Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ideas on Law and Court Procedure


For ideas on law and court procedure that may not be familiar to you, listen to the link below.

At 6 minutes in, a discussion on police and how it was said, “Policy.” The meaning changed in 1798 in England going from “organized government, civil administration,” to “body of officers.”

At 10:38, Mendicancy: the condition of being a beggar. So, the suppression of beggars (1895).


At 26 minutes, Kirk speaks about the jury’s verdict. The unanimous vote is for guilty only. Also, you may write jury instructions.


At 35 minutes, on the monopoly of the Bar Association that is not permitted. They are not licensed.

See Sims v. Ahrens, 271 S.W. 720 (1925). In this case the opinion of the court was that "The practice of Law is an occupation of common right."

“The practice of law (medicine etc.) is an occupation of common right as per Sims v. Ahrens,

 271 S.W. 720 (1925). No State in the Union of the United States of America licenses lawyers, only the State Bar, which issues a private corporation type of ‘Union Card’/certificate for payment of dues/fees. (See also ExParte v. Garland, 4 Wall 333, 370 (1866), which authorizes only the practice of law in the courts as an officer of the court and a member of the judicial branch of government, to represent wards of the court such as infants and persons of unsound mind and as a

public defender in criminal cases.) ...Cannot license an occupation of common right ...Redfield v. Fisher, 292 P. 813, 817-819. ‘Occupations of common right ARE not taxable. The practice of medicine and law are occupations of common right.’”


At 46 minutes, on allegiance and protection…(though to me, “allegiance” feels like a communist manifesto)…When your government doesn’t protect you, you have the Right to refuse to obey them. Right to bear arms is off limits to government.


At 1:09:00, a discussion on women. If you are not aware, common law gives children to the father. He is responsible for them. In the modern far-reaching, de facto District of Columbia, the State (agents of the government) are the parent to children with birth certificates.


1:15:50 on why Constitutional Convention? 1809, why not just make a statute/code?

For information on the rogue Congress’ District of Columbia, see

The Red Amendment by LB Bork,

The UCC Connection How to Free Yourself from Tyranny by Howard Freeman


Sins of the State by Richard Mark Voudren



1:18:46 on New York’s name in 1700’s. New Amsterdam became New York when the English too it over in 1664.


1:25:30 on emergencies and calling on consent of people, in contrast to how 2020 was conducted.


 1:35:35, on person and citizen.


1:38:00 on what are countries? Territories, not states. More on citizens.

1:47:38 on inhabitants, not citizens.

2:00:00 on disparaging. “You Constitutionalist!” “Sovereign citizen!” And have to have a warrant. 

From March 5, 2021


9/9/2022 added


You Can Stop the Social Credit System


A first step in stopping any tyrannical practice is to notice it. The second is to withdraw your consent and participation. The opponent to mankind uses the same “floorplan” each time, so it may be easy to spot by now. For example, a job may say, “Hey, y’all want to switch over to direct deposit? It’ll be so easy for ya.” And most will. The holdouts will eventually be given a final date to do it, or else.

Your bank may do something similar, “Hey, y’all want to switch over to direct deposit? It’ll be so easy for ya.” And most will. The holdouts will get a warning that if they don’t have direct deposit by this date, then they will be fined unless they have this much in their account.

If you search hard enough, you’ll see this basic script of 1) offer as if it’s a reward and then 2) get heavy-handed. The social credit system was being ingrained in you with each rewards program and each survey you were asked to take. Judging and reporting others will give you more credits. (This is one thing that Draco gets an erection over, too. Draco get-off on any human betraying another for their benefit.)

Starbucks was training its “slaves to the cup” right from the beginning through simply the logo, which is a rabbit’s hole that includes a mermaid with a split fin as if legs are apart. (Goes way back and it’s crude.) Anyway, they moved on to giving a rewards plan if you got the App; if you signed up and used your phone or a card. They have so many slaves to this system that now they can go for the jugular: no cash.

If I was already the common law kick-ass I one day will be (which includes learning all the legalese of the de facto officials and their Draco counterparts), I would take them to court over this if they didn’t at least accept gold or silver. I’d make a point of going there just for this.

All I can do is ask you to please not patron any cashless place, such as the ABBA museum in Sweden or Starbucks anywhere (when they go cashless). Consider a landline, writing letters and going for more privacy with your communications.

The successive human has been $hotted up with the imposter ray, which includes AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, awful individual’s control). This means when this individual goes on the social credit system, it can be completely controlled and toyed with. The best example is that now that this successive human chose to support cashless places and doesn’t know how to grow or catch food, this one has to go into a store. By now, this person is as a cell phone and if it has enough social credits, it may enter. If it just thought about protesting against this system last night, it would have lost credits. Someone is approaching and this one thinks, Perhaps, this one will buy some food for me. If this one does think of this, they will lose credits and now will not be able to enter.

If you have become the successive human, you are a robot to them. This is partly why the opponent to mankind has you confused over pronouns. They may look at you as an it. To them, you are not of mankind. You are their plaything. Are you going to stop moving toward becoming the cell phone and the social credit system, or are you going to finally shout, “Enough is enough!”?

Withdraw your consent and participation to stop the social credit system from taking over. Because you can.


Everyone the world over, start using cash there now. 


The "protecting" part has always been a lie with their (the opponent to mankind's) policy-making.


Ditch the phone. It is training you for your imprisonment.


Thursday, August 25, 2022

Hackable Humans


Puppets of the Puppeteers want to decrease the population of humans. That’s why they made people think the world was over-populated. The Puppeteers look at 3D Earth as their playground. They aim to control lifeforms here and get rid of the others. But, Mankind can rise above the deeds related to their Agenda.

Technology to make super-soldiers, whether from “aliens” or the Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction has been on 3D Earth for a very long time. Young people get kidnapped and worked on…sometimes at school and are returned to their homes every night…sometimes from their beds every night and are returned by morning…sometimes completely and are taken to a location for abuse and programming. Sometimes, TV and other screens, characters in movies and other shows, and advertising are used to program, alongside the vaccination and pharmaceutical “programs.” If the opponent to mankind cannot use you, then you are useless to them. Trolls have been around for centuries to attempt to stop those of higher frequency, lest these ruin the Puppeteers’ Agenda.

In Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I made a comment wondering about how many kinds of humans came before the Genetic human. The opponent to mankind has certainly perfected changing us right under our noses. The successive human is one of the next models. It is and will be very robot-like. AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence and the awful individuals), through the imposter ray, will control almost completely. The MultiSelf of this person will not be able to communicate as easily with it as the MultiSelf of the Genetic human could. Mankind is us when the MultiSelf may communicate with ease and have us rise above Implants of AI associated with the Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction. This is as the physical-ish spiritoid prior to Puppeteer tweaking of DNA, but with experience. This is the light-bearer human. This is the other model of human occurring at this time.

If a human lacked the frequency to withstand the onslaught of attack poured on heavily since 2020, they have already become the successive human. They may be assisted from the Casual level, but since they ignored the assistance we have offered, will they be able to reach out to us from a different level? If a human has stood firmly against all the attacks, chances are they are already the light-bearer human, which is mankind. If they are in fear and have managed to fight just enough to not receive the "c*vid" toxine but have willingly covered breathing holes on their faces, they are still a Genetic human, but still may be impulsed through the Implants within their genes and may become a successive human robot. I see no Genetic humans remaining after this current Puppeteer attack/hack on humans. You will become higher frequency and withstand the onslaught (light-bearer human), or you will receive the imposter ray (the ultimate in hacking) and become a human robot.

The Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction has been in your face for decades revealing their Agenda and technology to you. If you stood by and only saw it as entertainment then perhaps you lack the frequency to keep in touch with your MultiSelf. Perhaps you have been hacked at some level already.

Mankind remembers. Mankind has imagination and knows how to use it. You can stop the Puppeteers through not consenting. You consent every time you experience fear and helplessness because you bought into their perception of you...a level of having been hacked in and of itself.

Connect Pinky-rose Source from within yourself with officials, that person at work you experience trouble with, that in-law where nothing you say is heard, etc. You can use your imagination to establish a Space of Love over whatever past experiences and judgements are trying to dictate. You establish a hack-free zone.

We were always hackable. When we were physical-ish spiritoids and became enticed by what others informed us about—their fun experiment—and used our Free Will to play, those Puppeteers accessed our vowels/DNA and added their Implants. That’s why when someone speaks of God, I listen closely to see if it’s Source or the Puppeteers to whom they are referring in this instance. Source supports; Puppeteers hack.

Since the late 1700’s, vaccines made it easier to hack into and alter the Genetic human. Propaganda that is accepted by the physical brain is an example of how easy it is to hack a human. Mankind has always been here, thoughthat Genetic human who was different, who was very much over-riding Implants and able to hear promptings from the soul. Samuel Thomson was one. You can be another.

Again, we do not have to actively delete the Puppeteers and their puppets (officials). We may use our imaginations…we can continue a relationship with our MultiSelf. They simply would not be in our experience anymore. Free Will needs to be metered out responsibly. If you’re being hacked, you gave permission or entered into a contract with them. Re-visit permission and contacts, vaccine and drug choices, atrazine and glyphosate uses, and so much more.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

 https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRfHMheL/ Ur thots?

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

It’s Not About Deleting the Opponent to Humanity

It’s not about deleting the opponent to humanity. Mankind is of a frequency to rise above the attacks occurring on 3D Earth: propaganda, toxine-transmitters, geoengineering, covert and overt attacks, and so much more. Mankind has the imagination to hold a Space of Love and to transmute general attacks into blessings for all lifestreams.

Humans, on the other hand, revel in victimhood, blame, poor me, and so much more related to the base vibration. They want to attack, kill, arrest, punish, hurt, destroy, and delete the opponent that actually offers them their “pay-off,” since they revel in victimhood. A human must not need that “pay-off” in order for the opponent to go away. Wishing to harm or delete them is what holds the space for them and their frequency.

If mankind could support humans in understanding this, many issues would fall away within the first seconds. Fear is base. It convinces humans that everything and anything is out to get them and there is practically nothing that can be done despite three coverings over the only three breathing holes, three $hots that they are scared into trusting, and hiding away from humans and mankind. It is also creative. A space welcoming controllers, manipulators, killers, thieves, violators and so much more is held by these humans. Meanwhile, humans blame, blame, blame, blame, blame.

It’s not about deleting the opponent to humanity. It’s about taking responsibility for your frequency.

Mankind will seek care for their health and well-being from a higher frequency practitioner and modality compared to the human. Western Medical doctors have been murdering people for hundreds of years—even before it developed into the beast that it is today.

A human has been programmed to visit a Western Medical doctor annually. This god must deem the human healthy or they fret that they are not. The human must have vaccines, drugs, and tests that place radiation in their bodies to make them sick when, otherwise, they would have been fine. Western Medicine establishes customers for life and corpses for the cemeteries. It trains moms and dads to sacrifice their children to this god, ensuring more fodder for that system.

When mankind out-numbers humans by humans choosing higher frequency, Western Medicine’s reign will be over. Only you can accomplish this. Stop needing to be a victim.

All the life-long human friends and family who have turned away from their healthy, bare faced, non-$hotted counterparts because of programming is what can be deleted with a simple decision to increase frequency.







Tuesday, August 16, 2022

One Year Anniversary


It has been one year since I first went on Roger’s show. I had only heard of “National” and “non-citizen” within a few days of this show. Man, it bothers me now that I know what non-citizen is and I kept saying it not knowing back then.

Now, I do not use Swiss Cows because they showed their true colors to me. Later, I learned that Mer had posted that link that I had found. (I had first “met” Mer on Ingri’s show 2/27/21, I think.)

Now, I see that I have to get rid of all licenses to be free of the system. If I hold an acupuncturist license, then I have to follow their rules. Same with driver’s license…

As for the health department and officials, I did get the legal teams writing to me, but have pulled back to become a common law know-it all first.

And y’all know my stance on the social security number.  If I unilaterally rescind the number, then I will not need to worry about the Part B bs. If I use the number they assigned to me, I will have to follow their rules.

I attempted to get my passport card read from September 24th when it arrived until the end of October 2021. I was in at least four states in that time. No-one cared to read it. No official or cop cared about it or my affidavit in my backpack. Now, I am working on truly experiencing being liberated.

I will not “Practice Medicine Without a License” until I have completely “come out of her.”

Now, on Facebook jail. Since I sent my affidavit to what’s-his-face and “put them on notice” twice, I have not been put in jail more than two hours since, despite constantly pushing the envelope. I have received warnings, though. Prior, I ended up in "jail" constantly.

Jamboree was fun and I met many new friends, including Daryl, Mike, Bob, Harvey, Tim, Jimmy, Terrance, Geoff, Brent B...



Added 8/17/2022



Monday, August 15, 2022

Social Security is Part of the System


In what is called the Patriot Community, a lot of back and forth occurs around the social security number. There’s those of us who say, “Look, if you are using a social security number, then you are a ward to agents of the government. If you have a marriage and birth certificate, then you have a parent in those agents of the government.” There are others who say, “Nah man, if you hand an affidavit into the Secretary of State,”…who is in the system… “to say that you’re not in the system, you are now a man under God over being a bondservant.”

From what I can see, the National group believes that an affidavit handed in to the right agent of the government liberates them when they still use the social security number. Here are three thoughts on this. 1) It’s hard to let go of the benefits given by the social security number (get off work to have a baby, unemployment, etc.), especially when your hard-earned de facto money has gone into it. 2) It was involuntary. “I did not ask for this,” but once you are aware of the social security number, how it ties into taxes and the slavery of Americans and choose to stay, then it is no longer involuntary. 3) These people do not realize how far-reaching the District of Columbia is. Regular folks see places called countries with lines that are actually non-existent.  They don’t see the control behind the whole thing. The Puppeteers do not care if you reside in Argentina, Australia, or the states united. They have you if you use that number because you are not standing on your own two feet independent of the government-parent. Control of you works world-wide unless they don’t have you.

Use common sense. If you are using that social security number and have not unilaterally rescinded it…if you have licenses to do anything, then you are in their system.

George Gordon died liberated. There is no death certificate. He had not used his social security number for forty years prior to his death. He had no marriage certificate. He had no licenses. He lived and died outside the system. His passport came from information in the Bible and was accepted. He walked the talk of a liberated man. Should he have started using that number so he could get benefits, he now would be a ward of the State. Someone would be taking care of him. But nope. He took care of himself, believing God took care of him. A liberated man only answers to God. He believed he only had to answer to God. No man was his superior as it should be with all of us.

I have handed in an affidavit and that’s about it. Do you really think I’m free of the system? Compare me to George. Authorities would make my dead body have an autopsy because I am in the system. I would get a death certificate. I would die the bondservant I am in their eyes.

Yes, get the affidavit in. Energetically, you are making it clear that you do not wish to be a bondservant anymore, but there’s a lot more to do to work towards getting out.

Read law books and more from pre-1850’s. Learn how to handle yourself as living mankind. Ask questions of someone in their realm of expertise. That may include many people before you are finished.

Have the goal of getting out of the system as safely and slowly as you can. When you are at that moment, leave the system in one swoop. 

A passport given to someone from the government makes that passport and that someone of the system.

Social Security is part of the System, learn that first and then learn how to get out.






8/19/2022 added

From The UCC Connection How to Free Yourself from Legal Tyranny by Howard Freeman…

Common Law deals with contracts knowingly, voluntary, and intellectually entered into. Uniform Commercial Code deals with agreements. Agreements can be binding. “If you only exercise the benefits of an ‘agreement’ it is presumed, or implied, that you intend to meet the obligations associated with those benefits. If you accept a benefit offered by government, you are obligated to follow every statute involved with that benefit” (pg 15).

Both George Gordon and Howard Freeman see the discharging of debt rather than paying with substance as the “trap.”

George sees the Bible as a law book. I see it as a law book and a history book of what occurred in the skies that was made into stories and what people experienced as a result of such. See Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky.

George Gordon’s book Rights of Individuals is not only good because of the information, the only way it may be purchased is with silver, substance. It truly is one of the only things I own because I did not discharge debt to have it.

In it, he discusses the genesis of the social security system: The George Rapp Society (1805), Dr. List and the National Economy (1825), Limited Liability Act (1851) and Tontine Insurance (1868). He talks about the banksters and the House Joint Resolution 192 (1933), Swift v. Tyson (1842), Erie R. R. v. Tompkins (1938), Hinderlider v. La Plata Co. (1938) and “Social Security is a Taxable Franchise” is Chapter 18.

I purchased the Tax and Status course with gold. I worked on this simultaneously while reading United Slaves of America and had a different experience of John Benson’s book compared to others.

My opinion: The opponent to humanity has body stealing technology. It is not that a few families pass down information, but that these damon-Casual bodies (demons) hijack bodies of those within the same families. If grandpa Rockefeller is getting old, he would know how to steal perhaps a twelve-year-old grandson’s body and switch with him. The reason I mention this is we are mere mankind who enter their de facto courtroom and we think we hold enough Power and smarts to navigate our way through “court” how we want. We need to be well-rounded when demanding the Jurisdiction and Status questions. “Court” may not go as we plan. We need to have “fail safes” in place. Know your opponent.

Read the description and keywords and see if this might assist you.


Sunday, August 14, 2022

It’s a Frequency Thing

A frequency thing on 3D Earth in 2022 is represented by the following three men who are actually only in two groups: those who comply, support tyranny and are under the control of the Puppeteers, and those who stand in alignment with the Sound of Self, Truth and Source.

A young man doesn’t want to lose his job, so has the toxine (injected biowarfare known as a vaccine). "Do as you're told. Do not complain. Comply. Don’t buck the system. Play it safe. Don’t lose that job." He doesn’t know that once upon a time, many people knew how to stand on their own two feet without a job, but he thinks it best to do what a boss asks, even if he or she is stepping over a line. This is a frequency thing where this Genetic-human just became a successive human, the new model of human that has artificial intelligence and the imposter ray injected into his system. This new kind of human is inherently controlled by the Puppeteers beyond how they controlled their Genetic-human model.

A young man doesn’t want to lose his job, nor does he want the toxine, so he stands in integrity, claiming body autonomy, self-determination, and that he’s not abrogating any Rights. He hands in a vaccine affidavit and three other exhibits. He can decide for himself, having no need to be parented. He doesn’t simply do as he’s told. He articulates his stance, not complaining about anything. He certainly doesn’t comply with tyranny and those that wish to destroy mankind. He does buck the system, because it had no Right to be there. It’s de facto. It’s under the impression that mankind is to be parented. He says, “No!” He’s playing it safe because to be without a job, to be forced into creativity to succeed, to get out of a harmful, crippling system is invigorating no matter how scary the new may seem, and one needs no defense when aligned with Truth and Source. It’s a frequency thing. He’s the light-bearer human. He’s vibrating above his genetics (implants) and control of the Puppeteers. The light-bearer human is the model where one stands in alignment with the Sound of Self. It’s as if he’s in Omniverse kindergarten and is ready and eager to learn how to operate this new body.

A young man doesn’t want to lose his job, nor does he want the toxine. He manages to get a fake toxine card and it’s accepted. "Do as you're told. Do not complain. Comply. Don’t buck the system. Play it safe. Don’t lose that job." He doesn’t know that once upon a time, many people knew how to stand on their own two feet without a job, but he doesn’t know how. He can’t lose his job. This is a frequency thing and this is a Genetic-human, a rare thing in deed as it’s the human model presently being phased out. He's pretending to have had the $hot. He’s feeding the fire against mankind as he has complied. Sure, his body lacks the artificial intelligence and imposter ray at the moment, but when a more open attack on mankind occurs—because humans didn’t stop it sooner—which way will he finally go?

It’s a frequency thing that we are breaking into two kinds of humans right now. I rarely find Genetic-humans anymore, whereas in 2020, they dominated 3D Earth. Recall that the Puppeteers took the human to become a pig to see some of their handy work. Shocked? What percentage is a pig genetically like a human? Can a pig’s heart replace a human’s heart? Well, welcome to their games. With them, it’s a fear and control thing…for us, mankind, it’s a frequency thing.

The pig can’t undo the manipulation to become human again. Successive humans can, but it’ll require assistance from higher levels than the physical. They couldn’t hear us from the physical. It’ll be more challenging for them hear us and to undo the tweaking now from higher levels. It can be accomplished; though, because it’s a frequency thing.

Now, go. Make your choices. It’s a frequency thing. Hwa!


For more information on these three types of humans, the Puppeteers, and interdimensional disturbances on humanity, please see my book.