Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Theatre of Being Silenced

["I have researched David Icke since 2003. I feel a source such as Stop the Crime.net is more authentic only because David has some kind of high-tech implant within him, in my opinion, and he can be directly impulsed to deliver whatever message they, the 1% puppets of entities and AI, want. So I look at him like a mouthpiece of the 1%. He will let you know what they want you to know when they want you to know it.

Having said that, it is true that nano-particulates and other items including non-physical attacks have been being injected into people through vaccines for a very long time. I also would put it in the 90s, around 1993. With geoengineering, what's called chemtrailing, they have also been "injecting" nano-particulates into you through having you inhale them, activate them in your lungs, cough them up and then you swallow them. This process leaves you with a teeny tiny robot of sorts that has tentacles and it can move around in any manner that it is directed to from it's controller. The ones injected into you through vaccines would work in a similar fashion.

The 1% are lying to you when they talk about the ID 2020 vaccination tattoo when they say it is because they want to be able to see who is vaccinated and who isn't. Sure, they will be able to track you, but that is not the reason for the whole thing. In actuality, they are injecting a kill switch into you. Now they don't have to, because 5G can already be a kill-switch on its own, but that's why they want all of you vaccinated. Whatever they're putting into you works really well with the technology that they have for us outside of us. But there's more. They want AI to be injected into you. They are trying to hijack our spirits by making us more robotic.  Perhaps they desire to choose their slaves carefully and let all others go away.

The 1% and the puppets of the 1% do not need to be all theatrical with a 72-hour patch to make sure that they have got you. That just gives them more of a thrill. I know of one scientist who lost time because they were taking her and making her work on lab-tweaked viruses and such, probably to be placed in vaccines and injected into humanity without her knowledge at all. She would just awaken and not know where she had gone. So she can't fight against something that she does not know she is doing.

I'm telling you they love fear. They would be having David let you know everything like this, which is true, because they enjoy toying with the mouse, you. The bottom line is, they can turn 5G on and fry you. They can turn 5G on and manipulate you mentally to commit a crime.  They already have a kill switch outside of us.  Further, no agent would be freely acting on his own.  He would be impulsed to share, or at the very least, they would know what he is doing and allow it for their own reasons.

It is all theater to say they tried to silence David. There are plenty of people who have been silenced through being murdered. When they really want to silence you, they do. There have been plenty of people who have had gag orders and haven't been able to speak for a few years and as soon as they are able to, they do.  Since 2003, I have never not been able to hear from David.  He has had books and social media venues and YouTube uploads that I could have connected with if I had wanted to.

Fossil fuels, AI driven cars... there are many of us who have been talking about these subjects for years. I do periodically listen to David, but I am just very discerning. I always look at it like he is directly speaking from them. You might want to ask yourself why there is so much blatant disclosure right now. I am finding it very easy to discuss subjects that have been in my manuscript for many years that people have always been uncomfortable listening to. The reason now, is because they are turning up the heat. They are implementing everything right now quickly. It is not just the slow, "Okay this is our plan. This is what we're going to do. We're going to have people start surveying all the time, whether they're at Starbucks or Albertsons. We're going to get them used to surveying and receiving rewards because we're going to implement ID 2020 one day. We're going to get you people snitching on each other, too."

Everything is being communicated to us now. They always have to do disclosure.  "One day" is here.  It has arrived.

This is the moment.

Be discerning of titles that announce that this speaker has been silenced."]


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