Monday, January 27, 2020

Genisys/Skynet is Here

[Do you recall the information that the criminals-that-believe-they-be gave us within the fifth Terminator movie?  They showed billboards and commercials showing a countdown to Genisys coming on-line and how everyone would benefit from it when it happened.  Fifth Generation antennas are Genisys.  It is no coincidence that they had this in the fifth movie.  T-Mobile is so proud that they are bringing 5G to you.  “It’s here!” they announce.  Well, 5G in the hands of criminals in so-called “power” is the stupidest position to place yourselves in.  We are not doing enough to make this toy useless.

I hold in consciousness that we can find the Source Codes locked up within ourselves.  (Source Codes are kind of like the glasses in the movie, They Live, which I am currently watching for the first time.)  We can say no to 5G through our actions.  We can stop being lazy.  We can return to human connection and not trust research that comes to us through a machine.  

Just notice how all these advertisements around us lately mirror the fifth movie's advertisements.  It's telling.]

6/28/2020 added on cell phones: