Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Word on Asymptomatic

[“Friends let’s talk ‘asymptomatic,’ since it’s on your mind.

When a person is vaccinated with DTaP and comes into contact with pertussis, pertussis colonizes in their throat for up to roughly six weeks. They may have no symptoms, but should they come in contact with an immune compromised person, or one with high sugar levels or high stress levels, that other person could succumb to those germs that are shared. As a side note, the healthy ones in society come into contact with all kinds of vaccine-shedders and DTaP spreaders and go on with life unaffected, because we listen to our bodies, pay attention to what we ingest, think, and say.

Though we may think receiving vaccines is a peculiar way to go about balance within the body, what others do isn’t our business. We feel safe within ourselves and can take that with us out into the world.

Now, I understand. The news didn’t inform you that each time you’ve had DTaP you became an asymptomatic carrier of lab-tweaked pertussis, but it happened anyway, and we knew it. We didn’t fear you. Society is made up of all sorts.

I hope that you find balancing modalities that you feel confident about and can trust the same as we, the healthy representatives of humans, do. Part of life is pushing the limits and having your body let you know loud and clear that it is time to rest. It’s okay to be sick sometimes. It helps us appreciate health all the more.

If you truly want to feel safe, turn off the news. It seems harmless, but it will infect you with poisonous images of healthy people that carry germs that are going to get you. It will convince you that the majority doesn’t have an important job to do, and we do! The healthy have to be out there. Don’t fear us!

Bright Day Thoughts.”
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Vaccinated may be reservoirs for infection...

The Homeless and Omega Man

[In Australia and the US, the District of Columbia for both, have the homeless in hotels under the guise of protection from a pathogen that doesn’t exist.

I posit that C*A-type mind-controlled/drug experiments are taking place on them.  By experiment I mean that they know the outcome and desire it.  In Omega Man, if I remember correctly, the group was changed by a drug and avoided the light.  They turned on humanity.  This movie always stayed with me and I saw it in the drive-in when really young.  When I met Charlton Heston, who so admired my father over tennis, I told him that I remembered the blue faces and was so afraid of them.  Now, who knows what color the faces were, but blue equates with blue pill.  It equates with the masses.  The blue-pilled people are the zombies of our society.  They are not for us, the humans grounding Light.  In fact, they are afraid of our Light.]

Someone asked me if it’s time for fighting.

No. Ground Light. Hold in your mind the world you want to create. Say out loud, "I vote the 1% are held accountable for their crimes against humanity. I vote Tesla technology is freed to those of the frequency to use it in an appropriate, non-harmful way." Things like that. Don't focus on fighting. AI wants to catch an imprison the souls of humanity, so if you leave your body, they will try to trick you. They want 8 million to 6 billion humans dead. War will help.

May 29, I wrote the following:
[So just for a moment, pretend there wasn't an epidemic. Governor Newsom has released prisoners and now is drugging the homeless. Please keep in mind that the homeless were given cell phones so that they could be tracked but know that a cell phone can help to remotely control a person especially when they have had a certain ingredient ingested or injected.
Yes, hopefully that will make you think twice about your phone.
If there was an epidemic, does it really make sense to you that Newsom would let prisoners out of jail, especially when the mask works so well!
Guys, it's almost getting too late to question.
Economic collapse is starting and people are starting to be hungry and civil unrest is being promoted in many ways.
If you have to start with what if there wasn't an epidemic... Then please start there.
If you have to start with, "Gosh if they told me every single day, every single hour how many people were dying at the hands of doctors, then I would be scared to go to a doctor again. Is it possible they did something like that to me these last few months every single day?" then please start there.]

The Coronavirus Script's Rabbit Hole


The Covid-19 script’s rabbit hole runs deep and may be there to trip us up.  The claim is that the present ruler of England is an impostor and that a king has finally surfaced to take his rightful place on the throne. The Pope has supposedly relinquished any rights to his place of power and this king now stands in charge of the world.  I will write a letter to him at the Pope’s address through the General Post-office and see what happens.)

We know the 1% and company have always lied to us.  We know America was not named for Amerigo Vespucci, but the Knight’s Templar named America after the star Merika as they were sailing here and guided by it. Well, ny know, I mean that there are other ideas out there that do need to be investigated if you care about names.  Anne perhaps did not die.  The rulers love games such as this.  For one thing, shock value runs deep.  For another, humans love the idea of having a savior who will come and save the day.  In this case, it seems Trump and this king are being set up as those who will save us from the Draco and AI rule that is making a huge final push to completely enslave mankind.

Yes, they want unrest.  Yes, they could have made it happen.  Race Wars is a meme that has been extremely successful for them.  (And no-one ever seems to notice the black guy in a place of power on the two dollar bill, but I suppose if people did, they would question too much.)

In all honesty, the fact that a cop supposedly had his knee on someone as he supposedly did with George, and I couldn’t see if he was really placing pressure on something else, and the other three did nothing knowing it was being filmed, screams “Performance” to me. The 1% often lie and always use the news to inform the public and entice fear and anger.  Emotions are seen by AI as our downfall, as well as feelings recognized as our unique power.  They know how to play you.  Many may not be dead.  I can think of a supposed whole plane of passengers that didn’t go into the Pentagon and can only wonder if they are slaves some place or if they were killed and disposed of.  We don’t know so much.

I say, see something as true and hold it up to the Light.  See something as staged and hold it up to the Light.]

The following appeared on my AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond Facebook page May 30, 2020:

[Event 201 discussed 65 million dying 6 months into the event...the "epidemic."
We are at the 6 months mark.
I'm suspecting all 5 men involved in the George Floyd killing were hired. I'm still looking into it, but I find it hard to believe that 3 other cops would not get the arrest going, if that's what was happening.
How did they get to that point? Are there no body cameras or on the gas station across the street?
When I know how successful the media and those in control just lied to the world...nothing they do can be trusted w/o a little digging.
Some people can be bought for five million and a life on an island.
Think of the peasant looters who joined the Soros-hired violence-makers. Those peasants embrassed opportunity.
Well, is it hard for you to entertain the idea that 5 could be bought?
Do you recall the nurse on the news and her performance about the ER being overrun and a local got in his car not only filmed the lie, he confronted her.
Whatever you see, you need to question. Prove all other possibilities wrong...
... just like how I proved there's another post office.]
My comment:
You know what. I am 5 mins into this vid and just want to point out that we never really know if someone is dead just because they tell us. We know the rumors: Elvis, Kobe, JFK, Jr., is an easier thing to pull off the further back we go, due to cameras, etc, but the 1% are masterminds at this.
I think this was a poorly casted act.
[Soros-funded rioters got it to the point where it is now and the masses to whatever extent have joined in. Yes, they are trying to make this a race war. And unrest was mentioned in the Event 201script.
I think it's highly important that this supposed cop worked with the supposed victim. I know that for as long as I could speak, if I had worked with someone before I would have mentioned that to them while they had me pinned to the ground. The bottom line is they want to bring in a force more powerful than the National Guard, so they're making it happen.]

[I heard about this and ignored it because obviously there are other things going on right now.
But I have not seen this video and I want to, so I want to have it somewhere where I can find it and maybe you will like it. Maybe you haven't heard about this.]

[I'm sorry, but I am not convinced that anyone died and I'm not convinced that that man was a cop .
I think that all of this was made to happen.
Those who are capable of understanding, are getting it that the covid-19 script was a manipulation of the population.
Humanity is getting angry in that knowledge.
There were only about maybe 3% of the population who understood what was going on all along.
So it's perfect to have this as a distraction from how evil the 1% were for the last 3 months, and it's also perfect in bringing in their desired 8 million to 6 billion dead.]

This part of the script was Gyorgy Schwarz (George Soros) funded.]
I have not seen... My comments:

 At 8:53, I said, "Whoa!" See, I have been envisioning the how to of free energy being released. (For one thing, we can get rid of evil SMART meters and electric companies.) I have been visualizing that we will remember how to teleport of of the frequency to do so. Yes, I realize this could be a distraction from the murder and complete take over that the 1% have in mind for us, but every day, I vote for the 1% to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Well, check to see if writing on this website is in all caps, because that's the style of the dead, it's not the style of English. It may have just been her. I'm too busy to look into this. I am simply holding the world I want in mind.
One thing we know for certain, they had multiple reasons for the coronavirus production. We know when celebs come down with the bug it is code for something else.
So, if this King is real and in the Vatican, I'd say, "Please get rid of all the Mandatory Vaccination legislation world-wide now. In fact, I will write a letter and let you know what happens. BTW, the Pope's letter came back to me. Interesting.
Trump may have Lizard Reptilian in him and they would quite possibly protect humans from Draco Reps. But, I am not a Qanon and still see Trump as a puppet, no matter what else he is.
If this person exists, I am related to him, because I am related to Anne. Anyone in London to confirm how gates look? And this whole story?
Max Igan did talk about what Trump did with the Fed Reserve over a month ago.
Another affirmation of mine is for the 1% to be deleted from the position of power: 1% delete.

Tarot on King:

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Big Pharma Fact Checker the New Indian Police

[Here is an example of Nazi America. Big Pharma sponsored scientists and doctors are under the control of the 1%. These fact-checkers are being paid by Big Pharma, no matter who they think is paying them.

If your job is with a company that is big enough, then you know there are things that you are not allowed to share with the outside world when it comes to your job. For example, I work for a school district, and I know a whole bunch of things that I am not allowed to talk about.
People who are associated with Big Pharma sign contracts. They are usually fresh out of school, young scientists who go into a Big Pharma job all excited and when they discover the way things really are, they are gagged, silenced.

They cannot tell you what they want to tell you.

Then there are scientists like Dr. Dolores Cahill. How dare a Big Pharma presume to think they have a right to fact-check her!

Do these young upstarts think that they know more than Dr. Cahill?

This woman knows science inside and out and she is free to disclose anything she wants to.

How dare a Big Pharma-sponsored fact checker who is probably not even in their 30s themselves yet alone lacking experience, judge what her information is. They may not even understand the level of science that Dr. Cahill understands.

All I'm saying is this just proves that these little robots of Big Pharma who don't even know they're working for non-humans (at the very top), think that they are just such know-it-alls that they  believe they are in a place where they can judge someone like Dr. Cahill.

Big Pharma-sponsored fact checker, yeah you... You've got a lot of nerve! You know Big Pharma Fact Checker, if you're human, they're going to take you down, too!

Don't think they're going to leave you standing.

You know like those Natives long ago that the government convinced to be police for them...? The "Indian police" would lock up the Natives.
The United States locked up the Indian police at the end of it.

The 1% uses people. You are being used!

Go and prove that wrong Mr. Fact-checker!

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The New Natives

World-wide, you are the new Natives.  Remember how the lands known as the states of the Union and Australia were stolen from the people who were living there first?  That same government, the District of Columbia, is once again stealing those lands from the people living there by implementing their Agenda 21 and their New World Order.

Last time, they mistreated the people and gifted them with biowarfare in blankets, or straight out poisoned the people’s water.  Finally, they rounded them up and locked them down on reservations.  This time, those in charge, locked humans in their homes, depriving this social animal of all social activities.  If being social did not support the human’s health, then it would not be an innate necessity.

          For some, being distanced from others led to suicide.  For others, extreme loneliness and depression.  For some, anxiety over not being able to visit loved ones in hospital.  For the little ones, desperate longing for parks and beaches.   For all, their microbiome was being devastated through no contact with other microbiomes for healthy swapping.

This time, the “bug” wasn’t smallpox in blankets after beating down the internal terrain of the Natives through stealing their way of life.  The “bug” is the stealing of our way of life.

There were few Natives compared to the bullies who stole their lands.  This time, do you want to stand with the few greedy, heart-less rulers, or with us, humanity that is being conquered?

The masses complicit in the crime of ousting the Natives were manipulated by their press about what a great thing they were doing by settling West.  They were told that the evil savages needed to be either changed or wiped out, and that there was no hope for some.  Now, the new natives are being told by the press that there exists an evil boogeyman in the air and that they must lock down in order to wipe it out.  Both narratives were to promote the 1%’s agenda.  Both didn’t care about humans.  Look, you know the script.  You’ve seen how those in charge lie and instill fear to get their way.  It’s time to awaken to their treachery and treason.

The new natives can be saved if one human at a time, they start to question the narrative.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Government Didn't Tell Me

["People scream for safety, yet they ignore the 4G towers that are sprinkled all over town, especially strategically placed on corners of schools. They haven't investigated them because 1) they like their phones 2) the government didn't tell them 4G towers are dangerous 3) the government allows them so they must be safe.

People scream for safety, yet they don't care about the Wi-Fi that is attacking their bodies all day long and solidifying their pineal glands. They don't care that Wi-Fi is constantly attacking their children in schools, in their homes, at the beach, in the stores, and at restaurants because 1) they love technology 2) the government didn't tell them Wi-Fi is dangerous 3) the school districts and the government allow Wi-Fi so it must be safe.

People scream for safety, yet they don't care that vaccines are put out by companies that cannot be held liable, which means there's nobody making sure the products are safe. (And when you think about how many drugs they've put out that have been unsafe and that they have been sued over, you can only imagine what a product is like when they are not held accountable for it!) No-one is concerned about the viruses that were recognized and purposely engineered and are within that vial along with viruses that were never seen because they were too small and so any outcome is unpredictable.  People scream for safety, yet don't mind that the government is forcing people to be injected with diseases and heavy metals and all kinds of vile crap, because 1) they like the idea of believing that now they don't have to take care of their health because they had this vaccine and it's a magical kind of god that's going to keep them safe and now they can be lazy 2) the government didn't tell them vaccines were dangerous 3) the doctors and government allow vaccines to be injected so they must be safe.

But these same people will stand six feet away from other people and will wear masks because they're afraid of a virus in the air that the government told them was there.

The same people will tell you that the government didn't tell them what to think or feel.

Oh, really?

Monday, May 25, 2020

I Am Not Responsible for Your Fear


["A woman just said this to me. 'Why are you such a selfish pig? How were you raised? It
must have been terrible for you to turn out so reprehensible.' This is over me not wearing a mask and simply asking for proof of claim that me wearing a mask would save anybody's life?

One thing that this Plandemic 2020 has shown me is that pro-mask-wearers are the same as the pro-vaxxers. With both, all I've ever done is ask for proof of claim. If they are saying that masks or vaccines are safe, effective, or necessary, I'm asking for proof of that. There isn't any.

I suppose both groups just cannot face that they do as they're told and they do not question authority. AI appeals to the emotional side of man and pulls on heartstrings such as, 'You're keeping others safe if you just get a vaccine and wear a mask.'  People only hear that they have to do something they're told to do or people will not be safe.  It's being considerate to follow orders, after all.

Maybe that's really too hard to face.

You can tell that this woman is really activated. I wish she would look at that. She is name-calling because she is so afraid. She is so afraid because she has bought the line (which is a lie) that there is this thing out there that's killing people. (Germ Theory is pushed by Big Pharma so they can have you as a helpless customer for life.)  I have no doubt that the government is going to do something and in fact, they may have already put it in the vaccines that people have already received. They may be doing it with the 5G or 6G or whatever switch they're going to turn on to do a thing. But that's not my problem. I'm trying to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity, but I'm certainly not going to fear them.

My point is, I am not responsible for her fear.

I am responsible when someone tells me I have to have a pharmaceutical injected into me or I have to put a mask over my face to ask, 'Where's the proof of claim?' If they are claiming there is an epidemic, where's the proof? If they are claiming that because there's an epidemic that I have to wear a mask because it protects people, where's the proof? If they are claiming there's an epidemic, and so I have to have a pharmaceutical injected into me though I am healthy, then I'm allowed to ask where's the proof that it's going to save people?

 This woman has been so programmed that when she comes across people who can think for themselves and ask questions, she sees them as being selfish. That blows me away. No wonder the 1% is so convinced they've got you.

They are only millimetres away from getting you.

You see, I think there's a part of this woman that is aware of what's going on and she just can't connect with it. This woman thinks that I deserve to be censured and condemned because I'm asking a question.

Can you see how controlled the masses are now?

I'm asking for proof of claim. That's it. And because of that, in her mind, I deserve to be censured and condemned. Wow.

Yes, I'm holding my center but I am getting very close to mourning the loss of humanity. Oh, I'm going to be fine because I know they're coming after our spirits and I know how to stop them from getting mine, but if people won't even recognize manipulation over a pharmaceutical or a mask, how are they ever going to understand the whole picture about what's going on?

Heavy sigh. So if your vaccine or your mask work, then it should not concern you if I receive a vaccine or not, nor should it concern you if I don a mask or not.

I am not responsible for your health.

I am not responsible for your fear."

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Battle for Your Mind

["I reckon the 1% delete chose coronavirus to be this boogeyman bio-scare because they know it is a natural byproduct of all humans and so it will always be around. Our cells leave what they have labeled coronavirus in the wake of balancing themselves when they are distressed.

So, when we go and party too much, sleep too little, exercise too little, ingest the wrong recreational kinds of foods over nutrition, etc, our cells balance themselves, and a virus is left as a byproduct.

We will never not have coronaviruses around us. They are our friends. They were born out of helping us just like a placenta comes out of the making of a child.

Now, what they are calling covid-19 is not natural. It's whatever lab-tweaked viruses they have in vaccines at any given time. They cannot control what a virus that they tweak in a lab is going to do because of all the viruses that are there that they don't see that are getting tweaked, as well.

This could be prevented if people just didn't have the vaccines. Anything that comes through that needle is not going to serve you.

That people are always going to beg for that because they have allowed the 1% delete in charge to convince them that their human body is vile and no good and inept is a sad commentary on humanity.

The only way that those who think they are superior to us can beat us is through their programming of humans to think so little of themselves.

That's why they've got you fearing the coronavirus,  which came from a natural, normal, helpful process. That's why they've got you believing Germ Theory. They can't have you if you stay in control of your own dang mind.

It is normal that the coronavirus is always going to be around. It is abnormal that you think you need a vaccine when you don't have a vaccine receptor in your body. It is crazy that you think you need a vaccine when you don't suffer from a vaccine deficiency! So what is Plandemic 2020 about?

It's a battle for your mind.

This is their huge big push. Why are you making it so easy?

But know this, scared human, they can attack us with whatever kind of bioweapon that they want and they could always make sure that they check for the coronavirus, and they could say that's what you died of! Your cells are definitely going to be overworked when they are trying to rebalance themselves after an attack.

This script has been running for a long time. Many people had awakened to it by 1968, so they went and coined the term conspiracy theorist so that anyone who was trying to warn the masses would be labeled this by the very masses that they were trying to help. It's not too late for you to do your own research while you've still got your mind.

Now go.  Anchor the Light. Hwa!"

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The 1% Delete

Today, I stated calling the criminals-that-believe-they-be the 1% delete instead of the 1% elite.

The 2nd 9-11, this Covid-19 meme is to take away privacy and freedom as near to as completely as the 1% new name for them...can.

["The media has convinced you that if I don't wear a mask, I may make you sick.
Well, I'm not the EMF's that are harming you. That's coming from your cell phone and it's your choice to have that cell phone in your hand, back pocket, or bra.
I am not your vaccine injury. It was you who allowed lab-tweaked viruses and other harmful ingredients to be injected into you.
What I have done for you is I have stopped the erection of a 4G tower. Though it's only a small victory, I went against Section 704 and I won.
All these decades while you have been engaging in life, I have been fighting against Agenda 21.
How many of you mask-wearers can say the same?
Unlike the 1% delete, I have been looking out for you.
Yes, in your mind you're being considerate because you're wearing a mask. I'm telling you, your enemy knows the compassion that you have and they use that to manipulate you. I highly recommend you start to get to know your opponent. And yes, that television set, that president, that prime minister, that Pope, that ruler, that governor is your opponent, not your friend if they are not allowing you to be human."
-Paget of Essendon]

["It makes no sense that governments of the world would take away cash because a person died of covid-19. We have had thousands of people die from the flu and from flu shots, and the 1% delete never took away cash.
They are lying to you.
They want cash gone so they can control you better through the social credit system."
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Child Sacrifice

Why are so many things being RELAXED around Covid-19?

[Do you support the child abuse that is to occur at public schools going forward after this first phase, the Covid-19 media virus?  Do you really believe that even with doctors supported to write that a person had Covid-19 even if they just assumed it, and even in light of only a supposed outbreak well under 2017’s flu numbers, that the 1% are implementing inhumane responses in order to protect you?  

Repeatedly washing hands destroys the human immune system.  Repeatedly using products with alcohol can cause cracks on the skin.  No human contact depletes the necessary mixing of microbiome.  No hugging and touching destroys the human all around.  But worst of all, young humans are being made robots.  They will robotically move to the next spot only when the robot in front of them has moved.  No more running freely. Watch out for those vaccines.  A lot of undesirable ingredients of 3D and more have already made its way into your children.  Will you allow the next round?  Will you take the entrapping Covid-19 test?

You know, I wonder if this Covid-19 excuse to remove children from parents is related to the Child Protective Services evidence that Paul Walker allegedly had.  When he died, I had posted information related to his involvement with stopping CPS. Anyway, the non-human of the 1% are coming for your children.  Are you going to allow them to be sacrificed?]

[The 1% say, "Oh no. We see you are a free-thinking adult. Yes, you have Covid-19. We better take your kids away. We need to make sure that the ones we allow to go out into the community are going to be citizens that we can control. But you know we're pedophiles, so we have to satisfy our needs and also there are a few of us who really like to eat children so we kind of want the adults out of the way if you don't mind. Thank you very much."
Do you really want to sacrifice your children? Don't take the covid-19 test!]

Friday, May 15, 2020

Event Plandemic 2020

Event 201, the mock world-wide coronavirus pandemic that happened in October 2019, had many of the same players as are participating in Event Plandemic 2020. (Please see Amazing Polly on YouTube for detailed videos on the same people from Event 201 being involved with the orchestration of this so-called pandemic.)
Viruses are not necessarily something to fear.  Human cells exude viruses.  The bacteria within humans exudes viruses.  Animal tissue has viruses in them because their bodies have the same virus-making functions.  If you keep a child six feet away from all humans when at school, his body is still making viruses through various processes.  You cannot play God and think that you’re stopping it by locking that child in their home and requesting him to stand six feet from others when out.  Why are you afraid of a function that is normal to us just because some Big Pharma-sponsored  politician/doctor/scientist/media is telling you so?  Restore/Ion’s creator, Zach Bush, MD tells us “Fifty percent of the human genome is viruses. We were made by viruses. Ten percent of our genome is from retro viruses,” and “nature’s whole goal is biodiversity and sustaining life.”

When thinking of the numbers of people who supposedly died because of Covid-19, keep in mind that the CDC gave permission for all doctors to say a patient had died of Covid-19 if they just assumed it was so.  Remember the financial incentives of Covid-19 diagnoses and ventilator use.  Recall that doctors were instructed to see a person as infected with Covid-19 first and foremost before moving on to a diagnosis, which is extremely dangerous for the patient if Covid-19 protocols are in opposition of what is needed. (Never before has a practitioner been asked to do this.  What was requested of them now in 2020 is very different to a practitioner pretending a patient’s blood is infected with HIV or Hep C or B, because that thinking only makes the practitioner careful.  It does not interfere with diagnosis.)  Especially when there seem to be two different kinds of presentations (One like a person with Flu and one where a person is blue without fever), we have to truly wonder how many people died of anything that was contagious at all.

Since the Event Plandemic 2020 players have been setting the stage for this event as well as ID 2020 for a very long time, I do think that whatever vaccine they want has either been ready for some time, or they know they can’t come up with one, so they’re all smoke and mirrors with their threats, or they plan to grab one of the vaccines in the works and call it the covid-19 vaccine. 

Zach Bush doesn’t seem to realize that the “regulatory” groups such as CDC are 1% driven, Big Pharma sponsored and all they regulate are their profits and how well Agenda 21 is progressing.  Zach seems unaware of Event 201 and John Hopkins Hospital’s involvement.  Zach does say it is impossible for authorities to say exactly how many people died of Covid-19.  He acknowledges that people die of respiratory conditions all the time.  Zach points out that with SARS, the patients turned blue before drowning in their own fluids. Covid-19 patients present with hypoxia, which is a loss of oxygen in tissue and the patients will look blue. No fever.  No respiratory distress. They had an increase in liver enzymes.  Nothing to show an inflammatory event.  White blood cells were not elevated until much later when an infection sets in, since it’s after days of distress, the bacteria and fever show up.  Zach cannot see evidence of viral infection.

          Zach points out how “Covid-19” patients are dying of hypoxia at the tissue level.  Drainage capabilities of the lungs are gone, and fluids accumulate, alongside blood clot formation and lack of oxygen systemically.  Zach is the second non-Big Pharma doctor I’ve heard refer to patients’ presentation being as if they’ve been suddenly placed on the highest mountain and are having altitude sickness. (Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell was the first.) Zach says that this event is the same as in 2002. Respiratory machines were and are deadly to these patients.  The tissues can’t absorb oxygen.  Zach says, “Eight-eight percent of people on a respirator in New York are dying.” He goes on to say that we are part of the problem.  I would posit it’s the Big Pharma-sponsored media run by the 1% that are the problem and doctors doing as they’re told rather than following what they know.

Zach says that “covid-19” presentation is, “No fever, blue patient with signs of liver failure and hypoxemic injury to the organs.  Developing later into respiratory death.”   This is similar to cyanide poisoning.  Three quick FDA approved injections could turn the tables but know that the 1% cannot implement ID 2020 if they heal this. They cannot scare the masses into fearing a virus boogeyman if doctors actually heal the problem and quickly.  People, you are being played!  Wake up to the agenda. The hemoglobin needs to be treated in those that present with hypoxia.

It is definitely easier to convince the world about a boogeyman virus if multiple things can bring people down. (Lab-tweaked viruses delivered through vaccinations, as well.)  Zach does say that it hasn’t been proven yet but thought that the virus is helping in the unmasking of this hemoglobin shift.  If so, then it’s the lab-tweaked virus.  Normal viruses are good guys.  They are born from cellular processes and wouldn’t on their own suddenly harm us. Zach does say, “The virus seems to be unmasking toxicity of our environment.” The glyphosate, cyanide, and other environmental toxins are rampant in the countries with the highest “Covid-19” patients.  As for the environment, I say that doctors such as Zach need to look into EMF poisoning such as f*fth generation to see if hemoglobin is unable to uptake oxygen.  This would either rule 5G out or say that there are two attacks from our environment that could be causing this hypoxic “Covid-19” scenario.

Not allowing you in a store without a mask is the beginning of ID 2020.  They will not allow you to shop without the mark of the devil (with your vaccine record within that chip) in the very near future if you don’t stop it now.  Don’t patron stores that require a mask. When you press them, usually they let you in.  Right now, we have numbers of fatalities similar to the flu, even with all their lying. High air pollution can disrupt normal distribution of viruses.  This isn’t being discussed because not driving would e a true support to heal the imbalance. But Zach does say that each year, as soon as we see a coronavirus come out, we cease driving and as a consequence, we will cause cyanide to lessen in our environment.  Also, aerosolized viruses will be able to spread out due to no gunk in the air for them to cling to and stay.  There are natural soil cycles that need to be acknowledged, too.

You fear what Event Plandemic 2020 players convinced you to fear, i.e. humans, and yet you roll up your sleeve for the dangerous, non-natural, lab-tweaked viruses through vaccines.  Are you not questioning your programming, yet?

          Be on your guard because this silly thing that just happened and was nothing…if anything the treatment of all humans is what has caused death at this time…was the prelude to an event.  They have advertised time and again that a large kill is to happen.  They do have weapons at their fingertips, but they will want you to believe that the attack was because of us and our impatience over being locked up.  They will call it covid-19 no matter what it is to be.  Remember, many doctors and scientists have been murdered and many others are being silenced.  As soon as the most asleep of the masses start to question anything related to this event, they may shut the internet down in hopes of stopping you from hearing scientists speak.  Be careful.  Don’t be fooled.  Don’t turn on your TV to see what’s happening because there, you will only hear the lie as relayed to you by Event Plandemic 2020 players.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Zach Bush and his Covid-19 idea

I love Zach's hypothesis.  I tell you that it makes more sense than what the 1% are saying!  I do feel that the extreme sugar intake from Halloween to Easter is involved with more exosomal/viral activity.  But I love his idea of resorting to bikes and walking, etc for a few months for the health of our planet and all who are on it.

I sell Restore/Ion, his product and have a good feeling about Zach.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Questions and a Discussion for People in Favor of Masks

·        Where is the data on the safety, effectiveness, and necessity of masks?

·        Where is the control group they went against proving each? 

·        Where is the proof that if I don’t wear a mask to go into Trader Joe’s, for example, that it might kill someone? 

·        How is it supposed to kill?  If air can be pulled through the mask to me, so can a teeny tiny particle.  Where’s the proof that that won’t happen?

·        Not wearing a mask is not being selfish.  It’s questioning authority.  It’s asking questions before mindlessly doing as I’m told by Big Pharma sponsored cohorts.  The idea that people should be shamed for questioning a mask is ridiculous.  All of you should question it.  Also, question and investigate those who are giving you orders to wear masks.  You might be amazed at what you’ll find.  If someone isn’t wearing a mask, perhaps they’ve done more and different homework compared to you. The CDC is a corporation that hasn’t shown the proof for changing my mind about masks. If they haven’t been proven safe, effective, or necessary, then I should not be made to wear one.

·        Brix said on March 26 at a White House press conference that they may have gotten the transmission wrong. What scientific study proved them suddenly right with the transmission? If an asymptomatic person coughs or sneezes on someone, where’s the proof that that someone became ill?  The control group would be needed for a statement such as this. What study did they conduct and was it Big Pharma sponsored? When the Surgeon General changed his stance on masks, he had to read the reason, whereas when he was confidently against them, he simply spoke to the public.

·        As for having asthma and wearing a mask, I would only do it if I’d seen studies on asthmatic mask-wears against a non-mask wearing placebo asthmatic group and seen that the results bent on the mask wearer’s side.

·        If wearing a mask causes you stress, your body is being adversely affected and that may create imbalanced cells.  You would make the byproduct as your cells fight to rebalance themselves, so this stress is a problem.

·        Practitioners wear a mask to stop droplets dripping from them when they are looking down at you with busy hands.  They can’t do what we out in public can do, take a tissue, blow our noses, spit into a sink, whatever.  Their hands are busy.  They can’t stop to do the thing, wash their hands, and return.  We can. Doctors are still breathing microorganisms and exhaling microorganisms through their masks, except some wear the stronger more durable professional masks.  At any rate, even if the doctor was ill, it doesn’t mean those around him have such a weak terrain that they will fall ill as well, and it certainly doesn’t mean they fell ill because of the doctor.  Your cells exude a byproduct (some known as viruses) when they are trying to re-balance themselves.  You are largely responsible for your health. I am not responsible for your health.

·        As far as this article goes, when it says that masks “might be” of help with other viruses, no-one can force the whole community to wear masks based on a might be.  That is not science.  That is over-reach.  If someone wants to wear a mask, that is their choice, but for an ordinance, proof of effectiveness is necessary, but so is safety to the wearer.  Where is Fauci’s proof that “Some sort of facial covering” is effective? There is even “limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”Also, “Officials even lack evidence that respiratory etiquette (sneezing or coughing into a tissue) is helpful in stopping the spread of viruses."

·        As for laws—legislation—you might want to look into see if your local, state and federal governments truly do have a right to force you to wear a mask.  That’s your choice to either investigate it or not.  If a non-mask wearer has and is satisfied that it is not justified, that’s their business.  If you think another fellow human can get you sick, then you believe in Germ Theory.  That is also your right, but it’s not appropriate to force others to believe that theory.  (That would make you the entitled one.) It’s called point of view and that’s what makes diversity.  For example, if you don’t know about the Rockefeller papers of 2010, Event 201, or Agenda 21, or ID 2020 (social credit system, forced vaccinations, forced micro-chipping, 5G, 6G, etc), chances are that you’re the type who takes surveys, upgrades your cell phone all the time, watches the news, etc.  You will have a different point of view about this Covid-19 situation in general compared to someone who has researched those ideas for years, even decades.  It is not entitlement that drives the mask wearer or the non-mask-wearer.  It’s past experience.

·        Do some tests on your mask.  Is air getting through?  Well, how small is a virus?  Does your mask block microscopic particles from entering?  How do you feel in the mask?  I know two people who have fainted.

·         “***MASK WEARERS take notice***
"So I did a test today that I am quite confident has never been done, relative to the mask guidelines.
So in order to live health
y we must breathe the correct atmospheric oxygen which is 19.5% -23.5% of the air must be O2. OHSA requires a confined space environment to maintain this atmosphere or you must remove yourself from that environment immediately. So we breathe in that O2 in two places mouth and nose, both of which are confined to the mask.
My hypothesis was that the atmosphere inside of the mask was not meeting the lower 19.5% atmospheric oxygen levels making the mask immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).
The test:
I took an industrial MSA air gas monitor and tested 3 face coverings. I wore each mask covering appropriately and inserted the gas monitor wand inside the mask. The results of the atmospheric oxygen levels are as follows: (remember under 19.5% is IDLH)
Double layer hanker chief - 17.5%
Half face respirator with 2 valves and particulate filters - 18.0%
N95 with single valve - 18.0%
Conclusion - these face coverings that are being recommended are depleting the oxygen to your brain and is immediately dangerous to life and health. The reason: gas exchange isn’t happening fast enough inside the mask and you are breathing too much expended CO2."
       ~J. Grieve”

·         "Masks don't work so we are releasing prisoners to keep them from getting sick. Now masks magically work, but we're still releasing prisoners instead of giving them masks but if you don't wear a mask we will put you in prison with no mask.
       Sounds legit."