Thursday, April 30, 2020

AI Psy-op (Artificial Intelligence Psychological Operation)

Plandemic 2020 was put on by the one percent “elite” and non-human entities.  But pulling the strings even behind them stands Artificial Intelligence.  Any time you see humans being requested to behave in non-human ways, you know it is a non-human that has requested it. 

These opponents to humanity have scared you into not going to venues where you’ll be tightly compacted with other humans.  They have scared you into not hugging and shaking hands.  They’ve got you too scared to touch cash and to stand close to another in a store.


Let’s back up and collect ourselves.  Take a deep breath.  Okay.  Are you ready?

Germ Theory is a theory.  Stop believing Big Pharma sponsored news stories, practitioners, scientists, and other puppets when they tell you another human can make you sick by simply breathing or spitting on you.  If your internal terrain is up to par, then you will not become dis-eased.  If you’re not balanced, then your cells will work to rebalance you.  There will be a byproduct of this little adventure known as a virus/exosome, but another cannot suffer from this.  It’s of you by your own making.  You also have a powerful Light that may be accessed if you don’t block it by not feeling worthy, or by accepting programming telling you that you can’t have health (or this Light) without a whited-coated god drugging you.

A Big Pharma sponsored practitioner can inject you with a lab-tweaked virus, biowarfare, that can destroy your systems individually or all at once, depending on many factors—your internal terrain the most important of those factors; the particular biowarfare used of second importance.

No non-manmade pathogen is floating in the air that can harm you.  This was proven multiple times when infected snot was put in people’s noses (and horse snot in a bag for other horses to breathe), yet no-one became ill.  If healthy people can’t succumb, neither can the ill; however, the ill are constantly generating the byproduct from their cells as their cells attempt to balance themselves.  Non-humans want you to complain about, loath, and especially to fear this most amazing skill that the human body has. Please stop bloody-well giving your Power away.

In closing I have a letter for you by a very concerned group.

“Dear Human,

Please remember who you are and the Light you contain.  Please don’t sell yourself short, even though you love being a victim and having poor-me dramas.  More is at stake than you.  If ID 2020 comes online (forced vaccinations, microchips, social credit system, etc), you will not only be kept from your joy and Nature, which will make us sad, F*fth Generat*on antennas will become prevalent.  We will suffer, too.

Thank-you for re-membering.

Bright Day Thoughts,

Nature People (Spirits)”

Now, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Losing Credits for Knowing the Wrong People

"Did you realize if you do nothing about this Plandemic 2020 (except believe the lies you hear on your TV) that the social credit system will come in?

 That means you'll lose credits for knowing me and you won't want that to happen because you want to be able to travel to a different country or to shop in your favorite store.  If you get punished enough, you won't have credits to do those things.

You can't know someone who refuses pharmaceuticals that have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary.

You can't know someone who questions the governments of the world or Big Pharma.

You can't know someone who walks outside with signs offering a different side to any points brought up on the news.

Dr. Voicebox & the One Percent

[My feeling is that the 1% (so-called elite) are aware of doctors who are speaking out on YouTube and would allow one to gain notoriety if it serves the Agenda.  The criminals-that-believe-they-be use Google, YouTube, and Facebook, for three examples, to promote and to destroy messages.  If you are telling the truth, it will be hard to find you with any search online unless telling the truth is a pay-off for Agenda 21/30—specifically right now during Plandemic 2020’s attempt to bring ID 2020 online.

Promoting ID 2020 is easier if you are in fear.  Fear cash so they can bring on the social credit system for ultimate control of you.  Fear a pathogen so they can destroy the economy and specifically smaller business, so they can make a SMART business that is completely plugged into the social credit system.  Fear a pathogen so they can vaccinate you with a virulent pathogen, Artificial Intelligence, and a chip, which may also hook you into AI.

           As for doctors to trust, know that humans cannot be on military bases without the possibility of having been attacked by the one percent’s workers—cohorts having helped themselves to said humans. There, implants and other tweaking are possible, even though the cohorts of the 1% see all of us as potential experiments in petri dishes.  Listen to what Dr. Voicebox says when you feel you are hearing truth…but…listen with your gut. Because when voiceboxes are disclosing a plan and they're giving you 80% or more truth, there's usually one lie or one thing to be aware of. For instance, if a trusted YouTube doctor is unwittingly a puppet, is there something embedded within the videos that this doctor wants you to download into your computer?  Has he called for people to do an energy-giving collective meditation at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily?  (Numbers are everything to those in control, even if a doctor thinks he had a thought himself.)  Certain entities like to gather energy.  Do you know for certain that this meditation isn’t an energy harvest for his handler, whether he’s aware of a handler or not? (If you’re an experienced Inner Planes traveler perhaps you can find out while safe, but a newbie may not be aware or safe.)

             Think about it.  A very passionate speaker who seemingly just awakened to the corruption of vaccines and The System may be a perfect voicebox for the very ignorant masses who may be ready to listen to someone with whom they can identify.  Has this doctor really helped in multiple places of the world for so long without ever having noticed vaccine injury, which has been more prevalent than this “pandemic,” so far, alongside other inconsistencies within Western Medicine? 

If a doctor is speaking 99-100% truth, but is permitted wide-spread exposure, then why would the 1% allow that?  How are they benefitting?  My answer with one new doctor on the scene is fear.  If military and ex-military alike can identify with this voicebox and so will listen, perhaps they can be made afraid of their insides.  See, propaganda has already got the masses to fear their groceries and the belongings of others and humans in general.  Now perhaps it’s part of the agenda to get you to fear the very blood coursing through your arteries.  If people who worship white-coated gods allow a passionate message to enter their consciousness, then perhaps they can be made afraid.  If certain people can identify with a successful doctor of color, they may be enticed to being afraid.  The programming is being done to the pro-vaccine community.  “What?” you may say.  I feel, if anything, this doctor is being used to drive fear into the populace….the fully vaccinated populace…when he keeps using the same hypothetical story to drive a point home.  To change it up.  Here’s an example.  If you knew that a certain percentage of the passengers of a car would definitely end up with health problems, would you walk or get in that car?  I’ve heard it said twice now and both times it had a strange “tap” to my aura.  This sentence feels as a program embedded within his whole talk.  The sentence that was said reminds me of a movie from long ago. 

You know, movies such as Telephone with Charles Bronson (I think), are there to inform you about what’s going on amongst another reasons. This one doctor’s messages may be 100% truth for all I know, but I do feel the vaccinated are being convinced to fear all the vaccines they’ve allowed through the years…decades.  And then they will fear for their children.  When you think about it, the vaccinated is the group that doesn’t need a c*vid-19 v*ccine.  They’ve already been injected with heavy metals, lab-tweaked unpredictable viruses and other dangerous matter, viruses that scientists never saw and are unpredictable, various oddities such as aborted fetuses and detergent, non-physical entities, etc.  If their first weapon from this Plandemic 2020 was c*vid-19, then it is a variety of lab-tweaked viruses and other things that would already be inside the vaccinated.  Sure, mandated vaccines would offer even more goodies, but my point is, this group is already a walking time bomb for whatever they want to do.  Why not add to their fear by making them fear themselves? Whether it was fearing the government so complying with state legislation, fearing being kicked out of a job such as nursing or the military, or fearing illness, this group was motivated by fear to be vaccinated in the first place.  Have you ever seen a cat playing with a poor mouse?  Well, the vaccinated are the mouse.

As for the group that resists vaccines and government mandates, well, the 1% most likely have a combination air pathogenic and ground 5G attack in store for them.  Who knows, but a doctor who has a penetrating style of speech will break through to the vaccinated.  Why and why now?  Why do those orchestrating the Agenda want this doctor to speak truth? Think of how many people can be made to fear their very own blood if they answer that they wished they had walked.]

Social Credit System Training 101

["Masks are preparing you for the social credit system. You have to wear a mask to enter the store and people comply without questioning any aspect of this. People are snitching on and especially fearing others who are not wearing masks. In the social credit system, AI/ SMART devices will spy on you and deduct or add credits accordingly. The mask-wearers feel comfortable around other mask wearers and would be gaining credits; the non-mask wearers would be losing credits from the AI government. In the future, if you don't have enough credit, you will be shut out of the store. Perhaps you may enter, but only have enough credits for the harmful non-live foods made in a lab.

If you weren't programmed to wear a mask, then you would have questioned it. First and foremost, is it safe? According to Dr. Mikovitz if you have been infected either through lab work or by having been injected with v*ccines, then wearing a mask is not safe. The mask causes re-infection. Oxygen deprivation is another real risk. Claustrophobia sufferers would be triggered and sent off balance.

Next, is wearing a mask effective against the innate coronavirus (common cold), lab-tweaked viruses that were injected, or other biowarfare disseminated from drones or planes? While we're discussing protection from external sources, does the mask protect you from the harmful frequencies of fourth generation towers, f*fth generation antennas, or the cell phone in your hand or pocket?

Lastly, is a mask necessary? Have scientists and doctors taken a group of people with masks and exposed them to a pathogen while another group went mask-less with the pathogen? Specifically, if they've convinced you that they've isolated this pathogen that is being called covid-19, then have they tested two groups against that specific pathogen? If these tests have been done, were they Big Pharma sponsored?  You may say it's ridiculous to test a mask in these situations, but I ask you, where's the proof that the masks you have seen while waiting in line at a store have been proven safe, effective, or necessary? Could this simply be training just like there's no reason to take healthy babies to a doctor constantly, but it trains the parents to bring the kids in for shots?

Granted, you may be of the Germ Theory school of thought, but it's inappropriate to force that theory down everyone's throat. This first wave of Plandemic 2020 hasn't even been proven to be a non-man-made attack, yet. People have the right under Natural Law to trust their internal terrain. The mask is a step to take humans away from Natural Law and community. It's away to assure separation and judgement and condemnation of the non-mask-wearers for what they are perceived to be doing to the victims (those programmed to accept their bodies are weak).

Does the mask offer you security as you ingest pounds of sugar daily? Does the mask give you permission to not exercise? Is the mask your savoir and protector so you can go on watching hours and hours of television daily, day in and day out? Is it the non-mask-wearer's fault that you are unwell? The social credit system is counting on you being this sort of slave who will react and judge and fear...and comply.

ID 2020 used to be far away.

Today, it's on the other side of your mask.

Now, go. Get de-programmed. Hwa!"

-Paget Anne of Essendon]

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It’s the Masks!

[Event 201 was a mock world outbreak put on in October 2019 brought to us by Gates and company.  We have been following this script even in minor details like how they will take care of non-Big Pharma scientists and doctors spreading “Fake News.”   Event 201 stated that six months after the start of the coronavirus outbreak, authorities relaxed ordinances and allowed people to mingle.  With that, 65 million people died.  Well, that’s a high number and the “65” may have been communicating a message itself.  In the Rockefeller papers of 2010, it was only eight million. (This is also a script we are following.  Currently see pages 18 and 19 for lock down and biometric discussions, since only days ago the FDA announced that humans may be microchipped.)  

Many in our world population have either willingly or forcibly received vaccines, pharmaceuticals that have never been proven, safe, effective, or necessary.  One reason they are not safe is because of the viruses within them. Viruses come out of animal cells when they are trying to rebalance themselves, just like our cells do.  Animal tissue is used in the making of vaccines.  Scientists cannot clean out all the viruses because most of the exosomes and viruses are never even noticed.  Scientists work with this material, along with adding HIV, which is another engineered bioweapon, and MRSA to come up with covid-19.  But, even if 100 scientists follow the same recipe, the product will not come out the same due to the unpredictable nature of those animal viruses, among other reasons.

This mixture called covid-19 has more than likely already been injected into millions of vaccine recipients through the past few years.  Some might have become ill immediately with their cells trying to fight off the sudden cellular imbalance.  No doubt, some died.  Some probably survived without even knowing damage has been done to their systems.  Any of this group that wears a mask, according to Dr. Judy Mikovitz, is reinfecting themselves.  

I have no idea how long obvious signs of a cellular struggle for rebalance would take to surface, but I do know the struggle will happen.  I also know that in Event 201, they placed it at six months into the pandemic, so that makes it roughly any time after May 30ish.

Do they have a further terrorist attack for those who haven’t received vaccines?  (I mean, beyond forcing non-interaction with humans and their usual swapping of diverse microbiome for natural herd immunity.)  Have they been working on something to release that will mix with all the ingredients (that has been making its way into our bodies) that has fallen from the drones in the geoengineering that’s been going on for a long time? Does 5G figure in to the whole equation?  The only way we will find answers is through being aware and not watching the news.  

I can already tell you that they will call it a reemergence of covid-19 with the first death.  The next day, it’ll be thousands.  The next day, it’ll be a million.  It will look like an epidemic.  It will look like we are infecting each other when it was them.  Suddenly, people will stop dying all at once.  They'll say it's because they locked us up tighter than before.  They'll say that we better have the covid-19 vaccine now.

I say it was them who orchestrated the who thing.  It's really rather ingenious.  
They were counting on your fear in order to vaccinate you and to get you to wear a mask.  But if we chose to receive vaccines.  If we chose to allow 4G towers and 5G antennas.  If we chose to laugh at those who were warning us about geoengineering, then we are complicit in the crime.

I am reminded of Infinity Wars once again.  There were six stones that came together.  Whatever this recipe of disaster is for the criminals in power and the shadow government pulling the strings, it will be things that are brought together.

If you don’t want to listen to a former Big Pharma scientist who has warned you, probably in following the script, too I might add, then that is your choice.]

This vid, added 

Dr. Judy:

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Coronavirus & Covid-19 Are Different

There are two different kinds of viruses each interchangeably being called coronavirus and covid-19.  The reason some so-called truth-ers see what happened to the world in March 2020 as a scamdemic or a plandemic is because the so-called elite, the 1% who have placed themselves in the role of masters of the universe, are carrying this out.  (Non-humans would ultimately be in control and are known as ‘The They’ or Them.  I address them elsewhere.  For now, the elite are our problem.)  The average Joe thinks a bug is in the air and may be transmitted to an unsuspecting, innocent person and that no scientist, military personal, or governmental body had anything to do with it.  But then, the average Joe hasn’t paid attention to the Agenda in play for at least 250 years.  The average Joe ignores warnings about Agenda 21 (The Green New Deal, ID 2020, etc) and allows programming of helplessness to be downloaded into himself.

The coronavirus, and scientists say they have identified four, come from cells during the process of a distressed cell rebalancing itself.  This is the easy layman’s explanation for demonstrating how your body can communicate with you, alongside trying to save you from the damage you insist on doing to your internal terrain.  Puppets of Western Medicine will claim you are a victim—that you caught the common cold or got an infection from an infected someone—and will offer drugs and vaccines (purporting to stop further discomforts), while consoling you.  This coronavirus may have offered antibodies that might have shown up on someone’s test during this 2020 plandemic, but it certainly means absolutely nothing in light of casualties to the covid-19 virus claims.  It’s fraud to include this type in the numbers supposedly increasing the curve.

Animals have coronaviruses, too.  This is used to convince you about their line of animals infecting you in order to increase your fear.  What they are not telling you is that in every single vaccine that has been made with animal tissue (and that’s basically all of them) animal viruses are within those tissues because they cannot be separated.  Whatever torture they committed on those poor animals, as well as the animals’ normal responses to life’s stresses, each resulted in byproducts from when cells tried to rebalance themselves.  Those byproducts may be exosomes or viruses, and we don’t even know what’s within a byproduct that our scientists cannot see!  But, those byproducts, coronaviruses and more, have now been tweaked in a lab and are not the same innocent, natural byproducts anymore.  Now it’s part of what is being called covid-19.

Covid-19, I suspect, is constantly being upgraded.  There may be scientists in the USA and in China working on it.  Some may be under mind control and will not remember what they have done, but many scientists under contracts would have knowingly sold their souls for fame and fortune.  (And for more.  The plan for humanity may not be so bad for those humans who are willing to assist in the demise of the masses.)  The covid-19 may include another tweaked design known as HIV (and there was a glycoprotein 120 HIV 1 vaccine in 2006) as well as MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) along with other goodies.  The goal is to make this biowarfare far-reaching.  It can be transmitted through vaccines, but that’s not very efficient given the numbers of humans who are waking up to their destruction and lack of necessity.  (And yes, vaccines are biowarfare in and of themselves!)  If the elite want this to be an airborne problem, they will have to tweak it so that it may enter your cells from your lungs.  (Who knows if they’ve already done this and if they can control the attack, but control is always important to them.)  In the meantime, they have 5G that they can turn on and off and you’ll think it’s covid-19 that’s making it hard for you to breath and to think clearly.

What is behind all of this?  That is an excellent question.  Better than who is behind all of this.  Artificial Intelligence wants you.  So, put down your fear.  Put down your phone.  Get rid of Wi-Fi.  Get rid of your SMART meter and technology.  Get in touch with the Light within you.  Eat high frequency foods.  And hold on because we are in for a bumpy ride since not even 8% of humanity will do this.  We’re the underdog, but we’re not AI, yet, so let’s go anchor the Light.  Hwa!

Most of my colleagues, friends, and family out there in the big wide world believe Fauci, Brix, Gares, and the CDC that warn that we are experiencing a deadly coronavirus that is killing people at epidemic proportions.

My Merck's Manual defines coronavirus as a common cold.  At any rate, I see viruses differently than other micro-pathogens.  Pictures seen of the coronavirus are graphics.  If they had isolated covid-19, it would be in black and white. Whereas bacteria and fungus can multiply and wreak havoc, I see viruses, overall, quite different, but both are a product of our distressed cells and system and are very highly within our control.  That being said, the covid-19 is biowarfare because it has viruses taken from tortured animals within labs.

The so-called USA corporation may or may not be working with China, but it certainly seems plausible since both have labs and communication with each other via emplyoees.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Encounters with a Psychic

Back in about February 2003, I attended an expo in Los Angeles. I was walking and I could feel somebody looking at me. When I turned I saw this man, who later I learned was named Sean David Morton. He was standing up from his table where he was apparently giving a reading to somebody and he just stood there staring at me. I sheilded myself because I felt he was trying to read my aura and know about me. Even if it was recognition on some level, it felt invasive. I continued walking.

Somehow, by about 2004, I I knew that he had made some kind of a prediction and I wanted to document that prediction in a manuscript I was writing because it was proof of something that I had felt. It turned out that the CDs that I had ordered were not what I had wanted. I listened to all of them and none of them talked about the situation that I was trying to document. I sent the CDs back.

His company refused to give me a refund. I got on the phone and had a conversation with his wife. She was very aggressive and angry, even accused me of copying the CDs. She would not believe me that I did not copy the CDs and she would not give me the $65 back. She also would not help me find the information that I was trying to get in the first place.

One of the reasons I could hardly wait to get rid of those CDs was because there is an entity with him that I called the Scrambler. Because of the way that the energy moved and felt to me as I was listening to those CDs, I thought of it as the Scrambler. I still have never run into anything like it. When I went on their website, I also could feel the Scrambler. In fact, I called a friend of mine and had her go on the website and she called me immediately, laughing asking, "Why in the world did you set me up like that? You did know that thing was there, right?" And I admitted I had known. But it was fun to have a friend who could feel entities along with you, you know?

I let it go. I really didn't want to have anything to do with those people and that entity.

Fast forward all these years and here we are in lockdown. I don't know if China has been put on lockdown again or if they are still out of lockdown, but I do know that Sean predicted that the United States would be attacked from the north (Canada) by the Chinese. He also mentioned there was another group that was going to come up from the south, and Mexico is not on lockdown. (And California did just release 1,700 prisoners! They could very easily find employment with an army. And I am reminded that Obama went down to Cuba a long time ago, and he too could have organized some kind of army.) It seems to me that this is the perfect environment for an invasion to happen. (And it would be easy to believe that this  conglomerate of countries that are now known as states have  a lot of karma  that perhaps needs to be paid back...) And Sean also said that Denver would be the new capital...I guess after the dust settles. We all know about the underground Grand Central Station that's underneath Denver. So, it would make sense that that would be a capital.

 So I just did a quick little search on him to see what he's been up to all these years. Wouldn't you know it, there were people who are not happy with their business around 2006.

Anyway, some of his predictions did come true such as Arnold becoming the governor of California when we only knew this person as an...I'm not really sure we can say actor...well, yea...but definitely as a personality in action movies that many of us loved.

Sean did not get the prisoner get out of jail free card because of covid-19, and I sure hope the fragments of his prediction that I remember don't come true!

C*vid-19 Pandemic: Code Name Fear & Be Unfriendly Program

I celebrate the natural power of my physical body and am therefore immune to the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program that is currently being downloaded into the public at large, which is manifesting by mask-wearing people trying to avoid strangers and neighbors.  If you are not in touch with your Light within…if you doubt the strength of your physical working parts…if you doubt support (acupuncturists and herbal remedies or Western drugs and practitioners, for example) at your disposal during those times of rest and recuperation…and if you especially believe the lie about Germ Theory, then you will fear that your body or somebody else’s body will kill you and this will make you anti-social and unfriendly.

The coronavirus is a byproduct of a distressed cell that happens when a cell is attempting to balance itself.  You cannot ingest the amount of lab-tweaked chemicals through water and foods daily that you do without causing byproducts from your cells attempting to save you from those toxins.  You cannot experience stress levels daily to the heights that you do without causing byproducts from your cells attempting to balance themselves. This is part of your physical workings that goes on below your awareness, whether or not you call them viruses and give them specific names such as coronavirus or “exosome.” The common cold virus (the byproduct from your rebalancing cells that you want to have isolated by a scientist) is still your body shouting at you to stop ingesting junk, start ingesting live-foods, and to bloody-well rest.  (By the way, I know this product, this exudate, gives off a frequency that communicates with other physical bodies, as well as with you.  Germ Theory is kept alive to prevent you from discovering this innate Power.)  Instead of resting, most people don’t want to stop, so they pop pills in an attempt to feel better.  This is a recipe for disaster, because you are ignoring your spirit’s communication that is occurring via your physical body.  This condition will set you up to succumb to the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program downloaded to you during TV programs and while watching movies.  Understanding Big Pharma’s version of illness will cost you just as believing you need postage for posting letters and packages costs you when it doesn’t have to.

Covid-19 was a lab-tweaked bioweapon that does not have far-reaching capabilities in and of itself; although, scientists are constantly tweaking it, making unplanned changes, as well as possibly reaching goals for better transmission.  These viruses within the vile were taken from tortured animals, and for all we know…humans, too…and were mixed with HIV, another weapon tweaked in labs from tortured animals and the byproducts (exosomes) that they released, and MRSA, a virile pathogenic bacterium.  Covid-19 may be transmitted through a vaccination or any other injection.  Mass mandatory vaccinations occurred in China in 2019.  In fact, mass mandatory vaccinations have occurred the world over here and there.  You have no idea what is in those injections because pharmaceutical companies are not held accountable so they may do what they want, but one thing you do know for certain is they contain lab-tweaked viruses.  It would be interesting to see the kinds of illnesses the unvaccinated have compared to the vaccinated, but then we would be trusting that dentists and doctors in general are entirely free from evil and we know that is just not true.

Fifth Generation has been turned on and off in places like Wuhan, China and the cruise ship that used the 5G satellites when oxygen-deprived folks collapsed or became what appeared ill early on in this “plandemic.”  If the establishment can get you to think covid-19 is the cause, then after they take the lock down away, they can turn on 5G antennas near you.  The millimeter wave is not going to be easy for our dense human bodies to resonate with.  Fifth Generation military technology can take us from bodies to dust in seconds.  Our task at hand is to make Earth such a loving environment that those who want to use this technology on lifestreams here on Earth will leave or reside on a lower frequency than us.  Our bodies are reacting to all this horrible technology (2G and higher) just as in 1918 they were adapting to all the radio waves and electricity that they were being exposed to more and more.

The pandemic of 1918 is mentioned often at this time.  First, we don’t know how numbers were manipulated if at all.  Right now, we have the CDC encouraging any assumption of covid-19 to be made over any isolated virus proving it.  We know labs are testing for genetic material or antibodies to a natural coronavirus (from when cells rebalanced themselves in the past) rather than for the presence of a virus.  We know there is an 80% false positive anyway.  What did they do in 1918, assume?  Second, we know WW1 soldiers were vaccinated against tetanus and yellow fever, and the public at large was being vaccinated against small pox.  Anyone who receives a vaccine is receiving lab-tweaked viruses.  Third, we know radio waves were increasing and bombarding the human body as never before.  Was their experience such as ours now?  They were encouraged to wear masks and to fear strangers and neighbors, too.

Rather than destroying the economy and our immune systems by shutting us away from each other’s germs and forcing germy masks to be worn, why not have individuals with compromised immune systems shut away at their or their practitioner’s discretion rather than the whole population?  Why allow non-medical personal such as Gates and Fauci to dictate our course?  The answer is because Agenda 21’s ID 2020, which includes forced vaccinations, implanted medical records, the social credit system, and 5G, are being ushered in through the use of the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program, which for all we know really has the code name Dumbasses to AI!

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