Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dr. Voicebox & the One Percent

[My feeling is that the 1% (so-called elite) are aware of doctors who are speaking out on YouTube and would allow one to gain notoriety if it serves the Agenda.  The criminals-that-believe-they-be use Google, YouTube, and Facebook, for three examples, to promote and to destroy messages.  If you are telling the truth, it will be hard to find you with any search online unless telling the truth is a pay-off for Agenda 21/30—specifically right now during Plandemic 2020’s attempt to bring ID 2020 online.

Promoting ID 2020 is easier if you are in fear.  Fear cash so they can bring on the social credit system for ultimate control of you.  Fear a pathogen so they can destroy the economy and specifically smaller business, so they can make a SMART business that is completely plugged into the social credit system.  Fear a pathogen so they can vaccinate you with a virulent pathogen, Artificial Intelligence, and a chip, which may also hook you into AI.

           As for doctors to trust, know that humans cannot be on military bases without the possibility of having been attacked by the one percent’s workers—cohorts having helped themselves to said humans. There, implants and other tweaking are possible, even though the cohorts of the 1% see all of us as potential experiments in petri dishes.  Listen to what Dr. Voicebox says when you feel you are hearing truth…but…listen with your gut. Because when voiceboxes are disclosing a plan and they're giving you 80% or more truth, there's usually one lie or one thing to be aware of. For instance, if a trusted YouTube doctor is unwittingly a puppet, is there something embedded within the videos that this doctor wants you to download into your computer?  Has he called for people to do an energy-giving collective meditation at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily?  (Numbers are everything to those in control, even if a doctor thinks he had a thought himself.)  Certain entities like to gather energy.  Do you know for certain that this meditation isn’t an energy harvest for his handler, whether he’s aware of a handler or not? (If you’re an experienced Inner Planes traveler perhaps you can find out while safe, but a newbie may not be aware or safe.)

             Think about it.  A very passionate speaker who seemingly just awakened to the corruption of vaccines and The System may be a perfect voicebox for the very ignorant masses who may be ready to listen to someone with whom they can identify.  Has this doctor really helped in multiple places of the world for so long without ever having noticed vaccine injury, which has been more prevalent than this “pandemic,” so far, alongside other inconsistencies within Western Medicine? 

If a doctor is speaking 99-100% truth, but is permitted wide-spread exposure, then why would the 1% allow that?  How are they benefitting?  My answer with one new doctor on the scene is fear.  If military and ex-military alike can identify with this voicebox and so will listen, perhaps they can be made afraid of their insides.  See, propaganda has already got the masses to fear their groceries and the belongings of others and humans in general.  Now perhaps it’s part of the agenda to get you to fear the very blood coursing through your arteries.  If people who worship white-coated gods allow a passionate message to enter their consciousness, then perhaps they can be made afraid.  If certain people can identify with a successful doctor of color, they may be enticed to being afraid.  The programming is being done to the pro-vaccine community.  “What?” you may say.  I feel, if anything, this doctor is being used to drive fear into the populace….the fully vaccinated populace…when he keeps using the same hypothetical story to drive a point home.  To change it up.  Here’s an example.  If you knew that a certain percentage of the passengers of a car would definitely end up with health problems, would you walk or get in that car?  I’ve heard it said twice now and both times it had a strange “tap” to my aura.  This sentence feels as a program embedded within his whole talk.  The sentence that was said reminds me of a movie from long ago. 

You know, movies such as Telephone with Charles Bronson (I think), are there to inform you about what’s going on amongst another reasons. This one doctor’s messages may be 100% truth for all I know, but I do feel the vaccinated are being convinced to fear all the vaccines they’ve allowed through the years…decades.  And then they will fear for their children.  When you think about it, the vaccinated is the group that doesn’t need a c*vid-19 v*ccine.  They’ve already been injected with heavy metals, lab-tweaked unpredictable viruses and other dangerous matter, viruses that scientists never saw and are unpredictable, various oddities such as aborted fetuses and detergent, non-physical entities, etc.  If their first weapon from this Plandemic 2020 was c*vid-19, then it is a variety of lab-tweaked viruses and other things that would already be inside the vaccinated.  Sure, mandated vaccines would offer even more goodies, but my point is, this group is already a walking time bomb for whatever they want to do.  Why not add to their fear by making them fear themselves? Whether it was fearing the government so complying with state legislation, fearing being kicked out of a job such as nursing or the military, or fearing illness, this group was motivated by fear to be vaccinated in the first place.  Have you ever seen a cat playing with a poor mouse?  Well, the vaccinated are the mouse.

As for the group that resists vaccines and government mandates, well, the 1% most likely have a combination air pathogenic and ground 5G attack in store for them.  Who knows, but a doctor who has a penetrating style of speech will break through to the vaccinated.  Why and why now?  Why do those orchestrating the Agenda want this doctor to speak truth? Think of how many people can be made to fear their very own blood if they answer that they wished they had walked.]

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