Thursday, April 30, 2020

AI Psy-op (Artificial Intelligence Psychological Operation)

Plandemic 2020 was put on by the one percent “elite” and non-human entities.  But pulling the strings even behind them stands Artificial Intelligence.  Any time you see humans being requested to behave in non-human ways, you know it is a non-human that has requested it. 

These opponents to humanity have scared you into not going to venues where you’ll be tightly compacted with other humans.  They have scared you into not hugging and shaking hands.  They’ve got you too scared to touch cash and to stand close to another in a store.


Let’s back up and collect ourselves.  Take a deep breath.  Okay.  Are you ready?

Germ Theory is a theory.  Stop believing Big Pharma sponsored news stories, practitioners, scientists, and other puppets when they tell you another human can make you sick by simply breathing or spitting on you.  If your internal terrain is up to par, then you will not become dis-eased.  If you’re not balanced, then your cells will work to rebalance you.  There will be a byproduct of this little adventure known as a virus/exosome, but another cannot suffer from this.  It’s of you by your own making.  You also have a powerful Light that may be accessed if you don’t block it by not feeling worthy, or by accepting programming telling you that you can’t have health (or this Light) without a whited-coated god drugging you.

A Big Pharma sponsored practitioner can inject you with a lab-tweaked virus, biowarfare, that can destroy your systems individually or all at once, depending on many factors—your internal terrain the most important of those factors; the particular biowarfare used of second importance.

No non-manmade pathogen is floating in the air that can harm you.  This was proven multiple times when infected snot was put in people’s noses (and horse snot in a bag for other horses to breathe), yet no-one became ill.  If healthy people can’t succumb, neither can the ill; however, the ill are constantly generating the byproduct from their cells as their cells attempt to balance themselves.  Non-humans want you to complain about, loath, and especially to fear this most amazing skill that the human body has. Please stop bloody-well giving your Power away.

In closing I have a letter for you by a very concerned group.

“Dear Human,

Please remember who you are and the Light you contain.  Please don’t sell yourself short, even though you love being a victim and having poor-me dramas.  More is at stake than you.  If ID 2020 comes online (forced vaccinations, microchips, social credit system, etc), you will not only be kept from your joy and Nature, which will make us sad, F*fth Generat*on antennas will become prevalent.  We will suffer, too.

Thank-you for re-membering.

Bright Day Thoughts,

Nature People (Spirits)”

Now, go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!

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