Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It’s the Masks!

[Event 201 was a mock world outbreak put on in October 2019 brought to us by Gates and company.  We have been following this script even in minor details like how they will take care of non-Big Pharma scientists and doctors spreading “Fake News.”   Event 201 stated that six months after the start of the coronavirus outbreak, authorities relaxed ordinances and allowed people to mingle.  With that, 65 million people died.  Well, that’s a high number and the “65” may have been communicating a message itself.  In the Rockefeller papers of 2010, it was only eight million. (This is also a script we are following.  Currently see pages 18 and 19 for lock down and biometric discussions, since only days ago the FDA announced that humans may be microchipped.)  

Many in our world population have either willingly or forcibly received vaccines, pharmaceuticals that have never been proven, safe, effective, or necessary.  One reason they are not safe is because of the viruses within them. Viruses come out of animal cells when they are trying to rebalance themselves, just like our cells do.  Animal tissue is used in the making of vaccines.  Scientists cannot clean out all the viruses because most of the exosomes and viruses are never even noticed.  Scientists work with this material, along with adding HIV, which is another engineered bioweapon, and MRSA to come up with covid-19.  But, even if 100 scientists follow the same recipe, the product will not come out the same due to the unpredictable nature of those animal viruses, among other reasons.

This mixture called covid-19 has more than likely already been injected into millions of vaccine recipients through the past few years.  Some might have become ill immediately with their cells trying to fight off the sudden cellular imbalance.  No doubt, some died.  Some probably survived without even knowing damage has been done to their systems.  Any of this group that wears a mask, according to Dr. Judy Mikovitz, is reinfecting themselves.  

I have no idea how long obvious signs of a cellular struggle for rebalance would take to surface, but I do know the struggle will happen.  I also know that in Event 201, they placed it at six months into the pandemic, so that makes it roughly any time after May 30ish.

Do they have a further terrorist attack for those who haven’t received vaccines?  (I mean, beyond forcing non-interaction with humans and their usual swapping of diverse microbiome for natural herd immunity.)  Have they been working on something to release that will mix with all the ingredients (that has been making its way into our bodies) that has fallen from the drones in the geoengineering that’s been going on for a long time? Does 5G figure in to the whole equation?  The only way we will find answers is through being aware and not watching the news.  

I can already tell you that they will call it a reemergence of covid-19 with the first death.  The next day, it’ll be thousands.  The next day, it’ll be a million.  It will look like an epidemic.  It will look like we are infecting each other when it was them.  Suddenly, people will stop dying all at once.  They'll say it's because they locked us up tighter than before.  They'll say that we better have the covid-19 vaccine now.

I say it was them who orchestrated the who thing.  It's really rather ingenious.  
They were counting on your fear in order to vaccinate you and to get you to wear a mask.  But if we chose to receive vaccines.  If we chose to allow 4G towers and 5G antennas.  If we chose to laugh at those who were warning us about geoengineering, then we are complicit in the crime.

I am reminded of Infinity Wars once again.  There were six stones that came together.  Whatever this recipe of disaster is for the criminals in power and the shadow government pulling the strings, it will be things that are brought together.

If you don’t want to listen to a former Big Pharma scientist who has warned you, probably in following the script, too I might add, then that is your choice.]

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