Wednesday, May 6, 2020

You Don't Want to Wear a Mask, Really?

Yes, really!

This propaganda gives you no information. 

·       Were the patients of these lungs elderly?  If so, how elderly?

·       Were they smokers or working in a toxic environment?  If so, for how long?

·       Are they vaccinated, specifically with the four strains of influenza and the highly pathogenic H1N1 grown on cell lines of dogs with coronavirus, which has now been tweaked due to being in a lab and changed?  In fact, what’s the whole vaccine history of the owners of these lungs?

Know this: coronavirus is a byproduct from a distressed cell as it struggles to rebalance itself. Covid-19 is the collective biowarfare within vaccines. Any natural coronavirus to the animals used in the making of vaccines have now been tweaked…weaponized.  Also, there would have been viruses present that were not purposely tweaked.  Outcomes would be unpredictable.  At any rate, lab-tweaked or natural, if a virus was exhaled or inhaled, it could go through the masks and bandannas that the general public is wearing.  Stopping being vaccinated would be a more constructive choice.

People who have been infected with vaccine biowarfare most definitely should not wear a mask.  Masks may re-infect you. It’s sad that the very group convinced that they need vaccines in order to have health are also convinced that they need to wear a mask in order to keep themselves healthy, as well as others.  Many who are not into getting vaccines have chosen not to wear a mask and propaganda such as the above picture is being used to try to scare them into wearing a mask. 

People need to interact with everyone else’s microbiome.  We need to go barefoot in our backyards and traipse that into our homes.  Remember that Germ Theory is a theory and that your internal terrain has the Power to hold pathogens at bay.  Also, if you are balanced, then your cells don’t need to make a coronavirus byproduct in the process of rebalancing themselves.  Know that if you’ve ever been vaccinated then your cells are struggling for balance under that attack constantly.  (By vaccines, I am not referring to an idea of injecting tonifying herbs or interferon.  I am referring to the corporation know as the CDC’s vaccination schedule.  I am referring to Gates sponsored vaccines.) 

No, in following what my body tells me is best for myself and in being a healthy human who has to be out there for the health of community, I sill do not want to wear a mask.]

Added 6/11/2020:

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