Tuesday, April 14, 2020

C*vid-19 Pandemic: Code Name Fear & Be Unfriendly Program

I celebrate the natural power of my physical body and am therefore immune to the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program that is currently being downloaded into the public at large, which is manifesting by mask-wearing people trying to avoid strangers and neighbors.  If you are not in touch with your Light within…if you doubt the strength of your physical working parts…if you doubt support (acupuncturists and herbal remedies or Western drugs and practitioners, for example) at your disposal during those times of rest and recuperation…and if you especially believe the lie about Germ Theory, then you will fear that your body or somebody else’s body will kill you and this will make you anti-social and unfriendly.

The coronavirus is a byproduct of a distressed cell that happens when a cell is attempting to balance itself.  You cannot ingest the amount of lab-tweaked chemicals through water and foods daily that you do without causing byproducts from your cells attempting to save you from those toxins.  You cannot experience stress levels daily to the heights that you do without causing byproducts from your cells attempting to balance themselves. This is part of your physical workings that goes on below your awareness, whether or not you call them viruses and give them specific names such as coronavirus or “exosome.” The common cold virus (the byproduct from your rebalancing cells that you want to have isolated by a scientist) is still your body shouting at you to stop ingesting junk, start ingesting live-foods, and to bloody-well rest.  (By the way, I know this product, this exudate, gives off a frequency that communicates with other physical bodies, as well as with you.  Germ Theory is kept alive to prevent you from discovering this innate Power.)  Instead of resting, most people don’t want to stop, so they pop pills in an attempt to feel better.  This is a recipe for disaster, because you are ignoring your spirit’s communication that is occurring via your physical body.  This condition will set you up to succumb to the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program downloaded to you during TV programs and while watching movies.  Understanding Big Pharma’s version of illness will cost you just as believing you need postage for posting letters and packages costs you when it doesn’t have to.

Covid-19 was a lab-tweaked bioweapon that does not have far-reaching capabilities in and of itself; although, scientists are constantly tweaking it, making unplanned changes, as well as possibly reaching goals for better transmission.  These viruses within the vile were taken from tortured animals, and for all we know…humans, too…and were mixed with HIV, another weapon tweaked in labs from tortured animals and the byproducts (exosomes) that they released, and MRSA, a virile pathogenic bacterium.  Covid-19 may be transmitted through a vaccination or any other injection.  Mass mandatory vaccinations occurred in China in 2019.  In fact, mass mandatory vaccinations have occurred the world over here and there.  You have no idea what is in those injections because pharmaceutical companies are not held accountable so they may do what they want, but one thing you do know for certain is they contain lab-tweaked viruses.  It would be interesting to see the kinds of illnesses the unvaccinated have compared to the vaccinated, but then we would be trusting that dentists and doctors in general are entirely free from evil and we know that is just not true.

Fifth Generation has been turned on and off in places like Wuhan, China and the cruise ship that used the 5G satellites when oxygen-deprived folks collapsed or became what appeared ill early on in this “plandemic.”  If the establishment can get you to think covid-19 is the cause, then after they take the lock down away, they can turn on 5G antennas near you.  The millimeter wave is not going to be easy for our dense human bodies to resonate with.  Fifth Generation military technology can take us from bodies to dust in seconds.  Our task at hand is to make Earth such a loving environment that those who want to use this technology on lifestreams here on Earth will leave or reside on a lower frequency than us.  Our bodies are reacting to all this horrible technology (2G and higher) just as in 1918 they were adapting to all the radio waves and electricity that they were being exposed to more and more.

The pandemic of 1918 is mentioned often at this time.  First, we don’t know how numbers were manipulated if at all.  Right now, we have the CDC encouraging any assumption of covid-19 to be made over any isolated virus proving it.  We know labs are testing for genetic material or antibodies to a natural coronavirus (from when cells rebalanced themselves in the past) rather than for the presence of a virus.  We know there is an 80% false positive anyway.  What did they do in 1918, assume?  Second, we know WW1 soldiers were vaccinated against tetanus and yellow fever, and the public at large was being vaccinated against small pox.  Anyone who receives a vaccine is receiving lab-tweaked viruses.  Third, we know radio waves were increasing and bombarding the human body as never before.  Was their experience such as ours now?  They were encouraged to wear masks and to fear strangers and neighbors, too.

Rather than destroying the economy and our immune systems by shutting us away from each other’s germs and forcing germy masks to be worn, why not have individuals with compromised immune systems shut away at their or their practitioner’s discretion rather than the whole population?  Why allow non-medical personal such as Gates and Fauci to dictate our course?  The answer is because Agenda 21’s ID 2020, which includes forced vaccinations, implanted medical records, the social credit system, and 5G, are being ushered in through the use of the Fear & Be Unfriendly Program, which for all we know really has the code name Dumbasses to AI!

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