Sunday, May 17, 2020

Child Sacrifice

Why are so many things being RELAXED around Covid-19?

[Do you support the child abuse that is to occur at public schools going forward after this first phase, the Covid-19 media virus?  Do you really believe that even with doctors supported to write that a person had Covid-19 even if they just assumed it, and even in light of only a supposed outbreak well under 2017’s flu numbers, that the 1% are implementing inhumane responses in order to protect you?  

Repeatedly washing hands destroys the human immune system.  Repeatedly using products with alcohol can cause cracks on the skin.  No human contact depletes the necessary mixing of microbiome.  No hugging and touching destroys the human all around.  But worst of all, young humans are being made robots.  They will robotically move to the next spot only when the robot in front of them has moved.  No more running freely. Watch out for those vaccines.  A lot of undesirable ingredients of 3D and more have already made its way into your children.  Will you allow the next round?  Will you take the entrapping Covid-19 test?

You know, I wonder if this Covid-19 excuse to remove children from parents is related to the Child Protective Services evidence that Paul Walker allegedly had.  When he died, I had posted information related to his involvement with stopping CPS. Anyway, the non-human of the 1% are coming for your children.  Are you going to allow them to be sacrificed?]

[The 1% say, "Oh no. We see you are a free-thinking adult. Yes, you have Covid-19. We better take your kids away. We need to make sure that the ones we allow to go out into the community are going to be citizens that we can control. But you know we're pedophiles, so we have to satisfy our needs and also there are a few of us who really like to eat children so we kind of want the adults out of the way if you don't mind. Thank you very much."
Do you really want to sacrifice your children? Don't take the covid-19 test!]

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