Monday, May 11, 2020

Questions and a Discussion for People in Favor of Masks

·        Where is the data on the safety, effectiveness, and necessity of masks?

·        Where is the control group they went against proving each? 

·        Where is the proof that if I don’t wear a mask to go into Trader Joe’s, for example, that it might kill someone? 

·        How is it supposed to kill?  If air can be pulled through the mask to me, so can a teeny tiny particle.  Where’s the proof that that won’t happen?

·        Not wearing a mask is not being selfish.  It’s questioning authority.  It’s asking questions before mindlessly doing as I’m told by Big Pharma sponsored cohorts.  The idea that people should be shamed for questioning a mask is ridiculous.  All of you should question it.  Also, question and investigate those who are giving you orders to wear masks.  You might be amazed at what you’ll find.  If someone isn’t wearing a mask, perhaps they’ve done more and different homework compared to you. The CDC is a corporation that hasn’t shown the proof for changing my mind about masks. If they haven’t been proven safe, effective, or necessary, then I should not be made to wear one.

·        Brix said on March 26 at a White House press conference that they may have gotten the transmission wrong. What scientific study proved them suddenly right with the transmission? If an asymptomatic person coughs or sneezes on someone, where’s the proof that that someone became ill?  The control group would be needed for a statement such as this. What study did they conduct and was it Big Pharma sponsored? When the Surgeon General changed his stance on masks, he had to read the reason, whereas when he was confidently against them, he simply spoke to the public.

·        As for having asthma and wearing a mask, I would only do it if I’d seen studies on asthmatic mask-wears against a non-mask wearing placebo asthmatic group and seen that the results bent on the mask wearer’s side.

·        If wearing a mask causes you stress, your body is being adversely affected and that may create imbalanced cells.  You would make the byproduct as your cells fight to rebalance themselves, so this stress is a problem.

·        Practitioners wear a mask to stop droplets dripping from them when they are looking down at you with busy hands.  They can’t do what we out in public can do, take a tissue, blow our noses, spit into a sink, whatever.  Their hands are busy.  They can’t stop to do the thing, wash their hands, and return.  We can. Doctors are still breathing microorganisms and exhaling microorganisms through their masks, except some wear the stronger more durable professional masks.  At any rate, even if the doctor was ill, it doesn’t mean those around him have such a weak terrain that they will fall ill as well, and it certainly doesn’t mean they fell ill because of the doctor.  Your cells exude a byproduct (some known as viruses) when they are trying to re-balance themselves.  You are largely responsible for your health. I am not responsible for your health.

·        As far as this article goes, when it says that masks “might be” of help with other viruses, no-one can force the whole community to wear masks based on a might be.  That is not science.  That is over-reach.  If someone wants to wear a mask, that is their choice, but for an ordinance, proof of effectiveness is necessary, but so is safety to the wearer.  Where is Fauci’s proof that “Some sort of facial covering” is effective? There is even “limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”Also, “Officials even lack evidence that respiratory etiquette (sneezing or coughing into a tissue) is helpful in stopping the spread of viruses."

·        As for laws—legislation—you might want to look into see if your local, state and federal governments truly do have a right to force you to wear a mask.  That’s your choice to either investigate it or not.  If a non-mask wearer has and is satisfied that it is not justified, that’s their business.  If you think another fellow human can get you sick, then you believe in Germ Theory.  That is also your right, but it’s not appropriate to force others to believe that theory.  (That would make you the entitled one.) It’s called point of view and that’s what makes diversity.  For example, if you don’t know about the Rockefeller papers of 2010, Event 201, or Agenda 21, or ID 2020 (social credit system, forced vaccinations, forced micro-chipping, 5G, 6G, etc), chances are that you’re the type who takes surveys, upgrades your cell phone all the time, watches the news, etc.  You will have a different point of view about this Covid-19 situation in general compared to someone who has researched those ideas for years, even decades.  It is not entitlement that drives the mask wearer or the non-mask-wearer.  It’s past experience.

·        Do some tests on your mask.  Is air getting through?  Well, how small is a virus?  Does your mask block microscopic particles from entering?  How do you feel in the mask?  I know two people who have fainted.

·         “***MASK WEARERS take notice***
"So I did a test today that I am quite confident has never been done, relative to the mask guidelines.
So in order to live health
y we must breathe the correct atmospheric oxygen which is 19.5% -23.5% of the air must be O2. OHSA requires a confined space environment to maintain this atmosphere or you must remove yourself from that environment immediately. So we breathe in that O2 in two places mouth and nose, both of which are confined to the mask.
My hypothesis was that the atmosphere inside of the mask was not meeting the lower 19.5% atmospheric oxygen levels making the mask immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).
The test:
I took an industrial MSA air gas monitor and tested 3 face coverings. I wore each mask covering appropriately and inserted the gas monitor wand inside the mask. The results of the atmospheric oxygen levels are as follows: (remember under 19.5% is IDLH)
Double layer hanker chief - 17.5%
Half face respirator with 2 valves and particulate filters - 18.0%
N95 with single valve - 18.0%
Conclusion - these face coverings that are being recommended are depleting the oxygen to your brain and is immediately dangerous to life and health. The reason: gas exchange isn’t happening fast enough inside the mask and you are breathing too much expended CO2."
       ~J. Grieve”

·         "Masks don't work so we are releasing prisoners to keep them from getting sick. Now masks magically work, but we're still releasing prisoners instead of giving them masks but if you don't wear a mask we will put you in prison with no mask.
       Sounds legit."

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