Friday, May 15, 2020

Event Plandemic 2020

Event 201, the mock world-wide coronavirus pandemic that happened in October 2019, had many of the same players as are participating in Event Plandemic 2020. (Please see Amazing Polly on YouTube for detailed videos on the same people from Event 201 being involved with the orchestration of this so-called pandemic.)
Viruses are not necessarily something to fear.  Human cells exude viruses.  The bacteria within humans exudes viruses.  Animal tissue has viruses in them because their bodies have the same virus-making functions.  If you keep a child six feet away from all humans when at school, his body is still making viruses through various processes.  You cannot play God and think that you’re stopping it by locking that child in their home and requesting him to stand six feet from others when out.  Why are you afraid of a function that is normal to us just because some Big Pharma-sponsored  politician/doctor/scientist/media is telling you so?  Restore/Ion’s creator, Zach Bush, MD tells us “Fifty percent of the human genome is viruses. We were made by viruses. Ten percent of our genome is from retro viruses,” and “nature’s whole goal is biodiversity and sustaining life.”

When thinking of the numbers of people who supposedly died because of Covid-19, keep in mind that the CDC gave permission for all doctors to say a patient had died of Covid-19 if they just assumed it was so.  Remember the financial incentives of Covid-19 diagnoses and ventilator use.  Recall that doctors were instructed to see a person as infected with Covid-19 first and foremost before moving on to a diagnosis, which is extremely dangerous for the patient if Covid-19 protocols are in opposition of what is needed. (Never before has a practitioner been asked to do this.  What was requested of them now in 2020 is very different to a practitioner pretending a patient’s blood is infected with HIV or Hep C or B, because that thinking only makes the practitioner careful.  It does not interfere with diagnosis.)  Especially when there seem to be two different kinds of presentations (One like a person with Flu and one where a person is blue without fever), we have to truly wonder how many people died of anything that was contagious at all.

Since the Event Plandemic 2020 players have been setting the stage for this event as well as ID 2020 for a very long time, I do think that whatever vaccine they want has either been ready for some time, or they know they can’t come up with one, so they’re all smoke and mirrors with their threats, or they plan to grab one of the vaccines in the works and call it the covid-19 vaccine. 

Zach Bush doesn’t seem to realize that the “regulatory” groups such as CDC are 1% driven, Big Pharma sponsored and all they regulate are their profits and how well Agenda 21 is progressing.  Zach seems unaware of Event 201 and John Hopkins Hospital’s involvement.  Zach does say it is impossible for authorities to say exactly how many people died of Covid-19.  He acknowledges that people die of respiratory conditions all the time.  Zach points out that with SARS, the patients turned blue before drowning in their own fluids. Covid-19 patients present with hypoxia, which is a loss of oxygen in tissue and the patients will look blue. No fever.  No respiratory distress. They had an increase in liver enzymes.  Nothing to show an inflammatory event.  White blood cells were not elevated until much later when an infection sets in, since it’s after days of distress, the bacteria and fever show up.  Zach cannot see evidence of viral infection.

          Zach points out how “Covid-19” patients are dying of hypoxia at the tissue level.  Drainage capabilities of the lungs are gone, and fluids accumulate, alongside blood clot formation and lack of oxygen systemically.  Zach is the second non-Big Pharma doctor I’ve heard refer to patients’ presentation being as if they’ve been suddenly placed on the highest mountain and are having altitude sickness. (Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell was the first.) Zach says that this event is the same as in 2002. Respiratory machines were and are deadly to these patients.  The tissues can’t absorb oxygen.  Zach says, “Eight-eight percent of people on a respirator in New York are dying.” He goes on to say that we are part of the problem.  I would posit it’s the Big Pharma-sponsored media run by the 1% that are the problem and doctors doing as they’re told rather than following what they know.

Zach says that “covid-19” presentation is, “No fever, blue patient with signs of liver failure and hypoxemic injury to the organs.  Developing later into respiratory death.”   This is similar to cyanide poisoning.  Three quick FDA approved injections could turn the tables but know that the 1% cannot implement ID 2020 if they heal this. They cannot scare the masses into fearing a virus boogeyman if doctors actually heal the problem and quickly.  People, you are being played!  Wake up to the agenda. The hemoglobin needs to be treated in those that present with hypoxia.

It is definitely easier to convince the world about a boogeyman virus if multiple things can bring people down. (Lab-tweaked viruses delivered through vaccinations, as well.)  Zach does say that it hasn’t been proven yet but thought that the virus is helping in the unmasking of this hemoglobin shift.  If so, then it’s the lab-tweaked virus.  Normal viruses are good guys.  They are born from cellular processes and wouldn’t on their own suddenly harm us. Zach does say, “The virus seems to be unmasking toxicity of our environment.” The glyphosate, cyanide, and other environmental toxins are rampant in the countries with the highest “Covid-19” patients.  As for the environment, I say that doctors such as Zach need to look into EMF poisoning such as f*fth generation to see if hemoglobin is unable to uptake oxygen.  This would either rule 5G out or say that there are two attacks from our environment that could be causing this hypoxic “Covid-19” scenario.

Not allowing you in a store without a mask is the beginning of ID 2020.  They will not allow you to shop without the mark of the devil (with your vaccine record within that chip) in the very near future if you don’t stop it now.  Don’t patron stores that require a mask. When you press them, usually they let you in.  Right now, we have numbers of fatalities similar to the flu, even with all their lying. High air pollution can disrupt normal distribution of viruses.  This isn’t being discussed because not driving would e a true support to heal the imbalance. But Zach does say that each year, as soon as we see a coronavirus come out, we cease driving and as a consequence, we will cause cyanide to lessen in our environment.  Also, aerosolized viruses will be able to spread out due to no gunk in the air for them to cling to and stay.  There are natural soil cycles that need to be acknowledged, too.

You fear what Event Plandemic 2020 players convinced you to fear, i.e. humans, and yet you roll up your sleeve for the dangerous, non-natural, lab-tweaked viruses through vaccines.  Are you not questioning your programming, yet?

          Be on your guard because this silly thing that just happened and was nothing…if anything the treatment of all humans is what has caused death at this time…was the prelude to an event.  They have advertised time and again that a large kill is to happen.  They do have weapons at their fingertips, but they will want you to believe that the attack was because of us and our impatience over being locked up.  They will call it covid-19 no matter what it is to be.  Remember, many doctors and scientists have been murdered and many others are being silenced.  As soon as the most asleep of the masses start to question anything related to this event, they may shut the internet down in hopes of stopping you from hearing scientists speak.  Be careful.  Don’t be fooled.  Don’t turn on your TV to see what’s happening because there, you will only hear the lie as relayed to you by Event Plandemic 2020 players.

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