Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Word on Asymptomatic

[“Friends let’s talk ‘asymptomatic,’ since it’s on your mind.

When a person is vaccinated with DTaP and comes into contact with pertussis, pertussis colonizes in their throat for up to roughly six weeks. They may have no symptoms, but should they come in contact with an immune compromised person, or one with high sugar levels or high stress levels, that other person could succumb to those germs that are shared. As a side note, the healthy ones in society come into contact with all kinds of vaccine-shedders and DTaP spreaders and go on with life unaffected, because we listen to our bodies, pay attention to what we ingest, think, and say.

Though we may think receiving vaccines is a peculiar way to go about balance within the body, what others do isn’t our business. We feel safe within ourselves and can take that with us out into the world.

Now, I understand. The news didn’t inform you that each time you’ve had DTaP you became an asymptomatic carrier of lab-tweaked pertussis, but it happened anyway, and we knew it. We didn’t fear you. Society is made up of all sorts.

I hope that you find balancing modalities that you feel confident about and can trust the same as we, the healthy representatives of humans, do. Part of life is pushing the limits and having your body let you know loud and clear that it is time to rest. It’s okay to be sick sometimes. It helps us appreciate health all the more.

If you truly want to feel safe, turn off the news. It seems harmless, but it will infect you with poisonous images of healthy people that carry germs that are going to get you. It will convince you that the majority doesn’t have an important job to do, and we do! The healthy have to be out there. Don’t fear us!

Bright Day Thoughts.”
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Vaccinated may be reservoirs for infection...

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