Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cashless Society/Cashless Banks

You can be controlled very closely to completely when cash has been pushed aside for a bitcoin or credit.  Yes, it would be a high thought if we could return to swapping talents, but at least cash makes it harder for the criminals-that-believe-they-be to block us from our money.

This world over, cash is the currency, how dare a bank not allow a person to make a cash payment on a credit card balance.  Now that one bank has started, you know others will follow if we just sit back and take it.

Look at this scenario.  An eighteen-year-old I know recently applied to a hospital for summer work.  She has no credit at all.  Her credit report did not come back saying that.  Instead, it said that she has bad credit...because none means bad.  She was not hired...until her mama went "mama bear" on the hospital.  This young woman will have to get a credit card and use it to establish credit so she overcomes this reputation of having "bad" credit.  But...she cannot pay the monthly bill off with cash.  It is beyond ridiculous.

Please, if your credit card sends you an e-mail informing you that you cannot enter the bank and pay cash for your debt, please leave that card.  We have to take a stand together before it's too late.