs.  It gives you a valuable resource in the form of a hard copy to take on doctor visits or to review after you are well and are holding the current saliva test comparing the two.  As a practitioner who works with this company, I send you the test, you follow the directions, and you send the tubes and payment to the lab. (I receive no financial compensation from this company). You also fill out a questionnaire and fax it to Dr. Dale (Doctor of Naturopathic Sciences) and to me.  The two of us come up with a treatment protocol.  (She is permitted to prescribe homeopathy.)  When you have a copy of your lab results in front of you, you and I discuss them, creating a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle. 

Estrone, estradiol, and estriol are the three estrogens that both men and woman produce naturally, but thanks to the estrogenic effects of pesticides wreaking havoc on our systems, our estrogen may be too dominant. Environmental assaults are not alone in making our hormones imbalanced.  When you mess with hormone replacement therapy such as the birth control pill, Insulin injections, and HRT (whether bioidentical or not), you mess with all of your hormones.  Likewise, our neurotransmitters used to be in balance because everyone drank bubbly fermented drinks instead of soda, and shared a plethora of beneficial bacteria with their various interactions.  Neurotransmitters make you feel good.  For instance, you’ll be more willing to go share beneficial bacteria with someone if you’re feeling good.  Wink-wink.  Nowadays, people have become germaphobes who are killing the beneficial along with the pathogenic bacteria.  Also, C-sections are denying the flora to which children born via vaginal births are exposed, and we have GMO’s changing our beneficial bacteria so drastically that they no longer remember their job description.  On top of that, heavy metal poisoning is at levels the human body has never known before.  We have amalgam in our teeth, or we are conversing with or kissing someone who has mercury vapor that is poisoning us.  We have mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and fluoride in vaccines and some other drugs.  We have fluoride exposure from our water and dental products.  We have particles released on purpose via aerosol or drones.  These particles have included mercury and nanoparticulates, which are a whole other level of evil interacting with us on a cellular level.  As a result, our bodies are off balance and so we seek the white-coated gods.  Unfortunately, medical doctors have not been trained in true homeostasis.  They only know how to write a prescription for drugs—and then more drugs later when you have a new problem—as well as to remove organs and to cut out parts of disease.

True basic health is when you can easily go to work, do the shopping, gardening, cleaning, and other mundane daily duties, but are also able to fall asleep with ease, stop and start the urine stream intentionally, and have libido when appropriate with your cherished significant other.  Health is the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters.  It is recognizing cravings the second an imbalance occurs, alerting us that we need something.  It’s recognizing that being drawn to a huge bag of potato chips or to a huge chocolate bar is also a signal of an imbalance, perhaps an emotional one.  The body is crying for balance, not drugs, when we suffer from migraines, diabetes, thyroid deficiencies, hot flashes, heavy bleeding, sexual dysfunctions, anger issues, insomnia, dizziness, parasites, yeast infections, endometriosis, PMS, weight problems, food allergies, and so much more.  Estrogen dominance, a clogged up hepatic glutathione pathway and gut, deficient beneficial bacteria, mercury toxicity, and a rather extensive list cannot be helped with drugs that exacerbate chronic situations and especially harm your brain, liver, and kidneys.  Taking supplements without a detailed picture of the bioavailable hormones is a hit and miss proposition.

This saliva test tests the following: Estrone, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Testosterone for men and women, Estriol, Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone for women and Dihydrotestosterone and Androstenedione for men, Cortisol 5xs during the day, DHEA, Insulin Fasting, Gliadin Antibody, Total Secretory IgA, Egg Albumin, Soy Protein, Milk Casein, Anti-Ameba Ab, Anti-Toxoplasma Ab, H. pylori Ab, Anti-Ascaris Ab, Anti-Trichinella, Anti-Tapeworn Ab, Ova & Parasites, Giardia Antigen, and Cryptosporidium.  Parasites defecate and their waste travels in your blood.  A clump of worms may be causing stagnation symptoms or be thought of as a tumor.  Hormones may be imbalanced and truly, homeopathic hormones is the safest way to go, because when you mess with even one hormone with replacement therapy, it throws all of them off.  Homeopathy gently reminds our systems how to work by encouraging like to attract like.   The various exchanges of nutrients and waste products in our blood are disrupted when fecal matter, pus, parasites, and other material is clogging our intestines and other pathways.  Dr. Dale's protocol, overall, tonifies as it cleanses.

I can help to balance your system.  If you still experience the chronic condition after a while, what I can guarantee you is that your health over all will have improved.  The more you follow the protocol of herbs and homeopathy for your personal imbalances, the closer you’ll be to finding that key substance that is needed by your body, because the more balanced your system becomes, true cravings will be able to guide you.

I am not only certified in Neuroendocrine and Anti-Aging Regulation, I experienced hormonal imbalance in my own body and learned far more about homeostasis and the lack of  it than in all my years of schooling combined.  Dr. Dale’s herbs are vegan, organic, GMO-free, and have no magnesium stearate, which other companies cannot boast about.  Her homeopathy is very high vibrating, as I’ve tried other brands and have never felt the energetic action as powerfully as with hers.  Invite Dr. Dale and me help you.  Message me at Debbie Allsup on facebook.