Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Thoughts on The Hunger Games Series and Our Reality

I have not read any of The Hunger Games series, so I do not know for certain that my guesses are accurate, but have had people well versed in the subject think I have read the series.   I just feel that books and movies serve to inform the public about what is happening under their noses, but also to teach what the desired reaction should be from the masses.  My prediction may be way wrong, but I reckon the whole Hunger Games series has to end with the people revolting violently against the establishment, being victorious and free in the end.  In this so called real life situation, (that the system has worked very tirelessly to set up for eons) reading about or seeing a successful revolution can put us into a frame of mind where we will do the same.  Thus we will end up in so called “districts” with stiffer regulations imposed, because we actually believed fighting was the way out.  Then after years, we can revolt again, because the books and movies told us that we would be successful eventually. 
In order to get out of the so called Agenda 21, we need to do it in another way other than to revolt.  The books/movies out these days set us up for failure if we think we can bring down the system with the violence that the system workers started.  One step to succeed away from our “districts” is to see the illusion of our powerlessness and do little empowering things.  Examples: Research so you can say no to doctors and their drug pushing.  Stop getting information about products from their advertisements and/or doctors.  Do your best to eat organic, homegrown, nonGMOed foods.  Do your best to not “eat out” and to eat foods with as little ingredients as possible on the label.  Recognize that the education system was designed to destroy the family unit and to create hoodlums.   If you work in a school system, research the educational system including books by Gatto and on the Sudbury School.  Recognize if you are being the robot teacher they want you to be, stopping a child’s free thinking and revolt against that by listening to the child and supporting him or her.  Do high-vibrational healing work in order to become less dense and gunked up.  Especially if you are a police officer, military personal, or someone who is placed with the job of removing people from their homes, or depriving them of their natural rights, say no and stop supporting the system.  Open your heart chakras.  Integrate your pain.  In a nutshell, if there is an injustice occurring, stand up against it.  Just simply do not participate in it, like in not answering your phone if some part of the system is trying to force personal information out of you for their “survey.” 
I wonder why no-one has questioned how a story about children killing children became so popular.  How did a publishing house just know that this was a story line that the public would gobble up now at this time?  They knew.   Through video games purchased, through the drama that the media spills out to its gullible audience, by the way it seems that GMO labeling was voted down in California and President Obama was voted in, and probably many other mechanisms by which we are being gauged and rated, they knew.   
Governments all around the world since the dawning of governments have bullied the masses into slavery.  This is nothing new.  On their road to accomplishing this end, they have moved people out of their territories and murdered them.  Both Australia and America come to mind in recent history for getting to where they are today by destruction and displacement.   The idea of Reservations has been around since at least 1608.  If we’re not careful, the new word will be Cities.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Alphabet Gang Murder

I am not familiar with the 911 author who was killed last February along with his children and dog.  Did anyone think to check for evidence in the dog's mouth or under it's nails?  I reckon not.  Alphabet Gang members are protected by their governments worldwide-even when they kill their own as with JFK.  Anyway, this is just to bring your awareness to this situation.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obama Care Day One

Freedom to choose between the expense of medical insurance or a fine isn't exactly freedom.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sick and Out of Ideas: The Treasure Chest of Wellness

Ideas to Implement if you are sick and a good idea to start even if you are well.  Welcome to your job for the next six months.  If you choose to accept, you will be on the road to health no matter how short or long that road may be.  You will be a far better example to those around you than people who visit fast food restaurants and sit around with no energy all day.  Healthy people with a sickness have a different experience than unhealthy people with a sickness.  My ideas for claiming health are as follows:

Unplug Electrical Equipment: Unplug appliances when they are not in use.  This includes turning Surround Wi-Fi off when you are not using it.  Just a few short generations ago, we did not have walls alive with electricity zinging and zapping our electromagnetic selves all day and all night.  Anything we can do to lesson the electromagnetic pollution in our homes is advantageous for us.  If we could build an electricity-free zone within our house, that would be great.  Unfortunately, most of us don't have a room built with wireless walls.  Unplugging appliances is the best we can do.
Surround yourself with a supportive medical team: You do not want to waste your precious time seeing a medical doctor or other kind of practitioner who does not support life.  If your medical doctor has given you a death sentence and says something like, “You’ve got 4-6 months, but take these pills anyway,” find a new team member.   Is this doctor obese?  Does he or she have a sparkle in their eye?  Do you really want to place your life in their hands?   Do they need coffee to wake up and alcohol to sleep?  Ask questions.  It is your life and you have the right to choose the best practitioners to be on your team.   I welcome questions.   We are all in process.  That doctor is no better than you.  

If I lived in Tennessee, I would drive to the Nashville area to see those at Orbits who would make a personal plan for me that would focus on my body and the life it has within it.  See   I would get myself to New York for a good week of treatments from John Butler probably for the next year on and off. 
I would have an in depth saliva test, willing to use Dr. Dale's homeopathy and herbs, and I would have Esoteric Acupuncture treatments from the nearest practitioner anywhere it is offered.  My point is, even if a body does stop within a year, it is important to cleanse, clear, and create until that moment.  If you believe in helplessness like that doctor who is chanting, “Die, die, die,” then your body will continue on its road of toxic overload and breakdown just as that neglected car would.  Having a team that supports wellness and higher consciousness is helpful, whereas doctors who see no hope are damaging.
I would look into a certain type of oil: and specifically are possibilities until Dr. Dale offers a certain oil.  Research this area and see what you think.  I know that I would spend a good 3 weeks trying various modalities before deciding on what stays in my program and what falls away.
Limit TV and Computer time: Each day only watch 2 half-hour shows, or 1 hour show, or 1 movie, or no TV at all.  Each day, use a stop watch to stop and start each time you go on the computer and limit it to an hour.  If you are really ill and work at the computer, you may have to consider time off work.  Truly, no TV and no computer or phone would be best.

Be aware of what is around you: Is the TV touching a wall on the other side of your bed?  Is a vent right near your bed?  If you have trouble sleeping, have you moved your bed to different areas in your room?

Detox through your mouth:  Dr. Alexander's oral care formula called SuperComfort Rescue Mouth Detox is a balancing mouthwash.  First, shake the bottle really well.  Next, get it on a teaspoon and into your mouth to swish for 10 to 20 minutes.  Do not swallow.  Finally, spit into a trash can.  Do not send this oily waste down your drain.  This may be done for a few days and then a few days break as a matter of routine, but I have found it effective when fighting a pathogen or simply when seeking physical balance.  If I awaken and feel "off," surprisingly, this alone can reset my system.  I feel this simple task also supports your mental health and Shen (morale), as well.

Loofah and non-chemical soap with essential oils: It is important to help with circulation on all levels.  Pushing harder than usual on the skin with a loofah during bathing is invigorating.  It also removes lots of dead surface cells.  This supports the internal cleansing you are doing.  (Internal cleansing starts the second you stop certain poor eating habits.)  Soaps have all kinds of nasty ingredients in them.  Please immediately stop using harmful soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and underarm deodorants.  See

Master’s Miracle is a green soap you can rely on for body and hair that can be purchased online.  Also, there are plenty of articles out there to help you learn which ingredients to avoid such as sodium laureth sulfate and propylene glycol.  Farmer’s Markets have vendors who sell lovely soaps as well.  Your skin absorbs.  So right now try to only give it what you think would not kill you if you ate it!

Stop using the clothes dryer: Dry your clothes on a line, especially if you live in an area that gets sunshine and wind.  The dryer leaves harmful positive ions on your clothes.  If you are in the habit of standing at the dryer putting on your underwear, just think about the intimate areas being zapped by positive ions.  This is an exaggeration, but all of us have experienced putting really hot items on before.  For one explanation of ions, please see

Listen to Sound Therapy International Mini MX2 : Sound Therapy is a workout for your ear muscles, but also helps balance communication between your ear and organs as well as helping with eye-brain connection, in my opinion.  You listen to it passively for at least three hours a day.  I place the volume low and then enter a movie theatre, for example.  Sound Therapy also helps with stress levels, lack of sleep, and wanting too much sleep.  It is a great pick me up if depression has set in.  See

Stop smoking and stop consuming alcohol: I know it is easy to say, “Hey, Doc said I’m done for, so…” and you have increased both habits exponentially, but you will just feel worse and show your body a lack of love if you adopt this attitude.  You can do whatever you want, but I can tell you from experience, when I have gone years without a drop of alcohol, my Qi feels cleaner.  What I mean is when I give an acupuncture treatment, I feel what I give to the patient is more helpful.  The bottom line is, when you are asking your liver to let go of impurities held for so many years, it is too demanding to also ask it to process alcohol.  If your liver had handled processing the tons of impurities you have been dumping on it for years, you would not be unwell.  So please, give your liver a break.   This is actually the reason I would think twice before ingesting pills handed to me by a doctor who says I am going to die anyway.  I would ask the function of the pills and seek the same from a practitioner of Western or Chinese herbs.   That is, if the function fits my plan for survival.  If it is simply a pill to make me "feel better" forget it.  I want to be aware and I want my liver to be less burdened, thank-you very much.

If you are consuming wine for its health benefits, eat organic grapes!  Your body needs your mind present and behind your body right now.  Please do not abandon ship.  Every second on this road to health, you are involved in the playoffs.  It is a game that may last two years.  If you are still here after the long road of changes, cleansing, and rebuilding yourself, then you may be able to relax a little and not feel the pressure of the playoffs anymore—you may be able to drink alcohol again.  Until then, please consider stopping habits that do not support life.

Eat Organic: It has been proven that pesticided foods have three estrogens that help to make that belly fat, amongst other complaints.  Also, organic foods have been proven to be more nutritious.  If you are sick, you need organic or wildcrafted only.  Know that some organic foods are grown from GMOed seeds, so ask your grocer about their produce in order to be certain.  I would rarely eat out, if I were you, since my food would be my medicine.  I would not want my food placed in a microwave, either, and if you are preparing your food, then you can control that.  Preparing your food in joy and love is also important and many at fast food restaurants, for example, are not in the career of choice.  You do not need to consume their fear and anger right now.  Also, if you are able to grow even tomatoes, please do.  Place some seeds in your palm with your saliva for nine minutes.  Breathe on them, mentally asking that the seeds pull from the universe that which you need to heal you and only you.  Nurture your growing tomatoes and only you are to consume them.  I did this for my dog once with her saliva.  She lived to see her eighteenth Christmas!

Read Arnold Ehret books: In my opinion, this man was bumped off in an attempt to stop his wisdom from spreading.   His theory related to dis-easment is that our gut is clogged with sticky-ickiness that messes up our blood.  Basically we are constipated and toxic if we are sick.  The Mucusless Diet and his little booklet The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation are inspiring.  In those days, early 1920’s, the masters of the universe either arrested healers, removed their credentials, or whacked them over the head for curing people.   Now alternative practitioners are forbidden from using the word cure in hopes that people just will not see them over a medical doctor.   In Ehret’s estimation, the heart is not the pump of our body, either.   His views are fascinating and boundless.  He may help to prolong your life.  He may help you to find health.  (You know I wanted to say “can,” but I am not allowed to say that word.)

Drink vibrant water: Filter chlorine, fluoride, and harmful organisms and drugs out of your water.  This relates to the water you drink and the water in which you bathe.  You do not want your skin absorbing harmful chemicals, or when you shower, you do not want to breathe toxic fumes.  It could be one lifelong habit that helped you get into a state of poor health in the first place. 

I have a two gallon container with a BioGenesis Wing in it.  This wing is actually a piece of strong glass that has been right brained intentioned for nice vibrations, in my opinion.  I place distilled water in this container, because I love the taste of distilled water.  (I also drink filtered tap water.)  Flanagan’s Drops are squirted into my container, because his formula helps cells to absorb more of the water rather than to simply urinate it out.  I try to let the wing and drops work their magic for two days before I start drinking this water.  I immediately replace the water so the container is always full.  Sometimes I add more drops.  When I am in need of a bottle, I use the Miron Glass bottles that I sell.  Years ago, I felt the energy off a bottle that someone had, and wanted one for myself.  The bottle makes the water alkaline, stops light from entering and degrading the water, and no plastic can come off the bottle making my water toxic. 

Awaken and drink six ounces of water.   See Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.  Take a sip and hold it in your mouth for three minutes.  This is Hildegard’s healing method for teeth, breath, and toxins.  Spit it out.  Wait a half hour before ingesting anything.

Cleanse your colon:Support the Mountain” is the colon and parasite formula I recommend.  It is not only herbal and organic.  It comes in vegetarian capsules.  Once a year, after health has been regained, you could cleanse for an entire month with these herbal pills.  During illness, you can gage whether you feel strong enough to attempt an active cleanse.  Simply changing your diet, bad habits, and changing how you drink water may be enough for now.  Ideally, though, you want to clear the colon, so you can get better.  I know people who rarely eat vegetables and occasionally eat a piece of fruit.  This group will be helping their colons with vegetable and fruit fiber so much more than what they are used to that slowly adding in “Support the Mountain” may be a good idea.  Vegetable fiber is passively cleansing, because you have not officially started a month or two long cleanse with the goal of clearing the colon and killing parasites and their eggs, yet.  If a person has strong Qi, they can probably handle active cleansing along with the passive cleansing.   Clear your colon before attempting the Liver/Gallbladder Flush and kidney cleanse, though.

Cleanse your liver and gallbladder: Read Andres Moritz’s The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, or whatever it is being called in its recent reprint.  He says it all.  Also, I have a page on my website,  dedicated to this topic.   Moritz even ties in the health of the pancreas through liver/gall bladder flushes.  

Cleanse your Kidney: It amazes me that doctors and nurses have said to people that they are ill and should not do any cleanses.  It may be true that your light is burning out and you lack the Qi to get you through cleanses smoothly.  But, is death the alternative?   Healthy or not, cleansing can be tough sometimes, but my skin, clarity of thought, and energy levels have always proven them to be effective.  I did the kidney cleanse recommended in an Andres Moritz book, and I saw physical changes in myself.  This was with western herbs purchased from an address he had in that book. 

When we are doing cleanses, it is possible for some toxins to travel in our blood, on top of the toxins already there due to being toxic in the first place!  Helping your filter along is a loving gesture.
Full body cleanse with Dr. Theresa Dale's Wellness Center herbs and homeopathy.  Her products are organic, in vege caps, have no GMO's or magnesium sterrate.  They are powerful and reteach the body to make enzymes and hormones.  Dr. Dale's formulas also go after chemtrail toxicity and EMF toxicity.  Safespace Environmental Clearing  products are also available and ready for you to research.
Juice fruits and vegetables: I usually juice a higher percentage of vegetables to fruits.  Be certain to include kale.  My juicer cost roughly $100.  I would look for one ten times the price if it promised to be ten times better at extracting nutrients if I were sick.  If you have a powerful juicer, take out the apple seeds before placing apples in it as the insides are poisonous. 

It is the morning and you have waited your thirty minutes after drinking the good quality water.  Juice a variety of the organic veges and fruits from your fridge, or better yet, straight from your garden.  Drink the juice, setting the good pulp aside, not eating any of it.  If you just drink, no digestion is taking place.  You are absorbing a shot of nutrition.   Wait a half hour before starting to prepare your breakfast.  If it has to involve pancakes or blueberry muffins, please make the batter from scratch and place your pulp in it.  Juicing while fasting is usually acceptable.

Blendered/NutriBullet drinks:  I consider these drinks a meal.  Digestion occurs.  Remember that no apple seeds should be placed in these machines as they may be powerful enough to open the seeds and they are toxic.  If you are not ready to fast, yet, skipping one official meal with this kind of drink in its place may be satisfying enough.   Also, this is a gentle way to come off a fast after juicing to come off the fast.

Raw fat/oils: I hesitate to say this, because people are so full of fear, but if I was sick, I would not only rely on raw fats such as avocado, nuts, and coconut oil, I would consume raw eggs and cows or goat's milk.  Goat's milk is high in enzymes and the more healthy choice, but I find it extremely distasteful.  Depending on what my intuition said, I might even indulge in raw meat.  My point is, if I was sick, I would ingest no cooked meat, pasteurized milks, ice-cream, whipped cream, and cheese.  But raw, I might ingest.  Investigate this thought for yourself and draw your own conclusion.  It seems to me that raw fats guide toxins out of the body and help the body to assimilate the good nutrients.

Integrate fear: There are many techniques and treatments that help you accomplish integrating fear.  The BioGenesis Flame can help draw fear out of you, for example.  Esoteric Acupuncture is there for you, as well.

Recognize the anger: Especially when you start actively cleansing, anger and old hurts can be stirred up.  Whether you do Rebirthing breathing, Bernie Siegel meditations, or other processes, do not ignore this powerful energy within you.  Stone medicine, Esoteric Acupuncture, Three Page Processes, and so many other methods are out there waiting to be discovered.  A Three-Page Process is when you sit down and write for three minutes without punctuation and worrying about perfections of grammar, etc.  Perhaps you start by writing down how angry you are to be sick.   A fly lands on the paper and you write about that darn fly until your thoughts go to the itch you feel under your big toe.  The phone rings so you write about that and then you remember again about the health problem.  This process helps to get your internal dialogue out, and with a still mind, it can make you more insightful.

Non-GMO’S: Genetically modified organisms that have become, so called, food will alter your DNA and the good bacteria in your gut.  If you feel too overwhelmed to worry about this topic just yet, do one thing.  Do not eat any corn products or soy products grown in the USA.  You can find both that are non-GMOed, but it requires phone calls and searching websites unless you happen to find that wonderful package that states it clearly for you.  Unfortunately, a package of quinoa that has the word soy anywhere on the package also should be avoided unless they state that the ingredients only came into contact with non-GMOed soy.  If it is true that the Masters of the Universe wish to kill off eighty percent of us with GMO’s alone, do not let them get the better of you!  Perhaps someone can look into all your new favorite foods for you.  If you find any have GMO’s, please think about switching brands.   Also, supporting the farmers who choose heirloom seeds is supporting Earth.

Find Joy: Do that which makes your heart sing!  Make music.  Listen to records.  Records give a full sound unlike modern modalities.

Leave the job you loathe: If you are too ill to leave, or too financially dependent on the job, find joy at this job you loathe while looking for a new one.  I once worked with a child I could not stand.  Everything about her was vile.  After I noticed what strong feelings of dislike I had toward her, I started to search for something to like about her.  I not only found it, the act alone helped me to tolerate her, and to finally feel sad to see her go.  Focus on your wellness right now.  Bring that project to work with you.  If you cannot be with toxic people right now, separate yourself.  If you are too sick to work, focus on the gratitude you feel at being financially supported through the hard times.  Ultimately, though, you need to find a career that delivers bliss.

Read Louise L. Hay books:  These easy reads are uplifting and insightful.   She has been there.  She has created health from dis-easement.   She could be your cheer leader!

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C or Camu Camu Mega C: If you are looking for a good vitamin C, I recommend Lypo-Spheric or Camu Camu.  The Camu is very potent, cold pressed Camu Camu juice.  I currently use one I sell: LivOn Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps with detoxing as well as supporting your health.

Candisol natural enzymes: This enzyme formula breaks down the walls of fungus and other unwanted organisms.  You will experience an increase in enzymes after incorporating more organic vegetables and fruits into your diet and with the juicing routine, but this is a little extra support for you, or see Dr. Dale's parasite products both herbal and homeopathic.

Be outside without glasses or contacts: Even in the shade, light rays gently enter your body through your eyes.  The light has healing properties for you.  Welcome it.  I am not suggesting you go stare at the sun.  I am not suggesting you walk around blind.  I am suggesting you sit safely in your yard, or do something constructive at the level you can handle, allowing rays to enter your eyes on their own.  I am not referring to any sunlight that has to come through a window.  This step is extremely important to health, especially since when we are inside, we are under artificial light.  Please see John Nash Ott's books and Youtube videos or Andres Moritz.

Be outside during different hours of the day: I would assume different energies come down to Earth at different times.  I would want balance.  I would not want to miss out on a particular energy that I might need.  If you are in tune enough, you may be able to figure out at what time the air feels alive with support for you.  It may change with the seasons.
Spit on tomato seeds and grow them for yourself only: You, of course, may do this with any seeds you like.  I did this with tomato seeds long ago, because it was for my dog and she loved tomatoes. For humans, you hold the seeds in your palm and spit on them.  You think to the seeds that you would please like them to take from the galactic energies and the Earth atmosphere what you need in order to have health, in order to have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  You hold the seeds up for awhile and then plant them.  Everyday when you water the growing plant in a pot, you thank it for healing you.  Only you eat this plant.  With each bite, you feel it bringing you balance and you experience gratitude.

Miscellaneous: Throw the microwave away.  It is bad news.  Cook your foods and stop if you are in a bad mood.  Some people eating fast food restaurant food actually get tummy aches from ingesting the worker's desperate attitude.  Fast occasionally.  If not eating between breakfast and dinner is the best you can do, great.  Give it a try.  If you can make it seven days without food, wonderful.  If you eat meat three times a day, perhaps having one to three meals without meat or meat and dairy would be an ideal fast for you. Change up your routines.  If you exercise in a gym, go hiking.  If your toothbrush is on the left side of the sink, place it on the right.  Be creative.  Look at your habits. Change it up.  You never know.  Your spouse may be getting better bacteria than you over on that side of the bed.  Use coconut oil.  It may be heated and ingested or ingested cold.   Take apple cider vinegar with water in the morning, or some other fermented food.  Stop getting vaccinated.  Vaccines are bad news.  Become healthy through not injecting awful ingredients into your bloodstream.  Natural Immunity is nothing to fear.  Illnesses can be overcome.  I have researched them since 1987 and have not found them to support anything except doctors' lifestyles, because they make bonuses on vaccines given and they get repeat customers through damaging their health.

We are very susceptible to ideas.  That is why double blind research is needed when scientists are trying to find out the real effects of a drug on humans, for instance.  Why on earth a doctor would give someone a death sentence when they know this is beyond me.  There are ways of stating that if a person continues doing the same thing day in and day out, no positive change will be able to take effect without placing in someone’s consciousness that this is it.  I look at obese people everyday who eat fast food…everyday…and whose body shapes have not slimmed down at all in all the years I have been observing them.   These people visit doctors.  A death sentence could be given to them, too.   There is time to shock them into new habits, yet doctors do not. 

If you have been given a death sentence, it must be hard not to focus on that.  I imagine you want to get your papers and business in order and start shopping for that plot in the local cemetery.   Fine, do that quickly.  Then put all of that out of your mind.  The Mind in your cells can be programmed.  Start feeling powerful and focus on the power of Ehret’s words, or some other healer in whom you believe.  The base people who react instead of responding are not teaching those around them how to grow and change.  They are teaching how to remain stuck.  If you help your body to detox, you become a teacher no matter the final outcome.  Living examples of the day to day process of finding health are the best practitioners for the rest of us.  It is time for all of us to stop trusting the FDA and AMA and to become our own authority.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Organic, NonGMO Snack

Annie's Homegrown supposedly use only organic, non-GMO ingredients in their snacks like "Cheddar Snack Mix".  I don't know what the cows who deliver the milk that becomes the cheese eat, but, hey, this is a start.  We could honor companies that are trying to label for us.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It hasn't been proven to me that CA lost the right to have our foods labeled.  Now it's Washington's turn to pretend a legitimate vote is to take place.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Juicing and Blenders

Preparing healthy beverages like juicing or using a blender like the NutriBullet are wonderful things that you can do for your health.  Both offer natural produce full of enzymes that have long since disappeared from bottled or canned juices sitting on store shelves somewhere.  (WARNING: Only use pesticide-free produce.  You don’t want high concentrations of poisons entering your cells.)  Is one modality better than the other?  In my opinion, one is not better than the other, but they do serve different purposes.

Juicing is a fantastic way to absorb many nutrients into your system without requiring digestion.  You can awaken and drink six ounces of water, wait a half hour, and then juice up many fruits and vegetables, ingesting them immediately.  For years, I made the mistake of gathering up the edible pulp and drinking it with my juice.  I say mistake because with the introduction of the pulp, digestion was now involved.  It’s just nice to think that we can take in the power of chlorophyll, the enzymes of our natural foods, their qi, and the innate minerals such as sodium and magnesium without asking our bodies to work hard.  (Don’t balk at sodium.  This is not the sodium chloride that was stripped of its nutrients and marketed to you to ensure profit for them and poor health for you.  Produce offer all kinds of natural elements that your body needs in order to function well.  Sodium is definitely one of them.)  Just try juicing on an empty stomach for as little as aweek, and even your skin should feel or look different.
The NutriBullet and other blender type machines have a place in your health care regime as well.  About forty minutes after I juice, I may use the NutriBullet for the preparation of fruits and vegetables and drink the thick beverage.  This requires digestion so may count as breakfast for me.  Or perhaps I’ll NutriBullet fruits, less than usual, so I have a “paste” for my smelt porridge, or waffle.  (You can also take the edible pulp from your juicing and mix it into pancake batter, muffin batter, and the like.)  This thick beverage fifteen minutes before your intended breakfast may also help you to eat less, or better, desire less.  Even if you can’t break away from a junky breakfast, yet, blending some produce and immediately ingesting it will give your body some nutrients as well as the chemicals you may be eating out of habit.  You’ll also get produce fiber to help with digestion.
Juicing and the various blenders can help you to take your morning routine up a notch health wise.  Let’s face it, true health care starts at home.  Yes, it’s time consuming.  Yes, it’s a drag constantly washing produce and cleaning machines.  Yes, it’s costly in money to purchase pesticide-free produce or costly in time to grow them.  But think about the joyful message your cells will be receiving each day.  You will be loving your way to great health!  Then, on top of that, your cells will be receiving real nutrients with which they can build a better you.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More GMO Labeling


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Manipulative Teachers

My daughter has attended a middle school for three very long years where their accelerated program has been way over the top and ridiculous.  Kids, especially those in drama, spent many nights up until two in the morning doing homework.  A teacher recently showed fictitious movies in class and still assigned homework!  I would have preferred the break from homework, since it has been assigned nightly regardless of holidays or weekends, and had the work at school and the movies at home. 

I wanted to share with you a subtle, nasty plan that was executed today by my daughter's Science teacher since it is typical.  Many students in Mrs. C's classes are in drama and so were absent from class today due to performing for the school.  Mrs. C brought out the test papers from yesterday and announced that all who graded their own tests would receive extra points.  It is yet another stab at the kids who value other activities as well as academics.  From a Negative Entity encapsulator (ghost buster) point of view, she, the teacher, is getting off on the power she is having over the kids who were not in her class today.  It's a power trip at their expense.  Why can't she acknowledge how much time these kids give to their elective instead of constantly punishing them?  Well, I know part of the answer at least.  She needed a feeding!

So much for thinking you can send your kid off to school where they will find an organized, nurturing, knowledgeable teacher!  Instead, many find a hungry Negative Entity hiding within the teacher starving for energy.  Your kid is then served up.  Of course, those kids today who are able to not let her nastiness effect them will be fine.  Unfortunately, some of the drama kids feel placed between a rock and a hard place and are sorry they missed the bonus for attendance.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Egg Bill: the Kindness of Humanity

Here's some FYI occurring in America.


"The Rotten Egg Bill aka “The Screaming Hen Bill”
Needs Our Help To Be Defeated!
“This legislation puts cages in place, puts them in law. That’s a huge cave-in . . .” – Joe Miller, attorney for Rose Acre Farms Battery Cage Hen Operation, 2nd largest egg producer in the U.S., 2013.
United Poultry Concerns opposes the EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT AMENDMENTS OF 2013. We oppose legislation that benefits egg producers and legally condemns hens to living in cages.
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The Egg Bill would legalize and legitimize cages for hens
What is an enriched cage?
Helping Hens or Benefiting Their Abusers?
What Should I Do?

In “Agreement Raises Flags for Egg-Laying Hens” published in 2012, United Poultry Concerns reviewed the effort by animal advocates to ban cages for egg-laying hens in Europe and the United States. In 2011, a pact between The Humane Society of the United States and United Egg Producers frustrated this effort, which also failed in the European Union when a law went into effect January 1, 2012 banning conventional barren battery cages while legalizing “enriched” or “furnished” battery cage systems for hens in the EU.

Following suit, the alliance between HSUS and UEP led to legislation before Congress in 2012. The Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2012 (The “Egg Bill”) sought to legalize cages for egg-laying hens, prevent voters from initiating ballots to ban cages in their own state, and prohibit states from passing stronger welfare laws than those set in the Egg Bill.

Last year’s bills failed but are once again before Congress. Under the terms of the 2013 Egg Bill sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and Rep. Curt Schrader of Oregon, barren battery cages would be phased out over a 20-year period and replaced by “enriched” cages as the dominant housing system for hens in the United States.

The Egg Bill would legalize and legitimize cages for hens

Since cages are the cheapest way to mass-produce billions of eggs for consumers, the majority of the 280 million hens in U.S. facilities will continue to be caged in long windowless buildings just as they are now, under the proposed law.

This year’s Egg Bill is even worse than last year’s: one of the worst exemptions allows the toxic excretory ammonia levels of 25 parts per million in confined-hen buildings to reach even higher levels of toxicity to accommodate egg industry “emergencies” of unspecified duration. The toxic ammonia the Egg Bill permits constitutes animal cruelty even without cages.

What is an enriched cage?

In her forthcoming book Chickens’ Lib: The Story of a Campaign, Clare Druce, founder of Chickens’ Lib in England in the 1970s, summarizes in "Enriched" Cages – A Gaping Loophole in the "Welfare" Law for Egg-Laying Hens in the European Union:

Basically it’s still a battery cage, the birds living behind bars on metal grid flooring, the cages stacked up in tiers, many thousands of hens to a building. Compared to the old-style cage, there’s mandatory additional floor space per hen measuring roughly the size of a postcard, bringing the entire minimum space per hen to 750 square centimeters (116 square inches), little more than a sheet of paper.

The cages must include a perch, a “nest” box and a scratch pad. The term “nest box” sounds comforting, Clare says. “But in the enriched cage context it is simply a curtained area, behind which the hen finds the same sloping cage floor, the metal grid now covered in matting of some kind. Not a wisp of straw, no soft material with which to arrange her nest. Some of the enriched colony cages I saw held up to 60 hens. Gleaming metal cages stretched away into the distance, and there was that familiar unending clamor of frustrated hens’ voices.”

Helping Hens or Benefiting Their Abusers?
Under the terms of the Egg Bill, the majority of hens will remain in cages. They will be locked into a federal law administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture which doesn’t even enforce the 55-year-old “Humane Slaughter Act,” from which birds are excluded.

At most, brown hens, being slightly larger than the white hens who represent the majority of egg-laying hens in the United States, may within 20 years get a maximum of 144 square inches apiece, or one square foot of living space per hen. The white hens will max out at 124 square inches per hen, well below a square foot, even though a hen needs a minimum 1.5 square foot, or 216 square inches, merely to engage in minimal “normal behavior.”

Whether the Egg Bill would ban starvation molting of hens is a question. The ammonia cave-in and the cage cave-in show how capitulation to egg industry economics and “emergencies” will likely influence the bill as it moves through the legislative process to its final, eviscerated form.

The claim that the proposed legislation would ban inhumane methods of “euthanasia” is totally false. Spent hens are just piles of garbage – a costly nuisance – to egg producers, to be gotten rid of any old way. Like the male chicks of the egg industry who are trashed as soon as they are born, their sisters are a waste product to this industry as soon as they lay fewer eggs. Gassing hens to death with CO2 in metal boxes is NOT EUTHANASIA!

What Should I Do?

United Poultry Concerns opposes the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments. We oppose legislation that benefits egg producers and legally condemns hens to living in cages. With Congress set to consider the Farm Bill shortly, please notify your U.S. Senators and Representatives that you oppose the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments. Call them at (202) 224-3121. Urge them to oppose this legislation and briefly and clearly explain your reason.

Thank you for taking action.

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To learn more about enriched cages and why sanctuaries oppose them, see “Enriched” Cages for Egg-Laying Hens in the US and EU by United Poultry Concerns."