Saturday, May 9, 2020

Think the World You Want

          [It’s time to not be concerned about what our fellow man is doing, but to focus on ourselves: thoughts and actions.  Do you want a world filled with chaos, competition, fear, controllers, helplessness, and the like?  Then continue trying to convince people about the evil in the world.

I choose a world foremost made of Love.

I choose a world made of calm bliss, community, co-operation, independence, and Power.  In my world, humans share ideas with one another, supporting new heights in Thought to be attained.  In my world, we make love to play with energy in a beneficial way for all lifestreams on Earth and within the whole Mulitiverse.  In my world, we can experience a very subtle polarity of daily life being involved in work, supporting Earth and all physical and non-physical lifestreams, but no-one toils at any task that does not bring them joy.

Nowadays, the small numbers of humans awake to the deeds of the 1% ‘elite’ fear compulsory vaccinations; the programmed beg for them.  Those aware of Agenda 21 run from state to state and country to country in an attempt to escape the long-reaching arm of the 1%.  The programmed upgrade their cell phones, wear masks when they’re told to, and support a tyrannical government by watching the news and other TV programs.

What if I told you it’s all a show?  What if I told you that they really didn’t have to toy with you like a cat does to a mouse, but the excess fear you exude is thrilling to them?  What if I brought it to your attention that if they wanted, they could get you, inject you, and return you without you knowing it just as easily as Nicole Kidman’s character in Eyes Wide Shut was returned to her bedroom when she was confused over a very real-feeling dream that she had just experienced?

If you don’t want to be injected and otherwise manipulated, then think the world you want over fearing the world you think you’ll have.

Patricia Joudry wrote a book called And the Children Played.  She brought her children up as she wanted, by her rules.  Her children were home schooled.  They learned through their interests…and they played

If you think you can’t, well then, there you go.

Listen, the 1%’s script is their business.  It’s their model that they wish to speak into existence.  It’s not my model for my world of Love.  In my world, I see children learning through curiosity.  I see people of all ages supporting one another.  I see a world without the 1%, because they have to be the vibe of Love in order to stay here in my world. They need to retire their satanic sacrifices of humans in general and their rape of children specifically.  Fear is not known in my world.

In my world of Love, we listen to our bodies and if we take a step toward harming Self, we listen to the warning bells and stop the action.  We use our Minds appropriately to be sound in mind, body, and soul.  If we have competitions with sports or in preparing a meal, it is done with the spirit of co-operation and no-one is made to feel like a loser.

In my world of Love, there is no biowarfare: no vaccines, no nuclear power, no GMO’s, no Fluoride, nor other detrimental byproducts from manmade projects.  In my world, we have no legislation that promotes the harm of lifestreams, specifically humans, if we have legislation at all.  In my world, we respect each other and will stop to allow another to go before us.  In my world, we do not have unethical leaders, if we have leaders at all.  A true leader is beyond selfless and will never harm the seen nor unseen.

We are standing at a changing point for humanity.  Our thoughts are more important than the news.  Take time to consider what type of world you wish to create.  If you’re in fear, step out of it so you may calmly plan.  If you notice fear, become still and concentrate on the vision of the world you want.  Where is your energy currently going?  What is it constructing?  Think the world you want over fearing the world you think you’ll have.]

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